Joe Shmakova Legacy

After e-mailing Mr. Kasahara and experiencing a brief burst of hope, I went back to my usual routine: work, eat, watch TV, talk to my mom, talk to my sister, sleep, wake up, repeat, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

I knew I had to extract myself from this chasm-like rut, but I didn’t know how. I was in a kind of limbo waiting for Mr. K to respond to my note. And I was starting to annoy myself.

Checking my e-mail became an obsession. I must have logged in 50 times a day at least.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

But there was nothing from Mr. K — it was all just boring, old junk mail. I contemplated replying to the one about mail-order brides just to liven things up.

Every night I dreamed about Lemur Island. Sometimes I’d just sort of hover over the island like a bird coasting on the wind…

Joe Shmakova Legacy

…and other times I’d have one of those wearing-my-underwear-in-public dreams. Those are the worst.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

But I guess if I’m going to expose my skivvies to the world, it might as well be in Paradise.

So things went on like this for days, though it seems like whole lifetimes went by.

And then one night, it happened. Mr. Kasahara called me. He didn’t e-mail. He called.

“Joe,” he said. “how soon can you get back here?”

I almost dropped the phone.


Joe Shmakova Legacy

“I’m serious if you are. I have a great job opportunity for you. Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve digging.”

“I can be there tomorrow,” I said, trying to maintain a tone of calm happiness, even though my insides were whooping it up and doing the smustle.

We agreed to meet at the temporary hut I had stayed in before, and I thanked him several times before hanging up.

I dialed my mom’s number next. “Hey Mom, I’m going to back to Lemur Island! To live! Yes, I have a job there. No, it’s not an internet scam. I’ll call you when I can, but I might not be able to afford long-distance for awhile, so…yes, yes, of course I’ll write to you.”

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36 thoughts on “Spinning

  1. Oooh Jen, it’s simply fabulous!
    I can’t tell just HOW much I love your writing – that entire civilization on his little chunk of land *chuckles*.
    The postcard is wonderful, so is Ms Firestick, and Anneke could be a nice person… actually… ;)
    Whatever you’re up to, please share it soooon!

    • Thank you, Eva! You always say such nice things about my updates. And Joe and Anneke have 2 LBs (same as Joe and Eris) so they would probably make a great couple, too.

  2. Yay for the update! Love the post card! How’d you do that? Totally did not expect the playground monitor gig though. And nice to see that Eris goes after what she wants! ;-)

    • Glad you liked the postcard! I had to do it in MS Publisher since I fail at doing anything in Photoshop aside from cropping and sharpening my photos. :-P Then, since it wouldn’t save in any picture format without looking all jagged, I had to take a screen capture of it in Print Preview and use that. The fonts are free ones I downloaded, and the clip art is just from the Microsoft Office web site. One cool thing is that Joe’s signature is in a font called “Joe Hand”. :-)

  3. *dances* I’m so glad Joe was able to get a job on Lemur Island!!!

    Mrs. K is pretty.

    *waves at Greg*

    *waves at Anneke*

    I can just feel the chemistry between Joe & Eris. Am I the only perv who thought they were going to do more than take a picture in the photo booth?

    • Bwahaha. Now that I have ACR installed, that booth is a popular place for townies to, um, “rendezvous”. But my Joe’s kind of shy and a slow mover, all chemistry aside. ;-)

  4. I think your security word has it in one: “SWISH!” What a fantastic entry, jenba. I swear … this rendition of the Founder Joe is probably at the top of my list of favorites. *nods* I wish I could be on that island with him … not WITH him with him mind you. Just … there … having such fortunes fall into my laop like that. That would be great. To find the woman (or in my case man) of your dreams because of what some gypsy lady foretold. NICE. ;O))) And once again … your pictures – AMAZING! Your storytelling – ENGAGING. *pink hearts for jenba*

    • Aw, thanks, Ange! I wish I could be on the island with Joe, too. Playing this legacy is helping me get through the winter, I tell ya!

  5. Oh yay! I’m so glad Joe gets to live on the island. He sure is one lucky dude! I’m already excited for the next update.

  6. /squeals He’s going back! Woot … hmmm… i wonder what kind of job he’s getting..
    oh.wo. I love the post card!
    bwahahaha playground monitor … thats awesome and just hilarious. but ya, getting free land.. pfft I’d do it to!
    /bounces Look! Its Greg! Jenba look.. oh.. you already know.. never mind. /waves to Greg
    Really? he wants to be a teacher? well then .. this is great news. I hope he makes it to the top!
    /bounces again Look its Anneke! erm … ya i’ll stop now.. hehe
    /giggles Whistle of Authority .. how funny! i love it
    aw Joe is in love with the fire eyes chick!
    I’m so excited for him. life is going so well.

    and to answer Lisa… Nope! I thought so too.

    • Heehee, your comments always crack me up, Ruby! And yeah, his LTW is to be a Minister of Education, but since I doubt that would have occurred to Joe just yet, I figure teacher works for now!

    • I can’t take any credit for Joe’s innate cuteness — that’s all Ruby’s doing! But thanks for the compliment on my pics.

  7. I’m really liking this new legacy, Jen, and Joe’s Ma sounds a bit like my nana! I loved the bit about ‘I dance like a monkey wearing concrete shoes’! I hope you and yours had a fantastic New Year, too!

    • Yep, he’s just your average scruffy Knowledge Sim trying to make his way in the world. I’m glad you find him fun!

  8. Wowzers! I can honestly say I almost died when I saw your ‘postcard’ of the island, it looks FANTASTIC Jen! You know I’m surprised, I was looking at your first shot of Joe and I never realised what defined cheekbones he has before. (he must be weight over being stressed and depressed not on the island ;)) Beware those red eyes I say :D

    • Hi Linda! Thanks, and I’m thrilled you liked the postcard. I had a lot of fun making it. And I think Joe’s features look more chiselled in that first pic because I had a bunch of lighting on the ground — the overhead lighting tends to make his hair too glowy (probably a side effect of Gunmod’s Radiance Light System). :-) But I like your suggestion that maybe he has just lost some weight from being stressed.

  9. What a great update! I love the postcard. Hey, it’s Greg! And Anneke! Hi guys!

    Oooh, he’s hot for the fiery one, eh? Heheheh. Go, Joe!

    Can’t wait for the next installment.

    • Hot for the fiery one, heehee…yeah, I’m having fun with all of the wordplay. Joe’s burning up, Joe’s melting, etc. I’m so easily amused. :-p

  10. That was a nice postcard! I swear Joe’s mom sounded so like my mom, ‘Is it an internet scam?’. Eris really cute but her red eyes kinda unnerved me.Oh yeah, nice updates with stunning pictures as usual!

    • Yeah, I found her eyes unnerving at first, too. So did Joe, as a matter of fact. Thanks for your kind words! :-)

  11. Oh poor Joe, obsessed with checking his e-mail. And then Mr. K calls! Oh I love the postcard! That is so cool! A job as playground monitor, it certainly could have been worse for Joe. Joe just can’t stop digging can he? Poor Joe and his unsuspecting job interview. I think he did well though. Joe looks quite happy with Ms. Firestick (great name!) and I think he’s happy on Lemur Island, hooray for Joe.

    • Yeah, Joe likes to dig. It’s the thrill of discovery, doncha know. Plus it doesn’t hurt that Mr. K gives him money for it. ;-P

  12. What’s wrong with checking your e-mail multiple times? *blush* HAHAHA!! Too funny he wanted to reply to the mail-order bride e-mail. *snickers*

    Aww, poor guy, dreaming about wearing your undies in public. *chortles*

    SWEET!! That’s awesome that he -called- him! *cheers*

    Hehe, typical mom. *grins*

    Awesome post card!! *envy* How’d you do that?

    You know, I want to scold Joe for taking the job without even waiting to hear what it is. But you know what? To own property in paradise, I think I’d do the same thing! HAHA! See? You should always ask what before agreeing. *nods sagely*

    Nice present you got there. :-D I hope you drop your mom and sis e-mails!

    Cheers to a good beginning! *raises her glass and waves hello to Greg*

    Hey, what’s my Joe’s wife doing in some tropical paradise without him! *peers* (It’s fun seeing the various Founder contestants popping up in everyone’s blogs.)

    Whooo! *cheers Eris on* I agree with her, there’s definitely fire there. *waggles her eyebrows*

    That’s cool that he’s already getting swept off his feet by the woman with the eyes of fire. :-D *claps*

    (Hehe, my security word is “island” – talk about appropriate!)

    • Woot, thanks for the great comments, Aer! Your Joe’s wife could have easily ended up being my Joe’s wife, too — they actually have 2 lightning bolts. But he was just drawn to those red eyes for some reason…