12 Googie Lane (A Brief Tour)


12 Googie Lane is a house I’ve built in the millionth incarnation of Gnomesby, one of my Sims 2 ‘hoods. Some of you may remember little bits of Gnomesby from a long time ago — I had planned on moving Fran there eventually. Anyway, I’ve been working on it on and off over the past few months, building a little here, decorating a little there, playing with Criquette’s awesome ‘hood deco, and creating Gnomesby’s inhabitants.

One of those inhabitants is Tennyson Ravelo, whom you may remember from the Ravelo Legacy.


He moved to Gnomesby a couple of days ago after leaving home. Even though he’s technically an adult Sim, I’m calling him a young adult according to the aging system I developed for Fran’s stories. Tennyson will be attending the local college as soon as I finish building it. In the meantime, he’s hanging out in his new house on Googie Lane, which is named for a style of 50s design. Yeah, I’m still on a midcentury kick. ;-)


In between Shmakova updates, I thought I’d share what I’m working on in Gnomesby. So without further ado, here are some pics of the inside of Tennyson’s house.


When Tenny was a teenager, he was really into math, physics, and astronomy. Now he is a game fanatic and builds robots as a hobby. I figured he’d be the perfect candidate for a house inspired by Atomic Age architecture and decor. I know it’s a little fancy for a college student, but Tenny’s parents are rich — they gave him a handsome chunk of change when he left home.


Tenny is also fascinated by other cultures and likes to collect travel posters and vintage art.


Tenny’s robot workshop is in his garage. He can only build simple toy robots right now, but maybe someday he’ll be churning out more useful machines.


And here we have Tenny’s bedroom. He has a second bedroom, but it’s empty at the moment. Recently he put an ad in the paper seeking a roommate so he can make more money for robot-building. All of the money his parents gave him went to his house and college tuition.

I wonder who his roommate will be?


Hope you guys enjoyed this brief tour of 12 Googie Lane. Stay tuned for more Gnomesby at a later date!

18 thoughts on “12 Googie Lane (A Brief Tour)

  1. Wow! Oops, sorry, did you hear that? It was the thunk of my jaw hitting the laptop. I don’t think I drooled. I’ll have to check later.

    The theme is so fun, and it’s so bright and playful. Whoever is his roomate will be one lucky sim.

  2. Meee, me, I want to be the new roommate!!
    Boy, this house is so coool – I’m also very into the fifties style, especially the American one. The fireplace looks exactly like it once used to be in our Florida-vacation house (that I based the Morrigan home on, remember?) Too great!

  3. Holy smokes Jen that house is just… I have no words, it’s brilliant! *laments fact that she can’t get her grubby hands on it* Wow it’s great to see an old Ravelo face too! (because I read them! *is diehard jenba fan from back in the Shanley and Maude days*).

    • Wow… I’ve always been awed with your talent. It never ceases to amaze me. Great job!

  4. Wow! I love seeing your houses, Jen. I wish I could do that. :D And it’s always awesome to see familiar faces!

  5. OMG! I was just creeping around reading and not commenting, but you just HAD to go and show us your talents again. I’m completely in awe. Who could ever think to design a house in such a way? My houses suck really bad. I just don’t have to vision or the patience to do something so beautiful. Good job.

  6. Awww my verifying word is kitten!
    I am in awe of your talrnt Jenba. If I had half as much I wouldn’t need to download houses >>>green<<<

  7. I just wish I could decorate like you! I’m too lazy to put in the effort it requires. I’ll just sit back and admire – wonderful job!

  8. Heck, young Tennyson’s certainly grown up! I can still remember when one of his aunts charcoaled herself while fixing a computer ;) That house is neat, too!

  9. I canNOT imagine what kinda houses you’ll build when (if?) you get TS3. :O)) I hope you do. Cuz I think you’ll make AMAZING structures, just like these TS2 structures are amazing! :O) I wonder who his roommate will be. Perhaps I will need to visit your other legacy. :D

  10. The house is amazing and now that tenny-tenny(my nickname for him) is back will the Ravelo’s come back too?

  11. Thanks so much for the comments, everyone. I’m glad you like Tenny’s house. Maybe I’ll hold a contest to see who his roommate will be?