Trains and Stuff

I really should be posting a Shmakova update, but I haven’t played them in weeks (even though I have something like 3 updates worth of pics), and I’ve been focusing all my creative energies on Gnomesby. RL is still kicking my patootie, so I’m just doing what I find the most fun.

As a side note, I was determined to finish the Shmakova legacy — just so I could say I’ve finished something besides the Shanleys, dangnabbit — but legacy play just isn’t doin’ it for me lately. Sorry, Joe! I’ll get back to you one of these days. Maybe.

One good thing about the Founders Challenge — it got me Simming again. It reminded me how much I like to build lots and create Sims and putz around landscaping a ‘hood. I’ve been having a grand old time. So I thought I’d share some more Gnomesby pics in lieu of a Shmakova update.

Speaking of ‘hood-scaping…I am in love with Criquette’s deco, and his latest set is no exception. It’s like having your own little hobby train set!


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