Daddy Joe

Joe Shmakova Legacy

As my wife’s bump developed into a more of a hillock, she took a leave of absence from her patrol job, and I became the sole breadwinner in the house. In order to win additional bread, I accepted more responsibilities at the school. Unfortunately this required me to look more “professional” and “teacherly”, and I had to wear a very stuffy and uncomfortable suit, which kind of defeats the purpose of moving somewhere warm, you know?

Joe Shmakova Legacy

At least I was teaching now and not just standing around waiting for some kid to fall off the monkey bars. (Although I kind of missed wearing a whistle.)

Eris had a relatively easy pregnancy, aside from the time she set the kitchen ablaze.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

I’m normally quite sweet to her, but I couldn’t help teasing her about it.

“Good one, Ms. FIREstick.”

“You watch it. Next time it’ll be your bookcase.”

She knew just how to shut me up.

She also knew how to get what she wanted. You know how most women crave weird foods when they’re pregnant? Like pickles and ice cream, or tomato cheesecake? Well, Eris didn’t want food. She wanted a CAR. And not just any car: a bubble-gum pink GTO.

Of course she got it. How could I resist her fire-startin’, sweet-talkin’ ways?

Joe Shmakova Legacy

It made Eris so happy she suggested I buy myself something, too. I decided on a home improvement: a solar panel for the roof. Nifty, eh?

Joe Shmakova Legacy

Another thing Eris liked to do while she was pregnant was stroll along the beach at night. I guess the exercise made her feel better. (Or maybe she was just trying to get away from me. I kept asking her, “Is it time? Got any labor pains yet? Huh? HUH?” I was kind of a wreck.)

Joe Shmakova Legacy

One night Eris settled her pregnant but still nimble self into the sand and started to dig. Much to her joy, she unearthed some colorful pieces of glass, worn smooth by the sand. As with the shell necklace she found the night we got married, she considered the sea glass a good omen.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

(Apparently I was inside learning how to slice cheese and arrange it in a pleasing pattern on a tray.)

After finding the sea glass, Eris decided to build a sandcastle. As anyone who knows my story can tell you, sometimes building a sandcastle can get you into trouble.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

The sound of Eris yowling in pain and agony pulled me outside, and what I saw on the beach was shocking, to say the least.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

They say birth is a miracle. And it is. But I think what is truly miraculous about it is how a woman can have not just one, but two (!) children on a beach — by herself — and still manage to change into her everyday clothes by the time her husband shows up.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

What the heck took me so long to get out there? Had I been in some kind of cheese platter stupor? I will never understand what happened that night. But that’s OK, because I had two (!) radiant children before me, and that’s all that mattered.

We named the little boy Kirk. He looked just like me when I was a baby. Same eyebrow color, same eyes, same bored look on his face.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

And the little girl, we named Ellie. She had my eyes, but brown eyebrows like her mother.

Joe Shmakova Legacy

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20 thoughts on “Daddy Joe

  1. Your outside scenes are beautiful!
    Twins! Congratulations :D
    *Goes back to drool over Jenba’s photography skills some more*.

  2. Oy, twins! Goodness they are cute kids… his son is a spitting image of him, another heart breaker!
    i look forward to seeing these two grow up

  3. Wow! Oydie’s right – fantastic pics. I’m a tad ashamed of mine, now. Yikes! But – verrrry cool update :-)

    And this line…
    “But I think what is truly miraculous about it is how a woman can have not just one, but two (!) children on a beach — by herself — and still manage to change into her everyday clothes by the time her husband shows up.:

    cracked me up. Too funny :-)

  4. Awww twins! Reminds me of the good ol’ Shanleys and their 2nd generation twins..even though they were both girls. Still, you always get twins for G2! The twins are adorable, and I just love those sky pictures! I broke down and downloaded it, but it just doesn’t look the same as it does in your pictures!

  5. Twins! Cute twins! How did you manage to get one with red hair when Eris has brown? Is she actually a CAS Sim or did you edit her genetics?

    Like Arkali, I cracked up at the line about the “miraculous” beach birth!

  6. Your word verification thing is so on the money (“island”). :O) Wow … having twins (!) on the beach! How very classic! They made some beautiful kids. Heh. FIERY! :OD)) And gorgeous pictures as always, jenba. :O) Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  7. Fantastic looking photos, as always! *is jealous* The twins are so cute!! Too funny about giving birth on the beach and getting back in her every day clothes before he got there.

  8. What is it with Joes and having twins for their first born? *chuckle* Kirk and Ellie are adorable. I love the picture of Ellie eating the sand. Joe might want to think about getting a copy of that blown up for the living room wall.

    *giggles at Captain Doe* It’s the Skipper. Where’s Gilligan?

  9. First off – I love the title pic. Very beautiful.

    LOL @ the bubble-gum GTO and her threatening to burn his bookcase next time. Sure shut him up fast, huh?

    Yippee! Twins! And what gorgeous ones at that.

    Kirk really is quite the taskmaster during art hour, isn’t he? :-)

  10. Aww the twins are so cute! I love the pic of Kirk as a baby he’s all like I know i’m huggable and what are you going to do about it?

    Ellie has to be the cutest looking sim toddler ever. She might even beat my rigid idea about the Ravelo’s having the most attractive kids.

    I really can’t wait for Ellie to grow up. I hope she might become the heir to the Shamovka legacy. She is just too cute for words.

  11. Do you choose your security words? well, i liked typing in “island”

    The picture of the little girl eating sand was postcard quality – Joe should send that to his mom in the meantime.

    Aww – Joe is going up in the world! I hope you have his mom & sister visit just to shake things up a bit! I’d like to meet them too!

  12. The twins are so cute…I love the way they waddle around :)

    You don’t perhaps by any chance know what happens to a beach lot in winter do you?.

    So far I’m loving Joe’s adventures, he seems like such a loveable character…..if not a little goofy :)

  13. I really feel for Joe, since my mother threatens to burn my bookcases, all 7 of them, when she thinks my room’s getting too messy, and I’m being slack about cleaning it. And it does look like the little fella’s telling his sister off in that picture! I hope you’re feeling better soon!

  14. Reading the title made me tingle.. Daddy Joe.. Aww.
    (Like I said, there is just something about that name :))

    Your pictures are delightfully fresh, clean and green and have a island feel. The strategically placed lighthouse makes for scenic pics!

    I loved your commentary, even though you’re not feeling so bright right now. (Take care!) It was a lovely cookie like always. Thank you.

  15. Cheese platter stupor…that is great! your style is refreshing and hilarious and your pictures are beautiful! I wish my sims lived on a tropical island!

  16. Woohoo finally have time to comment! (that’s what I get for entering a house competition). First up, twins! I hope poor Joe can keep up with them. Is it sad I wish one had inherited the ‘firestick’ red eyes? I do believe Eris is ALOT more skilled than Joe at building those sandcastles too :D

  17. Thanks for all the comments, everyone! Sorry I’m so late with replies to questions.

    Carla – Eris is a game-generated townie, so I’m not sure how that happened, unless the game picks random genetics for townies when they’re created?

    arcadata – Those security words were built into the plug-in; I haven’t modified them at all. It’s really cool that “island” keeps showing up! Heh.

    Taryn – Hm, I have no idea what happens to a beach lot in winter. I’m guessing nothing changes, really, just that the Sims get really cold when they’re out there trying to build sandcastles. :-)

    Linda – I wish one of the twins (or both) had been born with the red eyes, too! I’ve grown to really like them. BTW, I have to thank you for leading me to that eyeset — it’s very cool, and I love the variety!

  18. I love Joe’s commentary. I had to laugh at his comment ‘apparently I was inside arranging cheese.’ The twins are absolutely priceless. They are going to be a gorgeous pair.