Good Omens

Joe Shmakova Legacy

It wasn’t long before I heard from Ms. Firestick, she of the soul-scalding scarlet eyes. It was the very next afternoon, in fact. I had turned off the computer and was actually reading a real live book when I heard a bit of hubbub outside.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

It sounded like a truck had pulled up and was unloading cargo. Since I had indeed ordered some furniture and figured it could wait, I finished the chapter I was reading before I headed out. By then, the truck was gone, and what it had left made my jaw drop.

It wasn’t furniture at all. At least, not the furniture I had anticipated, unless I had gone online in my sleep and ordered a GIANT DJ BOOTH.

A note was attached to the headphones. It said, “Now we can dance all night long. See you soon. Eris.”

Joe Shmakova Legacy

I was totally flabbergasted. Who gives someone a DJ booth as a gift, especially after only one (sort of) date? The thing was almost as big as my shack, for pete’s sake. I guess she wanted to make a statement. Some people skywrite, some people leave expensive stereo equipment at your door. Hey, whatever works.

The expensive stereo equipment had certainly worked on me. Well, not so much the equipment as the note. It made me a little giddy.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

What is it about playing DJ (and being giddy) that makes a person act like an idiot? I was finger-gunning the road, for crying out loud.

There’s no one there, you moron. Please step away from the turntable.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

Not long after my foray into crazyland, the furniture I had ordered arrived — a sweet table and chairs. Since I didn’t really have room for it in the shack, I set it up outside and went to make dinner. While I was in the middle of chopping up radishes, my friend Jason (whom I had met somewhere in my wanderings around the island) stopped by. I invited him to stay for din-din.

And then Eris showed up. Ahh, Eris. She came jogging on over in her Lemur Island Soccer League uniform, all bright-eyed and um, slightly sweaty.

Blushing like a mad fool, I thanked her for the DJ booth, and we all sat down for some mixed greens. (Hey, at least it wasn’t lunch meat sandwiches.)

Joe Shmakova Legacy

As it turns out, Jason was another cousin of Eris’s, so they had plenty to chat about while we ate. His last name name isn’t Firestick, though — it’s Bard. So I guess maybe he came from the line of fire-people that told stories about the fire instead of twirling it around (which seems like a much wiser course of action).

He also kept smiling at Eris and I in a knowing way, like he could sense the sizzling chemistry between us. Although he could have been just passing gas. (In which case, good thing he’s not a fire-twirler, eh?)

Joe Shmakova Legacy

Eventually Jason took off, leaving Eris and I alone. I suggested she play one of her favorite records on the DJ booth while I cleaned up the dishes, but my flashy fire lady had other ideas.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

The dishes would have to wait.

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30 thoughts on “Good Omens

  1. Awwwwwww … *swoons* *heart farts the happy couple* What a wonderful update. I wonder why Joe got a headache playing Majong. *boggles* Yay for baby bumps! I can’t wait to see their first child. They might even make some good-lookin’ kids! :O)

    • Well, Joe looked so confuzzled at the Mahjong table (maybe everyone did, but I was only focused on Joe), and then suddenly he and Eris were in the bedroom making out (I have ACR installed now, heh). They left Aella and Gabriel just sitting there at the mahjong table! Anyway, I figured maybe Joe just wasn’t enjoying the game and Eris followed him to the bedroom, etc. Since he’s a knowledge Sim he was probably disappointed in himself that he didn’t pick up on the game right away. ;-)

  2. I would love to have a beach wedding! *sigh* So romantic!

    I love the look of the new house. Tour, please?

    Horray for baby bumps!

    • I would love to have a beach wedding, too! A friend of mine got married on a sand dune in North Carolina, and it was so cool. I’m glad you like the house. I’d give you a tour but it’s already different (second story has been added). Maybe a couple of updates down the road?

  3. I love the new house. it looks great and just awesome for a beach house.
    grats on the promotions, wedding and baby bump!

    • Thanks, Ruby! Joe is living out my current fantasy of being on the beach somewhere nice and tropical, so I figured I might as well build him the house I would want, too. ;-P I’m glad it looks beachy!

  4. I’m curious Jen, I spot stairs in that house and I really really want to know where they’re going to and how because it doesn’t look like you have room for a second floor… (btw it’s AWESOME, it looks like it just belongs right there on the beach).

    Joe is such an adorably hopless romantic. I hope he’s ready to handle the baby bumb :D Hmm I wonder if Eris will have any ‘firery’ hormonal pregnancy moments in store for him :P

    • LOL, I forgot about those stairs. They’re going to an eventual second story. I think in the pic above they’re just leading to a little bit of split level flooring. Or maybe they go all the way up. But there’s nothing up there yet to tempt the Sims upward. :-) And haha at the ‘fiery’ hormonal pregnancy moments. Unfortunately (or fortunately as the case may be) it was a very uneventful pregnancy. ;-P

  5. I think my security word says it all. That house is real ‘swish’ :D
    And yay for baby bumps now Eris can stop worrying about her biological clock lol.

  6. Dito to my Anti-spam word: ISLAND ;) – the best house on an island there could be! How did you know my favorite color is turqouise ;)? I wish I had a house like that on my own!

    Excited to see the babies coming, let’s hope it’s going to be maaaany *g*!

    • That’s one of my favorite colors, too! Actually, I’ll take any shade of blue. ;-) And neither Joe nor Eris are Family Sims, so they didn’t have all that many kids. But the ones they did have are pretty cool!

  7. Yay baby bump! You could call it Agni which means fire in India (for a girl)or Pele for a boy. (love the romantic wedding on the beach at sunset!)

    • Wow, I love those names. Wish I would have thought to go the fire route! But they ended up with regular old names. Heh. Maybe second gen can hearken back to their heritage and give some good fire names to their kids!

  8. *cheers for everything*

    Love the difference in their philosophies. He sees a shooting star as a good omen while she sees finding a lost necklace as one. Doesn’t matter in the end as long as they both have their good omens, right?

    Grats in the bump.

    • Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool that they saw a shooting star and found a necklace the evening of their wedding. That’s the first time I’ve had a Sim find a necklace (I haven’t been playing much since BV). After that, Eris found earrings (which she is wearing in the baby bump pic) and another necklace, which she passed down to one of her kids. And Joe found a necklace, too. Cool stuff!

  9. Awwww! Those wedding shots were beautiful. I can’t remember if you said, are you using the lighting mod for the sunset or is that photoshopped in?

  10. Well, what a romatic interlude for Joe! And he’s gonna be a daddy soon.

    The little beach house is cute – makes me want to move there too and make a living digging for treasure ;-)

    This kinda reminds me of that thing recently about the best job in the world somewhere in australia where all you had to do was enjoy yourself and blog!

  11. Cute update! The view from their new deck is absolutely breathtaking, and it makes me miss the days my family would vacation at my aunt’s beach house! I love the beachy feel of this new legacy, and I can’t wait to see the new baby!

  12. Aww that was too cute, really. Joe is such a romantic and I love it!
    I really like the name Joseph, by the way. Go go go Joe!

    Their new house is lovely and a really nice turquoise for a house on the beach. Although I really liked his old shack, too. All the little beachy details scattered around everywhere really give it an atmosphere.

    I wonder whether the kid will have Eris’ fireglow eyes? :)

  13. A real live book? *grins*

    Yay for a DJ booth! *cheers at Eris’ taste in gifts*

    Giddy is good. :-D

    Wow, beautiful sunset picture there, with their dinner outside. :-) (I think I’m gonna have to try downloaded Gunmod’s Radiance thingy this weekend. The pictures are just so beautiful!)

    *giggles* Yes, I’d say it’s a good thing Jason’s not a fire-twirler if he’s also a gas-passer!

    Good for Eris on letting the dishes wait. *cheers* Congrats on the engagement and wedding! *cheers wildly* And I love Eris. She’s so completely grounded in reality. :-D

    *snickers at Eris’s comment* Yup, she definitely will keep his head from drifting too far into the clouds.

    These two are so darn cute together. They compliment each other well, without being identical. I’m glad Eris had a double-bed to bring to the shack though.

    Very nice redo of the shack. Very light and airy. *claps*

    Hehe, just enjoy the game and don’t worry about winning, silly. *tickles Joe*

    Woot!! Baby Shmakova on the way! *cheers*

  14. Wow! Awesome legacy, Jen. I love Joe… and your writing style had me laughing the whole time. Way, way cool!

  15. I just recently rediscovered your site. i use to love read obesses over this site. Then sadly I slowly forgot but then i got the sudden urge to read it. So i’m back.

    I love your legacies. Since I haven’t see Joe’s kid i can’t give my whole thought but out of all your legacies, the one with the best looking kids is the Ravelos. But all your stories kick major booty!