Adventures in Basil-land

And now for something completely self-indulgent…an update on Basil Burr and his family. If you’re curious as to how they all turned out, then please do read on! If not, that’s okeedokee.

Later this week I’ll have a regular Burr update, and then maybe Ravelos, or perhaps a teaser for the new set of stories I’m working on. Also, don’t forget that midnight is the deadline for Maude’s Scavenger Hunt. Since I won’t check my e-mail until morning, however, you have a few extra hours…

Now…on with the show!

Basil’s Family

Basil Burr, his wife Roxy, and his two sons Cornelius and Cole moved into my Country Gothic house just down the road from Burr Cottage. Basil continued his lucrative gig in the Art career, while Roxy maintained her status as a Mad Scientist.

Basil’s Family
“Well, what do you know…I can see myself in the window.”

Most of these pictures are either portraits which show how the members of Basil’s brood looked after they grew up or random little moments that I found amusing. And I am pretty easily amused. Here’s Cole Burr as a baby, his head already swirling with high-falutin’ plans for his future. (How fitting that he turned out to be a Knowledge Sim.)

Basil’s Family
“Can one get a Master’s degree in diaper-filling, I wonder?”

Here are Cornelius and Cole as kids. Since Cole is pretty much a clone of Cornelius, I gave him a little bit o’ plastic surgery so he’d have slightly different features.

Basil’s Family
“I call this the ‘let’s have some cake’ dance.”

Cornelius was the first to become a teenager. He definitely takes after his mother. Look at those long lashes! Eeek.

Basil’s Family
Cornelius Burr

As I said, things are a bit random and out of order here, as I haven’t shown any pictures of Kid #3, but here’s Kid #4, Calhoun. He wandered in while Basil, Roxy, and Cornelius were hanging out in the kitchen. I just thought it was cute how he sat right in the middle of their little “circle”. Aw, he wants to hang with the grown-ups!

Basil’s Family
“How ‘bout a little game of ‘Spin-the-Toddler’?”

Calhoun grew into the cutest little boy (though not as cute as Basil, of course!).

Basil’s Family
Calhoun Burr

And he has a Niceness of 9! This is significant because the first three kids all had a Niceness of 3. So I looked at little Calhoun and thought, in my nauseatingly sentimental fashion, “What a darling little angel!” And then, not two seconds later, he did this:

Basil’s Family
Basil’s Family
Basil’s Family

That’s right, he rubbed his feet on the rug and went off to shock poor Cole. Calhoun! Niceness of NINE! So I guess all Sim kids must have a hidden mean streak and like to give people a jolt now and then.

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20 thoughts on “Adventures in Basil-land

  1. BASIL! :D *happy squeal of glee*

    Wow. Cornelius looks so serious in his teenage picture. And Calhoun IS very, very adorable. Gosh. Just like his dad! And despite his niceness, he’s got a little impish streak.. I love it. XD The whole static shock thing is a hoot. I love when my sims do it. Chrysanthemum (what a name!) is a gorgeous girl.. and must make it nice to have a little blond in that sea of dark haired kids!

    Elder Basil! STILL HUNKY. And wow.. yeah, big forehead there, Rox’. XD I think her slanty eyes make her high foreheaded look more pleasing to the eye than it would be, though. Lovely family portrait! They’re such a good looking bunch (gotta be the Basil genes).

    Great update on Basil’s family! :D I was wonderin’ how they had been doing. And your post about pets a few posts back keeps reminding me that I have two updates to get up before Pets is released. I should get crackin’ on that. But great update, Jen! Love love love the Burrs! :D

  2. Yaaaaaaaay Basil! :D I love how you keep the curly hair going through the generations. Are you going to do a Ravelos and let us see how Basil’s kids turned out, or is that one offshoot too many? Don’t want to work you too hard! I’m just greedy. XD
    I want a teaser, m’self. I love the Ravelos, but the hints you’ve been dropping about the new neighborhood sound intriguing. But after that I do want a peek at the Ravelos! And then more Burrs. And. And. A pony! *shifty eyes*
    Hey, have you pre-ordered Pets from any place that gives you one of those special skins? I’m getting the bandit cat. But I also took a peek at the Prima Guide teaser, and that supposedly has the info to unlock all hidden Pets content.

  3. Basil as an elder looks soooo awesome, even better than in his younger days ;) Really, the old age suits him well! And Calhoun is really a cutie, so if you might continue with Basil’s offspring, Calhoun is definitely the right choice.
    I was caught by the flu on my last trip (Tokyo this time, but I didn’t get to see anything, sadly, only 24h resttime in the layover), so as I can’t do much I will concentrate on my sims a bit more, yay! Oh, and because I thought you might like this page (I’m totally excited about it!!) – just try out , it’s soooo awesome! And I am sure you will love it too *lol*.

  4. I love Basil’s family! They are all so cute and pretty! I have to agree that I like Calhoun the best as well. He does look like a little angel (most of the time!). I simply cannot wait for the new time period!

  5. Wow! I love Basil and his wee little family. It seems like just yesterday he was one of those annoying (but damn cute!) toddlers who enjoy sicking-up their din-dins and crawling about in nappies. *sighs at memory*
    Calhoun is a darling! If I were you, I too would pick him as the “heir”. ;)
    Can’t wait for the next update. :)

  6. So, Basil did have a girl! They are really nice looking, I must admit I’m shallow when it comes to Sims. Chrysanthemum is good looking, and how cool that she turned out pleasure and her cousin turned out Romance! Maybe they can go out to town together, or whatver they did in those days for fun. (I’m sorry to say, but Cornelius does look really weird with those eyelashes…)

  7. I really like Basil’s family! They really seem like a traditional family from long ago. I think it is really cool how you sims seem to make the coolest expressions and faces, like they are living people! COOL, and scary! Awesome Update!

  8. Hey Jen! Wow, I love that old down town you built. It’s sooo gorgeous! Cole and Calhoun are real lookers. Hah, never seen the shocking interaction before. That’s cute that you had them go on a world tour type thing. You must be playing like crazy! I have four OLDER brothers…can you say TESTOSTERONE?! Can’t wait to read more of your work!

  9. Yay! This was so cool!! Calhoun and Cicero are so cute! They are just the cutest. I am curious what they’ll look like as adults… I’m sure they’ll keep their good looks. But that’s unfortunate about Cornelius’s eyelashes… I guess he’s just a feminine man… lol :) And Chrysanthemum (had to copy and paste that, too hard to spell), she turned out beautiful! I love how she’s the only girl and the only blonde, that’s pretty rockin’.

    I loved seeing this, the family is absolutely adorable and they seem to be a happy little group of Simmies. I love seeing these satalite families develop, it’s a ton of fun. Great great great update once again, Jen!

  10. This was so cool!! I love basil’s kids, especially Chrysanthemum. I agree with Kitty, a Ravelo Update would be so fun!!!!!

  11. Oooh, what an awesome downtown lot, Jen! You really did put a lot of work into it. Basil had some interesting kids–a blonde, even! I love the name Cicero, so it’s cool that it popped up in your Burrs. :) Roxy’s crazy eyes make those two boys look like a mix of exotic alien and maybe a little Asian. Crazy. Gotta love the ‘stache on Basil, hehe. It gives him character!

  12. Hey guys, thanks for all of the comments! I’m glad you like Basil’s family, because I ended up sending Cornelius, Cole, Chrysanthemum, and Calhoun to college with Camellia and Coriander. (Sorry about all the C-names — the next update might be a wee bit confusing…) I have no idea what I’ll do with them after graduation, but I think Calhoun for sure will start a family — I rolled Family for him, after all.

    To answer a couple questions –

    Kay – I haven’t pre-ordered Pets. I never pre-order because I don’t have the patience to wait for it to show up in the mail. I always have to go out and get it THAT DAY. It’s a sickness, I tells ya. Those bonus pets sound really cool, though!

    Eva M – I’m so sorry you got sick! :-( I hope you get well soon and have a nice, restful time playing with your Sims. looks awesome!! I’ll have to delve into it some more.

    Well, I’m off to do an update on the Scavenger Hunt…

  13. XD Oh, little Cole! No one told him he could get a doctorate in bottle-drinking?
    I really like Basil! He’s quite a handsome Sim. Yarr.

    Wow. Cornelius has eyes to spare. So angular, and lashtastic! Neat.

    Heywha SPIN THE TODDLER? Isn’t that a family favorite? It should be. Number one on all of the charts. A standard, even.

    Meep. I’ve never had a Sim try to shock a relative, before. Maybe I should plunk some more Maxis rugs in my Sims’ houses. (Mostly, I use Echo’s. ^^; )

    Ooh, I love that “saying goodbye at the train station” shot. It looks great. (And the second picture, subtitled “don’t have any parties” seems to me more like he’s about to perform the magic trick of the century! Now you see the glove– NOW HE HAS NO JACKET AT ALL.
    Amazing, I say.

    If you think Calhoun looks paranoid in that shot, you should see some of the expressions they make when they’re about to put soap in a fountain.

    Whoa! Those two really look alike. It’s especially funny, seeing as Cicero is a third-generation born in-game Sim, and his clone is a Sim you made in CAS. XD It’s odd, but in a good way.

    Okay, so I have to go right now, but I also wanted to say: I recently used a lot you made a while back–“Cooper”–and I’ve fallen head over heels for it. Seriously, it’s great! :D I moved a Sim of mine who’s participating in a contest into it, and as I was scrolling through the house to try and decide what things to remove, or what rooms to redecorate… I could barely find one room to mess with. (Sure, sometimes I have to mess with it for the set– but it’s great for that, too! Woot!)
    That is such a cool lot. :D Thanks for making it. I also downloaded the most recent lots you posted. I usually don’t download lots, but after falling in ~loooooove~ with Cooper… XD

  14. Basil! What a totally awesome family! A agree, little Calhoun should be ‘the next Basil’ he is reminiscent of his Papa in so many ways. All these kids are very good looking, and I love the name Cicero. WOW that was a high forehead. Too much temporal lobe activity I suspect. However, a forehead like that would enable her to have very long bangs… The expressions you captured on all of them were priceless. This family is so much fun and you’ve made us fall in love all over again. Now. I’m not going anywhere. I want to be first in line for the next update.