Meet Joe Shmakova

Joe Shmakova Legacy

NOTE: Some of my Simming friends and I are doing a Legacy Challenge where we all start with the same founder. Everyone submitted a Sim (except for me, since I joined late), and we voted on who we liked best. A Sim named Joe Shmoe won. I changed his name to Joe Shmakova for variety’s sake. We also voted on his primary aspiration (Knowledge) and his personality (Pisces). Everything else is up to each individual player to decide. Anyway, I thought this would be a fun way to actually PLAY the game, since I haven’t in many, many moons. I’m keeping each update to 5-6 pics so I don’t get bogged down in writing lengthy updates like I usually do. All right, enough introductory patter…let’s meet Joe Shmakova!

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