Busy Little Burrs

Burr Family

If you don’t know who the Burrs are, they’re my New Legacy Challenge family (and nothing to do with the Apocalypse Challenge, which I also tried…and failed. Miserably). I’m playing with several handicaps (some of which I’ve already broken) and putting a little twist on the usual legacy thing by taking my family through history (or a pseudo-version of it, anyway). It all started with my founder, Azalea Burr, who built Burr Cottage in the 1860s. Her daughter and 2nd generation heiress Belinda took the family into the 1880s, and now her daughter Camellia, our 3rd generation and current heiress, is living in a wacko Sim version of the early 1900s.

Camellia and her brother Coriander attended Fernley College, just like their parents did. To spice things up, I had four of their cousins move into the same dorm with them. Here’s everyone at the breakfast table:

Burr Family

The most important ones in the picture are Camellia in her big frilly hat, red-headed Coriander in his purple suit, and their cousin Calhoun in the grey paisley pajamas. That’s because I moved the rest of them out. That’s right, they became college drop-outs.

Burr Family

Sorry, Cole – I wanted to hoof through university with a bit more haste, so I jettisoned you and Cornelius and Chrysanthemum. Don’t take it personally! You guys did have your fun moments. Like when Cornelius tried to hit on the cafeteria lady and flummoxed it but good. In front of his cousin Coriander, no less.

Burr Family
“Say, how would you like to come up to my room and tell me a little more about that simply breathtaking macaroni and cheese you always make?”

He started a bit of a trend, that Cornelius. It wasn’t long before Calhoun was wooing a silver fox of his very own, Professor Diamond McElliot.

Burr Family
“Better lower your arms, or you won’t be able to catch me!”


Burr Family
“Wheee! That’s more like it.”

Calhoun and Professor Diamond have two lightning bolts of chemistry, so they’re a superb match, but – Calhoun’s Lifetime Want is to have 6 Grandchildren, and Diamond’s past her child-bearing years. They could always adopt, but – I really wanted Calhoun to pass on his genes. So…I guess it’s just a fling.

Burr Family

A very involved fling. Oh well. Time for a little distraction! Hey, Calhoun, look over here – I got you a bird! His name is Montague. If you take good care of him, I’ll get you a puppy when you graduate.

Burr Family

Aw, look – Coriander and his girlfriend Clytemnestra are having a tender moment by the birdcage. But wait – something doesn’t look right…

Burr Family


Burr Family

Yes, that’s Montague, lying ten claws up at the bottom of the cage. Lovely, isn’t it? So…how did that happen? At the time, I had no clue. The kids filled his food tray several times. And they cleaned his cage, too. And still, he keeled over within a couple of days. Geez, these birds are fragile creatures.

So I got them another bird: Capulet.

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33 thoughts on “Busy Little Burrs

  1. Oh my God, Jen! That was HILARIOUS! Definitely worth the wait. The dead birds had me cracking up so bad. I have yet to have that happen, and a few families have had their birds for quite a bit now. Maybe it’s just bad luck?

    Oh boy, and the public service announcer man can announce for me *anytime*! ;)

  2. Hahahah, this update was great! I absolutely LOVE your blog, Jen. It’s really great. You have a great sense of humor. Could I use the word great any more times? I just bought a bird for one of the offshoots of my legacy, I hope it doesn’t do anything, and I hope it doesn’t die! Anyway, I think we are all IN LOVE with the Burrs. You really have a hit!

  3. That was great! I laughed at the Romeo and Juliet reference hee hee. What an adorable kitty and doggie! Disney names huh? The Little Mermaid is one of my favorites! The kibble in the shower thing made me laugh too XD. I can’t wait to see Generation 4! :)

  4. Woo! Burr update! Wait, I think I’ve heard that one before… Anyway, go Burrs! I’m so jealous of you guys with Pets! Camelia looks alright now that her scary man eating hat is gone. What happened to Coriander though?

  5. LOL. That was such a great update! Man, I’ve been waiting for so long for a new Burr’s update and that was definitely worth the wait! :] I am so excited that Ariel and Sebastian are now part of the Burr’s, that is just so cool! I hope you enjoy playing with them and I hope everyone who reads the blog enjoys reading about them :) Thanks again!

    OMG, I loved the poker face one, that made me laugh. He’s just adorable… aw.

    And the waiter, lmao. I have NEVER had that happen to my Sims! I just loved the animation for that, I can’t get over it.

    And the birds, how sad! They just keep dropping dead, don’t they? That happened to me too, but it was acctually my fault because I didn’t realize it was hungry, lol.

    GREAT update! I cannot WAIT for more!

  6. Sydonie – Yeah, the PSA guy was another refugee from my Westward Ho! Challenge ‘hood. I just moved ’em all over to Northcliff so I’d have some Victorian-looking “extras” walking around. Of course, they’ll start to look funny in a couple of generations…

    Mao – So that bird thing hasn’t happened to you, eh? Maybe it’s a University thing…

    Katie – Thanks so much! I hope your bird has a long life, too!

    Jadice – Thanks, glad someone got the Romeo and Juliet reference! Hehee.

    Josh – I hate to tell you this, but…Camellia is still wearing a scary man-eating hat. It’s just black instead of pink. And Coriander is there — he’s just wearing a hat now, too. He’s in there getting scared by the wolf (who isn’t wearing a scary man-eating hat but is still very scary).

  7. Heyyyyy! awsome update Jen! I LUV the Burrs, Sebastian and Ariel are sooo cute! BRAVO! BRAVO! Could you possibly do a Ravelos update?

  8. Wow, I must say, that PSA guy has somethin’ about him. And your Romeo and Juliet comment had me cracking up, especially because I am currently fiddling around with Veronaville, making a kind of modern Shakespeare thing. We’ll see how that goes. But, as always, good job! I eagerly await your next post!

  9. Oh Jen, I just love the Burrs and they have all turned out so cute (you have great sim genes)! All the new pets in the house are terrific and I love the idea of naming them after Disney characters. Can’t wait for another update!

  10. RAVELOS wit a soda on da side.hey jen great post but i need RAVELOS With a soda on Da side…!!!!….(shelly1178)

  11. Awesome, I was waiting for another Burr update….

    Congrats on finally finishing Uni, I can never quite finish Uni in my prosperity challenges. I also really like all of the new pets you have tried, birds aren’t that fragile in real life….trust me, I have two (Sammy and Sandy).

    I also like the guy you picked to be the third generation spouse, he looks great! And I’m guessing you’ll only giving them one kid, them being romance sims and all?

    Anyway, great update and I can’t wait for the next!

  12. Hmm did you let the bird fly around for a bit? OMG when I first saw the wolf, I was playing a satelliate house and was Lyris, get in the house now! Anyways great update as always!

  13. Clytemnestra looks very dangerous wielding a pillow. Kind of like an action here, but with a big hat and bustle instead of tank-tops and short-shorts

  14. As always ma’am, you provide the best inspiration. :D I love the work you put into the intro pic! I thought that was something you were only doing with the Shady Bluff stories, I’m glad it seems to be the new overall thing. =) It gives that extra different edge to things.
    I still only have played around with dogs and cats myself, I haven’t touched the guinea pigs, birds nor the new fish. The only bug I’ve encountered so far is a really weird ‘shivery hair’ one in CAS. XD
    The Ravelos have some very enthusiastic fans, but personally I’m a Jenba-o-holic: I’ll read anything and everything! Though. *shifty eyes* More Shady Bluff? =) I want to see what happens to Kaylynn!

  15. Great update, Jen! (Isn’t that how ALL my posts start out?!)

    Oh my gosh… a Pembroke Welsh Corgi!! Those are probably my favorite dogs ever. All of the pets are absolutely adorable. How sad about the birds. :-( I’m a huge bird-lover so two bird deaths, one right after the other, would probably send me over the edge emotionally. I can’t believe Sebastian really destroyed the sofa! I don’t have Pets yet, but I’ve heard about cats ruining furniture. I never pictured couches disappearing into oblivion though. Yikes!

    I’m sort of late on replying so most people already took the words out of my mouth. The kibble really cracked me up, as did no-eyebrow-lady and public-service-announcement-guy.


  16. Hi Jen! I just discovered your blog and I have to tell you that my favorite is the Burr’s!!! I just finished reading all their storiesa nd I want you to know that they are so good!! I just can’t stop reading! oh, my name is Paula!

    awwww, the birds are just so sad… i can’t believe they keep dying! Altho I do looooove the dog and kitty! the Kitty looks like mine at home!!

    Keep the Burr’s coming!! i want to hear about generation 4 soon please!

  17. Aw, poor birds! Now I’m going to be afraid to let my Sims have a bird when I get the Pets expansion pack, lol. ;)

    Yay for getting through university! I like the extra wants slots and locks and careers that it lets the Sims have, but it gets so tiresome to go through each generation. :(

  18. Wow you get so many comments before i comment, what its only been a day right lol. The day will come when I’m te first to comment i know it… Hehe anyways that was a great update, you had me cracking up the whole time. The big hats remind me of when I saw a big party of old women walk into a restaurant with big, bright red hats. I think they were called the Red hat society or something lol. Keep updating this often i luv it!

  19. That was a hilarious comment Jen, (who isn’t wearing a scary man-eating hat but is still very scary). That made me laigh. Guess what, I knwo I sound like a loser right now, but As soon as I’m done writing this, I’m getting Nightlife!!! Wooo! (I finally saved up enough of my measly paycheck…)

  20. Jen, you’re a natural when it comes to coming up with funny, witty dialogue to go with your pictures. Loves this update! I haven’t heard of the issue with the birds eating themselves to death. I just know a lot of people are very unhappy with the Body Shop that got shipped with Pets.

  21. Great update Jen! I enjoyed seeing the Burrs’ again! They all look so darn lovely! And the new pets look so cute! Way to go Leslie! I can’t wait to see the next generation!

  22. Your stories always make me feel like writing (and many people consider this a good thing) The Burrs are always entertaining. I loved seeing the little Basils at college, and I love the new pets as well. They seem to fit into the family well. Birds, tragic as it may be, are pretty realistic aren’t they? Sad. I also experienced the hovering kibble, but didn’t know what it was. You get such great expressions in your pictures, it’s a true inspiration, and I agree that it is good to be back at Burr Cottage, although I LOVED the Grumpy Badger (or whatever the club was called – LOL) Which reminds me. I once saw a bumper sticker that said “I poke badgers with spoons”

  23. You could always download TwoJeff’s pregnancy hack, and then Calhoun and Diamond could have their little gene-included babies and–

    I, uh. Forgot to finish the first sentence, then switched away from my notepad window back to the entry window and scrolled down, and said “!” upon seeing the dead bird. (oh, dead bird!)

    I’ve heard of other people experiencing that kibble glitch, too! It makes me almost glad that I don’t have pets yet, all of these graphical errors. (I need my graphics for pictures, man. But that create-a-pet looks so appealing…) But, it still looks fun!

    XD I love that picture of the boys staring intently and happily at the ground. They look like they’re going “oh, yes, I see. This ground is MOST fascinating, isn’t it?” “Why, yes it is. I believe this stone is from… blah blah blah, etc.”

    I love those pillowfighting shots, too! I haven’t ever seen Sims pillowfight in my own game (no Uni for me… EVARRR. Okay, YETARRR.)

    I’m almost 100% sure that the “X number of lovers” thing counts for people that the Sim in question is in love with. No reprociation needed!

    Oh, hee hee. I laughed out loud at the piano thing. To be honest, I never really thought about it. “*tiptoetiptoetiptoe PLONK PLINK THUNK PLINK PLINK tiptoetiptoetiptoe*”

    I love Mr. Public Service Announcement, as well! I think the world needs more people like him.
    Also, he looks like he’s going to sit down to smoke a pipe with ol’ mr. brick.
    I don’t know why with Mr. Brick! Ask him!

  24. Ah, wonderful comment, Jen. And I do so hope to be getting The Sims 2: Pets, as well. But, in the meantime, I’m working on a very new blog. Just click my name.

  25. i love this. But i wuz woundering, are there any new hair styles or clothes for sims in the sims 2 pets.
    please answer this question

  26. I can answer that. :D No new hairstyles, no new clothes. There’s a couple of new furniture sets, but otherwise they’ve focused on game modifications (i.e the pets themselves and everything that comes with them, the ability to switch floors around to create new patterns, the ability to choose pictures from a folder on your computer to make paintings from) and some new building additions. Oh, and there’s new floors and wallpapers, ‘course, as well as two new beddings.

  27. I love the Burr’s. Hehe… I feel so sorry for the woman who lost her eyebrows though… who knew changing clothes was so dangerous. Maybe they got stuck in a zipper or something when she was pulling them over her head. But I guess they haven’t got zippers yet =). I am having problems with pets too… I can no longer see my wants which means it is pretty useless to play right now because I am just making my sims unhappy (but I guess it would be good if I was playing the ISBI challenge. I wish Maxis would hurry up and patch =(. Oh yeah… I forgot to say… my bird died almost straight away too… as soon there was no food… it was very tragic =(.

  28. I think it’s crazy how birds die so easily… It seems like no one can keep their bird alive for that long in the Sims 2, haha. :]

    Hey, Jen? When can we get the next update? :)

  29. If letting the bird fly around for a bit makes them die…that would explain why the bird I bought is now dead. Poor Loui. I can’t WAIT for the next update. I think I’m going into withdrawal. Darn convulsions. BTW I only had the bird for a day. Poo.