Crime and Punishment

Joe Shmakova Legacy

Greetings, all. Joe here. I’ve decided to switch to first person because I never liked third person all that much. That is, I don’t mind reading it, as it’s the most appropriate format for some tales, but writing it just isn’t my cup of tea. And I’m kind of picky about my tea.

So. You’re probably wondering who was yelling at me in the last installment of my story. I wish I could say it was the voice of God or even the voice of a remarkable talking chimpanzee, but no, it was merely the voice of a very unhappy man.

“You down there!” he was shouting at me. “I’d like to have a word with you!”

Feeling uneasy, I climbed the shore to meet him.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

The man fixed a stern eye upon me. “Do you realize you’re constructing a building on private property?”

“A building?” I laughed. “It’s a sandcastle.”

“A castle is a building, isn’t it?” he asked, not laughing at all. “And you’re not allowed to build a castle or any other structure on Mr. Kasahara’s property without his permission.”

“I…I didn’t know this was private property. I’m sure Mr. Kasawhatever wouldn’t care about me making a lousy little pile of sand that’s just going to be washed away –”

“You think so, hm? Well, why don’t we ask him if he cares or not?” The man suddenly focused on someone behind me. “Good day, Mr. Kasahara! I found this gentleman here trying to assemble a fortress on your property.”

Joe Shmakova Legacy

I whirled around and found my self face-to-face with, you guessed it, Mr. Kasahara. By this time I realized his name was familiar somehow, but I hadn’t placed it yet.

“A fortress?” he asked in a casual tone. “Are we at war?”

I smiled, trying to remain calm. “Look, I’m sorry. I just wanted to dig in the sand a little…I thought I was still in the park. I’m leaving on a boat in –” I glanced at my watch “– seven minutes. So I promise I won’t be any more trouble.”

Mr. Kasahara scrutinized me a moment. “What’s your name?”


“Well, Joe, I’m afraid you’ll need longer than seven minutes to make amends for what you’ve done. You’ll have to stay here and dig some more.”

I laughed. “You’re kidding, right?”

Joe Shmakova Legacy

“No, I’m not.” Mr. Kasahara smiled. “You have to stay for at least three days. You dig each day and keep everything you find, even if it’s a chunk of rock. After three days, I’ll take a look at what you’ve found. If it’s adequate, you can go. If not, you have to stay awhile longer. I’ll make sure you have accommodations, equipment, whatever you need.”

“Wait a second!” I said, freaking out a little, which is against my nature, as I’m a fairly laid-back guy. “You can’t keep me here. Don’t I have rights? I demand to speak to the island authorities!”

Joe Shmakova Legacy

Mr. Kasahara smirked “I’m afraid I am the island authorities, Joe. Now…take a stroll around town for a few hours. Visit the market. I’ll have my men build a temporary home while you’re gone. And I’ll make sure you can’t get on that boat.”

“But…this is ridiculous! Come on!”

“I’ll see you in a few days, Joe. Let Kreios know if you need anything.” He nodded towards my sandcastle, which was in the process of being dismantled by the man who had yelled at me earlier.

When I turned back, Mr. Kasahara was wandering off.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

And that’s when I remembered where I had seen his name. At the tourist office the day before I had glanced at a brochure about Lemur Island. It had mentioned Kasahara as the owner of the island, so…he really was the sole authority.

I glanced out at the sea again and wondered how long it would take me to swim to the next island. Then I caught a whiff of hibiscus and felt the warm breeze play with my hair…and decided that staying another three days wouldn’t be so bad — even I was being held against my will.

I turned and headed for the marketplace.

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50 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment

  1. What an interesting start to your legacy. I wish someone would force me to stay on vacation a little while longer. I’d gladly accept!

    • Hey Mandie! Yeah, I’d like to be Joe right now…I’m totally sick of winter! So I’m living vicariously through him. Heh. It’s great to see you over here, I will have to catch up on your new site. I was very sorry to hear you lost Fortune Shores and Harpers Cove. :-(

  2. Totally awesome update, jenba. You make me ashamed of my own story telling … not to mention my picture taking. :O\ Hehe. :O)) I love your backstory! What way to go! :OD)) And is Ava REALLY a gypsy matchmaker? Or was that for the story only?

    • Aw, Ange, thanks, but your storytelling and pictures are awesome and hugely enjoyable! I am really digging (ha) your Joe’s story so far. And no, Ava isn’t really a gypsy matchmaker, but I liked how she looked in those clothes, and you can never have enough strange and mysterious people in a Sims hood, right? So I think of her as the real Gypsy Matchmaker’s apprentice. ;-p

    • I hope you don’t mind how I made her over. :D She has such mysterious eyes; I thought she’d make a good fortune teller type.

  3. interesting inhabitants this island has. they’re all so quirky.
    but really. how silly is it that he would get in trouble for building a sand castle? *raises an eyebrow*
    Mr. Kasahara owns the island? yup, that makes him the law … hmmm…
    This is so much fun. stuck on a tropical island as punishment.. oh darn!
    *waves* Hi Ava!! she looks good!
    LOL On the parrot telling him to get a haircut and where!
    d’oh! well thats false advertisement, not a nice surprise.
    Oh noes! red is bad right? *scratches with Joe* sorry bud.
    I can’t talk for anyone else, but i likes the length of your updates just fine. they’re so entertaining!

    • Thanks, it’s fun to see what everyone else is doing with Joe! I’m glad he ended up being our founder; he’s very photogenic!

  4. Very interesting. I’m hooked. ;) The living statue sim is cool, though. Did that come with Bon Voyage? I have that EP, but I guess I just haven’t gone on enough vacations with my sims.

    Also love the look on Joe’s face in that second to last picture. Ha!

    • The human statue is in Apartment Life. I haven’t really *played* the game much since Seasons, so I had to Google it! :-P

      • Ah, thanks! :D I couldn’t remember seeing it in Bon Voyage, but then again I don’t sen my sims on a lot of vacations. But no wonder I haven’t seen it, since it came with Apartment Life. Maybe if they actually do delay TS3 I’ll break down and get AL. :P

        • I think it’s worth it, Audrey. So far AL is my favorite of the expansion packs. But then, I won’t be getting Sims 3 as I know my computer isn’t going to be able to handle it (a bit short on processor speed, I believe). That’s one hefty game they are releasing next!

          The prices are dropping too, as a result of the new release! And possibly because of SecuROM.

  5. Awww poor Joe, all that trouble for one measely sandcastle (although somehow I don’t think he minded his punishment too much at all!). I love how you always make me intrigued and wanting to know more about your characters. I mean, why DOES Mr. Kasahara want Joe to stay on the island? :P

    Great idea Jen, putting up a page with links to all the other ‘joes’! I’ve only had a quick glance but already it amazes me how different and intresting everyone’s styles are :D

    Sorry random question – I know you use a lighting mod (and the cloud/sky generator too?) just wondering if you have to brighten your night and afternoon pictures overly much. I’ve used one in the past, but found it too dark. But I’m keen to try an updated version, as yours looks great!

    • Thanks! :D I think I’m just using the old version of Gunmod’s Radiance Lighting Mod at MTS2. I do have to add some lampage at night (especially outdoors) to brighten pics, and sometimes things get way TOO bright (which is why I now avoid too much white in my Sims’ interiors/window trim/clothing) but otherwise I really like it. I haven’t tried any others, though — there are a bunch of them listed at the above link.

      As for the sky generator, I use this one from Garden of Shadows, which is just a retooling of the one at MTS2. The combination of some of those skies with Gunmod’s dusk setting turn out really nice, and I find that I don’t miss the moons and stars all that much. Hope that helps!

      • Thanks for the links Jen! I might try giving it another go, especially that sky. Hehe I won’t miss the moon and stars one jolt because my graphics and laptop are apparently not powerful enough to show them *gasp*. (I can’t tell you how much this amuses me when people say they are jealous of my awesome graphics, yet I can see the sun etc on their pics :D)

  6. What a great beginning. :D I’ll have to check out the other links you put up for this challenge.

    I loved the pictures. It looks like you really spent some time building up the neighborhood for this challenge.

    • Thanks! I’ve only made a couple of community lots and placed a few pre-made homes, but I’m glad it looks built-up! That’s what I was going for.

  7. Well, that is definitely an interesting start! I’m looking forward to more.

    I agree, the pictures are stunningly crisp and clear. Very nice!

  8. Hey Jen – wow, this update reminds me so much of one of those strategic click-and-run games (like syberia or journey to the center of the earth ;) ) – it so cool!
    I love this strange island, especially since I really only have the basic game and university – still…
    please keep going!

    • Hey Eva! It’s so cool to see you. Now I’ll have to check out those games…glad you’re enjoying my updates!

  9. wow! i love this, its great! keep up the great work. cant wait too see what happens next!

  10. I am SO drooling over these pics! Gorgeous gorgeous pictures, as usual. I always forget to turn reflections on at the beach, I forget it’s so pretty :)

    A stupid question, maybe everybody else already knows this, but how did you get the red dusk sky? Is that photoshopped in?

    I’m loving this so far! I can’t wait to see if he ever makes it off the island, or not ;)

    • Thanks for your kind words! And your question isn’t a stupid one at all — I had to hunt all over the web for a sky like that! But it’s actually an object that overlays the Maxis sky. I linked to it in my response to Linda a few comments up. It can be tricky to use (you have to place it using Move_objects on, and then to use it, you click the sky, not the object), but I like being able to change that flat blue Maxis sky once in awhile!

  11. See, this is what I love about your legacies, Jen. Your sims are just plain weird! There’s something strange or goofy about every single one of them that you write about and it keeps things interesting.

    I love it when writers put so much into their little simulated people. For a long time I merely emulated you at this until I finally developed my own way of making my characters work.

    My most recent one is terrible though… A shy knowledge sim who wants to be Prestidigitator? Yikes!

    BTW, can you provide the link for the plugin that allows the replies?

    • DEVIN!!! Long time no see! Thanks for all your comments; they made my day. :) I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying my weird Sims. Heehee. And yeah, that shy knowledge Sim who wants to be a Prestidigitator could be tough, although it could also lead to a really cool story, too. Are you going to be blogging about it? Ooh, I see you do have something on your site. I’ll have to zoom on over there. :D

      Here’s a link to the plug-in I’m using: WordPress Threaded Comments. I’m not sure I totally love it yet but hey, it works! I need to figure out if I can get rid of the little graphic it posts every time. It takes up too much space. *grumble*

      • Jen,

        Like I said, I’ve been around, but I’ve been “going through” a lot as well. We had internet, then we didn’t, and now we do (and will be keeping it for several reasons). I got angry with the sims community (mainly boolprop) and some friends and I branched off and created the writers’ guild. It started off as a “well, this could be fun for a few of us and then kind of took off. I made two other admins and left it alone after that, would you believe? Yeah, you probably would… I haven’t been at Sim Scribes either. Yikes! I’ll head over there in a few… About to eat some supper now heh.

        Anyway, that’s the long story. I am going to be writing this legacy, but like you I’m going to *try* to keep the chapters shorter. I tend to use too much text which is a pain in the patootie but that shouldn’t kill it. So far good feedback, mostly from my own site (figures, but then I didn’t post about it at Sim Scribes, either).

        I wrote my way around Jesse’s weirdness, I think. Doesn’t like to be social but doesn’t mind being up on stage. I’m kind of like that myself. Shy until I have an audience.

        I have a plugin for you, too ;) Try CommentLuv. It allows you (and others) to see the most recent blog entry of anyone who comments on your site (and as far as I can tell, has it installed themselves, which is the catch). It’s easier for you to keep up with your friends and easier for others to generate their own back links to their sites (therefore generating more traffic and readers).

        Long winded much? Off to eat then check Sim Scribes!

  12. The scene and the background is so breath taking! It make me want to get punish on that island(although in my country there are no winter,but gosh that beach look so enticing).Ooh,can’t wait to read more and by the way that blonde is hot!

    • OK, I need to move to your country! I hate winter! (OK, I do like winter until Christmas is over…but then I want it GONE!)

  13. What sims is this. I have sims 2
    and cant play any of them because of my computer
    Also im excited about the updated sims blogs and hope you do some more
    ill bookmark u see u soon.

    • Thanks, Taurtum. I have all of the Sims 2 expansion packs and stuff packs. I’m a little crazy that way. I’m sorry to hear you can’t play your game; what’s wrong with your computer?

  14. Who knew building a sandcastle could get you into so much trouble? If nothing else Joe at least gets to spend three more days where he wanted to. Digging repeated in the sand might get a little old but I guess that’s what you get when you decide to build a sandcastle :)

  15. Oh, how I have missed your humor, Jen. ;) Poor Joe! If only he knew who was in charge of his little digital life, hehe.

    • Hey Mao!! It’s great to see you. Thanks for stopping by, and mwahwa to your comment about poor Joe!

  16. Hi, I just stumbled onto your sims2 blog, and I just wanted to say that I love your stories, the writing style and your pics! I have no idea how you take such good shots.

    I’m already waiting for your update on Joe!

  17. This is a very interesting beginning. And the last picture is breathtaking, with the sunset and the lovely little shack. You proved to the world that you have great abilities at playing the game, along with building and storytelling ^^

  18. Hmm, wonder who the guy is…

    *blinks a few times* Erm, uh, huh?!? They’re scolding him for building a sandcastle? Pfft, silly man, it’s not a permanent structure, it’s not even a semi-permanent structure. One good kick or wave from the ocean and it’s gone!

    Tsha, nice trouble-making creep! “Found him building a fortress on your property” indeed.

    *blinks again* Wow, interesting punishment for trespassing! Although I’m not sure I can really blame Joe for not fighting against his sentence too much. I don’t know that I would want to leave either. :-)

    Wow, I love the market! I wish I was even a fraction that creative in my sets for the Sims. *sighs with envy*

    I love Ava’s looks here! Eeeeehhhh, red eyes would freak me out! Glad he had a good conversation with her though, but still eeehhh! Aww, poor kitty. *huggles the little cat in its cage*

    So cool with the human statue!! My sims haven’t seen those at all yet.

    Aww, not fair that with his last coin he got a bad wish! *helps Joe scratch*

    I can’t get over how gorgeous your skies look in these pictures!! I just might have to cave and that that add-on thingy too.

    • I’m completely in love with that darned sky mod; can you tell?? :-P And yeah, the sandcastle thing is silly, but that’s what I get for letting my pictures dictate the story. I’m like, “Why is this guy yelling at Joe? He must really hate that sandcastle…”