Trains and Stuff

I really should be posting a Shmakova update, but I haven’t played them in weeks (even though I have something like 3 updates worth of pics), and I’ve been focusing all my creative energies on Gnomesby. RL is still kicking my patootie, so I’m just doing what I find the most fun.

As a side note, I was determined to finish the Shmakova legacy — just so I could say I’ve finished something besides the Shanleys, dangnabbit — but legacy play just isn’t doin’ it for me lately. Sorry, Joe! I’ll get back to you one of these days. Maybe.

One good thing about the Founders Challenge — it got me Simming again. It reminded me how much I like to build lots and create Sims and putz around landscaping a ‘hood. I’ve been having a grand old time. So I thought I’d share some more Gnomesby pics in lieu of a Shmakova update.

Speaking of ‘hood-scaping…I am in love with Criquette’s deco, and his latest set is no exception. It’s like having your own little hobby train set!


Criquette made some cool deco train stations to go with the railways, but they’re a bit too big for Gnomesby, so I made a little train depot of my own. It’s not deco, just a community lot. Here it is from neighborhood view:


And here it is in lot view:


A shot of the interior:


Sims can buy postcards, magazines, and souvenirs there, as well as grab goodies from the vending machines or have some fun in the photobooth. Alas, they cannot actually board any trains. Now there’s a thought — wouldn’t it be cool if there was a Sims 3 EP which allowed Sims to travel to other towns via train? Oooh. (I know, it’ll never happen, but I can dream!)

I also built a home and business for my mechanic/repair guy. There’s a huge garage, small office, and tiny house all on one lot.

This is probably the cleanest auto garage in the universe. I need to dirty it up!


And I made the garage so big, the house had to be teensy. But hey, Sears-Roebuck pulls through once again. They are great inspiration for little houses.


And now I feel my cold medicine kicking in…time to head for bed. Take care all!

18 thoughts on “Trains and Stuff

  1. That is a vindictive cold you’ve got, isn’t it Jen? The train depot looks cool, though, and I have a real one just like it, although the rest of my train set is MIA. I’m thinking about getting back to blogging myself soon, must be the derned colder weather here!

    • Actually, I got over that other awful cold, was fine for a week, then caught another one. My immune system sucks, apparently. ;) You have a real train set?? And yes, you should blog!

  2. Your ‘hood is different from any I’ve ever seen. You’ve got an amazing touch with decorating/designing. I think I’ve seen that house in the Sears/Roebuck old stuff!

    • Thanks, Shannon! I get a lot of inspiration from the amazing ‘hoods in this thread at the Sims 2 Community Forums. Criquette’s stuff in particular just leaves me speechless. I don’t know how he does it!

  3. You are just so good at building stuff Jen. I honestly don’t know why you don’t build stuff and have your own downloads website. I know it would take a lot of work…but man. Talent like that…I know I would download every single lot! I’m glad to see you’re having fun with simming again. I’ve missed your updates tremendously and all of your fabulous buildings too!

  4. As usual, i lurk in the background but hey, you managed to drag me out by making my jaw dropped by the sight of your wonderful building and decorating skill. You are absolutely talented in that!

    • Thanks, Lisa! Sometimes I feel like Gnomesby will never be finished; I keep changing my mind and wanting to add new stuff. But it’s fun. :-)

  5. I love the look of that house, there is something very charming about it. I like the way you use the train set too. Its cool how everyone uses it differently

    • Yeah, Criquette’s deco just adds so many possibilities. It’s a blast. Thanks for visiting my site! :-)

  6. Yeah, I’m a huuuge fan of Criquette too. I love how you integrated Criquette’s neighborhood object to your lots. Looks so pretty whether in neighborhood or lot view!

  7. Yep, Jen, I have a real train set, two locos, about twenty box cars, carriages, hopper trucks, etc, and miles of track, but I have absolutely no clue where it is. I still have it, and I think it still works, but its gone walkabout ;)

  8. Oh my gosh Jen! I love it! Its just the most amazing thing. How do you get your pictures so clear? I wish mine looked like that! I love the new hood by the way. Gnomesby rocks!

  9. You’re good at building. Do whatever makes you happiest, jenba. :O) If you do that, you’ll always have fun. Don’t force yourself to do something just cuz that’s what others are doing. :O) Great train station. :O) I’m no good at doing that sort of thing. I’m a storyteller. S’what I do. :O) Great stuff!