Belated Answers

Hey guys! I’m posting my reply to the last update’s comments here since I’m so late with them. Sorry about that. I had a crazy-busy week.

By the way, I have the pics for the next Burr update all ready to go but haven’t had a chance to write it up yet. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow will work out for that.

furryisdax, Aya, and Sara D., welcome!

And thank you to everyone for the great feedback. I’m glad you’re enjoying my Burr commentary!

To answer a few questions:

Kay – The record player behind G’pa Farley in that last pic is from The Sims Resource. It is part of Cashcraft’s Victorian sets (probably the living room set?) and is actually a radio. The record player and the table beneath it are all one piece.

Willow – That little building in the back left corner of the lot is just a little storage shed. Right now it holds Azalea’s bed and the ceiling tile controller. Nothing ominous…yet!

sgx1018 – Actually, Dinglehopper is a small breed, too! He just looks big and brutish. :) I have no idea if large and small breeds can produce puppies. And the Burrs’ lot is a 5X5 (I didn’t do the Xtreme Start this time).

Kara – I downloaded the corgi from Sims 2 Exchange (Leslie chose her for the Burrs). I know nothing about corgis, but this dog is pretty darned cute.

liz – Hm, I don’t remember the rules saying we could change impossible Lifetime Wants if they’re just too impossible, but I’ll have to check that out!

Thanks again, and see you guys soon!

10 thoughts on “Belated Answers

  1. I have managed to breed a small and large dog – the small was the female and the large the male. Their puppies were groovy but then some grew up and were bigger than their mom! Hope that helped!

  2. Well I heard that if you breed a small dog and a large dog, that the pups will just turn out as clones of their mother. I think its a glitch. :(
    Hopefully the Pets patch will be out soon!

  3. OKAY!!! WHEEEE I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT UPDATE!!!!!! HOORAYYYYYYY!!!!!!! Anyway, I am having SO much trouble getting the Sims 2 Pets, every time I go to Best Buy it’s SOLD OUT!! AHHHHHH. Anyway, Christmas is approaching fast, so that’s good. AND The sims 2 Holiday Edition, sooo looking forward to that. Laters gaters!!!!!

  4. Are you ever going to do another update for the Ravelo Legacy? I really like their Legacy and miss them terribly. I don’t really care much for this family.

  5. Dang, maybe I can get a subscription to the sims resources as a christmas present. Thanks for the link, Jenba! I’m still working on my family for my competition, slooooowly but surely. I’ve gone and made a whole highrise as part of the story! Through that I also accidentally found where Maxis put the upper limit on number of walls you can have.. :o XD
    As always, whatever you want to put up makes me happy. :D But like everyone else I do have my favorite: will the new neighborhood stories (i.e with Kaylynn and a certain-handsome-someone-we-both-know etc) be next?

  6. Thanks for answering our questions, Jen! I think I’m going to dowload myself a corgi. They’re my favorite dogs. :-)Extremely smart but they shed terribly. They’re herding dogs and I had a friend who’s corgi used to try to “round up” her 3 kids if they weren’t all in the same room. Very cute. I can’t wait for the next update.

  7. I really like the Burr’s. I am soo happy to see that they will be updated soon :]] I can’t WAIT.

  8. Don’t you just love Christmas? Such a busy season! Hope you’re managing to keep your head above water… I still need to start Christmas shopping. Can’t wait for the next update!

  9. Its kind of late and I really shouldnt be on the computer right now so ill sum it up in 5 words and a ?. Where did Maude’s stories go? I really miss them. I also miss the old layout even though now its easier to search now, I like simple blogs, but I also like this one. thank you so much for awnsesring my question and I havent gotten around to looking at the legacy website in quite awhie so they might have changed it again. who knows! hey- there are 2 sets of rules and alot of people who go on that website,so I wouldnt be suprised if that was the case. good-night- UPDATE SOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!