Growing Up Shmakova

Joe Shmakova Legacy

Hey all, Jen here. Due to my brain being fried and fuzzy and real life issues biting me in the butt, Joe is taking a break from narrating his legacy. I don’t want to take a break myself, because I’m already wayyyy too behind. So I hope you’ll all forgive me if I indulge in a bit of commentary for a few updates.

So! Here we have Ellie Shmakova after her transition to child.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

And here’s her twin, Kirk, who is getting an early lesson in the Blurs and the Bees…

Joe Shmakova Legacy

Yup, Joe and Eris were nekkid on that bed. You gotta love ACR.

Kirk jumped right into the annoying brother role. He wanted an electronic toy, so I bought him a remote control helicopter. The first thing he tried to do was fly it into his sister’s head.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

OK, so he didn’t really try to fly it into her head, but it sure looked like it. Either way, Ellie was immune to his antics. She probably thought it was just a really big gnat.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

I had Ellie in mind as the heir early on because dear Kirk has a Niceness of ONE. Yep, he’s just a big old meanie. So Ellie was my Chosen One. I put her to work skilling at all hours while Kirk got to play around like the little slacker he is.

Joe Shmakova Legacy
“Dad, is Kirk really from another planet? Could you send him back there, please?”

Joe Shmakova Legacy
“OK, hon, but I’ll have to send you back, too, since you guys were a package deal.”

First day of school! They look so happy. Probably glad to get away from the nekkidness.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

Eris confides in her friend Amity (one of the potential founders for our Founders Challenge, townified).

Joe Shmakova Legacy

Eris: “I just don’t know what to do! Joe and I can’t keep our hands off each other.”
Amity: “Dude, I wish I had your problems.”

Kirk (future Romance Sim, I’ll just tell you that right now) made friends with all the girls who came over after school. For some reason the majority of them are redheads. We’re talkin’ at least 80% of them. Not sure what’s up with that. I don’t mind red hair in the least bit, but some variety would be nice!

Joe Shmakova Legacy

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17 thoughts on “Growing Up Shmakova

  1. I won’t say anything about the narrative – it’s just like mine is all the time. :-P Sorry you’re not feeling well though.

    Ellie is a cutie! I would’ve picked her for heir, too. Especially with her brother having one nice point! One of my kids only has one, also. He was never even an option for heir. LOL

    That is one interesting headmaster!

    No, Joe doesn’t look thrilled with his promotion to principal.

  2. Awww. I’m sorry RL is kicking you in the butt. I think I live that story.

    You have nothing to worry about with this update. Your narrative is entertaining & funny! I love their house! It’s very beachy. Like you, I wish I could be there right now. When it’s not rainy season.

  3. Ah the good life, relaxing on a hammock at a beach house.. wow, that does sound good!
    You have a lovely over achieving heiress!
    grats on private school
    buck up Joe, at least you’re getting the vacation you wanted!

  4. Jen!! I missed your commentary so much. Oh boy, this brings me back. Sniff. Memories! :D

    I hope RL looks up for you soon. Why is it being such a brat to everyone lately? Must be the cold weather!

    All hail the Rastafarian headmaster! He’s jammin, mon.

  5. I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well, jenba. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with changing how you narrate the story. I’m always changing that in my own simming blogs. So don’t even sweat it. :O)

    Blurs and the bees … HA!! I love it!! :O)

    Wow … a future romance sim in the making. I wonder if one of his turn ons will be red hair. What say you? :O)

    Hehe … Eris is complaining about not being able to keep her hands off of her husband! If only we were all so lucky!!!

    Yup – that’s a very hip headmaster. Heh. Dreads. Maybe the private school is some sort of progressive institution or something. :O)

  6. Oh yes, the twins are absolute cuties. They have great personalities. You know what’s funny, my Joe spawn brought home both of those girls too, I swear.

  7. I hope you’re feeling better soon! It’s nice to write in whatever style is easiest for you when you’re sick or stressed.

    Anyway, Ellie is adorable and Kirk seems like a real little stinker! Their house is gorgeous too – it’s a perfect beachside home!

  8. Narrative or not – still amazing pics! The ones of the kids on the beach would make pretty post cards :-) And love the Yoga one too!

  9. Joe doesn’t look too happy about princpal. I have figured out why!

    High School=hormonoal teenagers=what his kids have to go through =headach

    For some reason I’m really hate where the Shmakova live. It’s jealosuy. Why oh why do I have to live in the Northeast?

    But I’m totally loving the headmaster. He justs seems to fit in with the island.

    I wonder if the headmaster looks like that because of your setting?

    -looks at Eris- Your complaining about you and Joe not being able to keep your hands off each other. My boyfriend is at boarding school in Switzerland! I wish I was you. Expect I would need to be an adult.

    But anyway hope you get better!

  10. Hi Jen,

    I’ve been following your stories for quite a while, and I must admit I prefer you telling the stories rather than Joe. I guess I’m used to your stories like that.

    Great job! I luv the story so far!

    I would’ve picked Ellie too, she’s just so cute!!!

  11. Reading this legacy is like constantly reading a holiday-trip-report…. maaaan, I want to go where THEY live ;)

    Ellie is such a cutie, good choice on her being the heiress!

    Never mind your narrative, I just like your writing whichever voice you take!

    Whatever’s wrong, get well soon and dream of that hammock – just like I am right now, as I got the flu myself *darnit*…
    Best wishes!

  12. Jen!

    I’m so glad it occurred to me to google you last night! I’ve so missed your commentary, stories, pictures, sims, and house building. Every time I read one of your stories, I always end up wanting to do whatever you are doing too. You make it look so fun, so attractive, so just right. You are always the leading edge of what’s fun in the sims :)

  13. Hey guys, thanks so much for the comments. Life is still kicking me in the butt, but Simming and blogging are a nice escape from reality. :-)