Good News and Bad News

First, the bad news: my Grand Finale story has been scrapped. I’ve wracked my brain for weeks trying to wrap things up in a way that makes sense, but there’s just too much ground to cover. If I can’t do a story justice, I’d rather not do it at all. So…my apologies to those of you who were excited about a Grand Finale. I hope the good news will make up for it.

Now, the good news: I’m working on a new Sims project, and with it, a new web site. It’s very different from Greetings from Mt. Geneva, but will feature some of the same characters and settings. So yes, you will find out what happens to Fran and her family! Stay tuned for more info. It may be a few weeks yet (it’s a huge project) so if you would like to be notified when I post next, you might want to sign up with FeedBlitz.

Some random news: I was looking through my old Sims stuff and found the set of pictures I was going to post for the next Burr Legacy update way back in the Winter of ’06. I thought it would be fun to share them.

I never posted this story because I used pay content in my pics, and that was around the time I started boycotting paysites. There isn’t any text to go along with the shots, but if you read the intro blurb, you’ll get the gist of what’s going on. So if you want one last glimpse at the Burrs, read on!

Burr Family

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Belated Answers

Hey guys! I’m posting my reply to the last update’s comments here since I’m so late with them. Sorry about that. I had a crazy-busy week.

By the way, I have the pics for the next Burr update all ready to go but haven’t had a chance to write it up yet. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow will work out for that.

furryisdax, Aya, and Sara D., welcome!

And thank you to everyone for the great feedback. I’m glad you’re enjoying my Burr commentary!

To answer a few questions:

Kay – The record player behind G’pa Farley in that last pic is from The Sims Resource. It is part of Cashcraft’s Victorian sets (probably the living room set?) and is actually a radio. The record player and the table beneath it are all one piece.

Willow – That little building in the back left corner of the lot is just a little storage shed. Right now it holds Azalea’s bed and the ceiling tile controller. Nothing ominous…yet!

sgx1018 – Actually, Dinglehopper is a small breed, too! He just looks big and brutish. :) I have no idea if large and small breeds can produce puppies. And the Burrs’ lot is a 5X5 (I didn’t do the Xtreme Start this time).

Kara – I downloaded the corgi from Sims 2 Exchange (Leslie chose her for the Burrs). I know nothing about corgis, but this dog is pretty darned cute.

liz – Hm, I don’t remember the rules saying we could change impossible Lifetime Wants if they’re just too impossible, but I’ll have to check that out!

Thanks again, and see you guys soon!

Of Flora and Fishing

Well, now that you’ve seen what the Baz and his fam are up to, it’s back to Burr Cottage, where 2nd gen heir Belinda is plotting to take over the world with her daisy bouquets.

Belinda: What on earth do you mean? I’m only spitting out flowers by the cartload because YOU thought we should start a family business.

Burr Family

Jen: There’s no “should” about it, Belindy. It’s in the rules. “You gain 1 point for every generation the ‘Family Business’ is a level 10 business.”

Belinda: Oh ho ho! So it’s completely optional. You won’t lose the challenge if we don’t start a business…

Jen: But I won’t get any points for it, either. And I’m all about the points. So get cracking on those crazy daisies!

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Adventures in Basil-land

And now for something completely self-indulgent…an update on Basil Burr and his family. If you’re curious as to how they all turned out, then please do read on! If not, that’s okeedokee.

Later this week I’ll have a regular Burr update, and then maybe Ravelos, or perhaps a teaser for the new set of stories I’m working on. Also, don’t forget that midnight is the deadline for Maude’s Scavenger Hunt. Since I won’t check my e-mail until morning, however, you have a few extra hours…

Now…on with the show!

Basil’s Family

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