Of Flora and Fishing

Well, now that you’ve seen what the Baz and his fam are up to, it’s back to Burr Cottage, where 2nd gen heir Belinda is plotting to take over the world with her daisy bouquets.

Belinda: What on earth do you mean? I’m only spitting out flowers by the cartload because YOU thought we should start a family business.

Burr Family

Jen: There’s no “should” about it, Belindy. It’s in the rules. “You gain 1 point for every generation the ‘Family Business’ is a level 10 business.”

Belinda: Oh ho ho! So it’s completely optional. You won’t lose the challenge if we don’t start a business…

Jen: But I won’t get any points for it, either. And I’m all about the points. So get cracking on those crazy daisies!

Belinda: My, aren’t we the oppressive monarch this morning! Next you’ll be wanting us to bow and scrape and call you “Your Benevolence”. I thought you loved us.

Jen: And I thought you loved flowers, but you’re giving me the lip.

Belinda: Is this better?

Burr Family

Belinda: Oh, you beautiful, magical blooms! Let’s take over the world one bouquet at a time!

Jen: A-ha! So you DO want to take over the world. You Knowledge Sims get some strange notions.

Belinda: I must have acquired that one from Farley. He of the metal fist, the iron grip, and so on. You know, if he weren’t such a lamb, I’d be scared to death of him.

Burr Family

Farley: I heard that. How dare you call me a lamb. I’m a Mad Scientist! Stark raving!

Belinda: Farley, dear, you’re not fooling anyone with that bunk. Now get out here and trim these hedges before they grow hooves and start roaming the yard like unhappy bison.

Jen: Well, while you two lovebirds quarrel over the state of the Burr botanical garden, I’ll check on the children.

Burr Family

Jen: Oh my. This isn’t good. Coriander! No grinding! This isn’t the ‘90s!

Coriander: *youthful laughter* Yes, it is!

Jen: No, it’s not!

Coriander: Are you telling me it’s not the 1890s?

Jen: Um…well…you’re right. It’s the 1890s. The tail-end of them, anyway. But I stand by my command. No grinding! Respectable young people didn’t do that kind of thing back then.

Coriander: Who says we’re respectable? Besides, my sister is much worse.

Burr Family

Jen: Oh dear. When you’re right, you’re right. But that doesn’t make it right! Right?

Coriander: Huh? Well, you can take that up with Camellia. I have to go read up on toilet-bowl cleaning.

Burr Family

Farley: Dear Diary, I have been studying Vincentio’s marble urn for days now, and still no supernatural activity. I wonder if he thinks he’s still in quarantine? I shall persist in my vigil…after I finish daubing my latest canvas.

Burr Family

Farley: Great Scott! What was THAT?

Jen: I didn’t catch who it was. Must have been a drive-by scaring. By the way…Farley?

Farley: Yes?

Jen: You just broke my “Noble Composure” handicap. Thanks a bunch.

Farley: Don’t mention it. And I mean that literally. Don’t mention it ever again. How embarrassing! I’d better mop it up before Belinda sees it…

Jen: Good thing you always have a mop in your back pocket.

Farley: Indeed. Very handy. Now, while I’m trying to salvage the last shred of my dignity, why don’t you tell them about the room.

Jen: Oh, yes! The room! We finally finished the Great Room. I did a little dance when I placed the last two floor tiles. No more striding through the grass on the way to the refrigerator!

Burr Family

Farley: Now we just wade through the field on our way to bed.

Jen: I’m working on it.

Belinda: *piping up* And it would be nice to have walls for our flower shop, too.

Burr Family

Jen: My dear Belinda, haven’t you ever heard of an open-air market? Just think of the scent of all that pungent flora wafting through the air, enticing potential customers as they stroll by!

Farley: By Jove, I think she’s got something. Now…how do I use this blasted cash register? Dratted newfangled contraptions…that’ll be 5 Simoloeons, Miss. I think…

Burr Family

Jen: Good heavens, Farley. When that ghost scared the puddle out of you, did you lose your brain, too? Need I remind you that you’re a Knowledge Sim? AND a Mad Scientist? You’re supposed to be a whiz with gizmos and gadgets!

Farley: Need I remind YOU that I’m a bit of a dusty old dog? Sometimes it’s hard to learn new tricks. It’s not as if they had cashiering classes at Fernley College, you know.

Jen: Yes, yes, I know. I’m sorry if I was harsh. You did a fine job at the register! I’m so proud of your first Simoleon.

Burr Family

Farley: What do you know, I feel a glimmer of pride myself.

Jen: Speaking of Fernley College…

Belinda: Oh yes. The children. They left us all alone.

Farley: *heaves a sigh*

Jen: I’ll go see what they’re up to. Don’t break any handicaps while I’m gone.

Farley: I make no promises.

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31 thoughts on “Of Flora and Fishing

  1. Hey, change in narration style for this entry. I love it. :D Farley and Belinda are hilarious. And congrats on finishing the room!

    Coriander is a handsome devil! And he’s pretty witty himself. He and Clytemnestra look like they’d have gorgeous children together.

    Gotta love Camellia and her Romance sim ways. The poor dear, not being able to woohoo out of wedlock.. that has to feel like a curse to them Romance sims! I LOVE Horatio’s uniform! That is so neat. And Sweet Hades /does/ sound like an oath, ha! XD Gotta admit that those funky cows sure look out of place amongst the fabulous period clothing of the rest of your sims (Camellia’s outfit is gorgeous, by the way).

    BASIL BOYS! :D Cornelius actually looks really nice. His eyes give him quite the exotic look. And Calhoun.. wow. I swoon over that boy. Takes right after his dear ol’ Dad, don’t he?

    Lovely update as always, Jen! :D And as always, I can’t wait for more.

  2. Goodness gracious with gravy, Cole looks like he walked out of a magazine cover. O.o The boy is *gorgeous*! His lips are a bit odd, but I think he’d be almost too pretty if they were normal.
    Who if anyone does Camellia have promising chemistry with? :D If possible my vote is on Hades: I love that particular face archetype’s nose! It’s got character without being deformed like some of the other default ones.

  3. O.o those mechanics hands are so scary! ha ha that type of narration is really cool jen girl ^_~ this is my favorite legacy! thanks for the laugh! great post as always!

  4. Wooow, Cole is a hottie, and Calhoun ist still sweet as hell ;). Jen, you made me giggle so much, this was so nice! Thanks a bunch!

  5. I loved this update! You got the personalities of all those simmies perfectly right! I can almost see them talking as I read your dialogue! The college looks great, beautiful buildings, landscape and interiors. I love it! And Basil’s kids turned out to be quite cute in their young adultness!

  6. Hi, Jen!

    I discovered your blog about three weeks ago and now I’m totally hooked so I thought it was about time I finally posted here.

    I’ve gone back and read about all of your legacies and so far the Burr legacy is definitely my favorite. Everything is so gorgeous – the clothes, the buildings, your pics, and especially the Burrs themselves! (sorry if I missed it in a previous post, but where on earth did you get hair the for Basil, Calhoun and Cole? It’s fabulous!)To top it all off, your narration is always super entertaining. After many, many years of simming, you inspired me to finally start a legacy of my own. I used to be locked into family sims and money cheats but the legacy challenge has really changed the way I play for good & I’ve learned to love so many different aspects of the game. So- thanks for the inspiration! :-)

    So sad to see Farly have that little accident & ruin your handicap. I hate when my sims do that! I once had an elder sim wet the floor and one of my playful child sims immediately came over and began playing/splashing in it. Goo! I almost wet the floor myself, I was laughing so hard.

    Looking forward to the next update!

  7. Audrey – I swoon over Calhoun, too. It’s the hobbit hair, I tell ya! It’s got magical properties or something.

    Kay – Out of the four guys Camellia has caught in her net, she has the most chemistry with Horatio – they have 2 lightning bolts. She has one lightning bolt with Hades, Thatcher, and Christoph. With the grumpy professor, she has a negative lightning bolt. In other words, he makes her retch. Not good. I agree with you, though, I love Hades’ face template, too. That’s why I married Ravi London into the Ravelos! :-D

    Lorna – Thanks, m’dear! Looking forward to your next story!

    Eva M – My favorite jetsetter! Hope you’re feeling better and having fun with your Simmies.

    Mandie – Thanks much! I love Fortune Shores! And you’ve been busy over there, my goodness…I’ll scoot over there now…

    Willow – Thank you for your comments, and welcome to Mt. Geneva! :-) Aren’t legacies a blast? I’m glad you’re having fun with yours. As for Basil and Calhoun’s hair, I got it from DJ_Mur3 at MTS2. Cole’s hair is also from MTS2, by HystericalParoxysm.

    Shana – HEY! Great to see you! I miss your stories. Hope you get back up and running soon.

  8. Haha! Not even the folks in the olden days were safe from the fearsome (and annoying) cow mascot! And hello Cole and Calhoun! I guess it kinda helps that I’ve always liked the name ‘Cole’, but those two make for some hot pixels. ;)

    I’m usually not fond of breaking the ‘fourth wall’ directly, but I really liked the personalities that came out. Looking forward to seeing more of these kooky Burrs!

    Oh, and that college building is GORGEOUS!

  9. Thanks for the links, Jen! Although, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give a red headed sim the hobbit hair. No other sim would wear it quite as well as Basil. :-)I’m anxious to try it out on a blondie if I ever get one in my legacy.

  10. On Sunday I’m off to Denver again – too sad, that they don’t sell pets on Monday already *lol*… but actually, wouldn’t be such a good idea as for the slowness of my pc, which takes quite a bit of the fun while simming… but at least I play everyday, and if it’s only for 30 minutes ;)

  11. Wow! The Burrs at college! I just sent my Gen 3 Sims to college- I would really like to know how you keep yourself amused while they’re at Uni. But anyway, Camelia is gorgoeus, and to tell you the truth her hat scares me. It was so… big… Anyway, Congrats on starting the Flower Shop, I thought it you would have done it earlier, seeing as how you have the Flower/Herb theme going on. Congrats again!

  12. Calhoun is my hubby now.he looks a bit like orlando bloom don’t u think so 2 jen.great style though wouldn’t it be harder to report things going on?still gr8

  13. Mao – Thank you! I’m looking forward to reading your update when I get home! WOOT!

    Willow – You are very welcome! Good luck with that curly-haired blondie.

    Eva M – It stinks that your PC is slow. But I’m glad you’re playing your Sims. Did you know that at least 30 minutes of Sims-playing per day is good for your health? OK, I made that up, but I swear by it. Have fun in Denver!

    Josh – Hey there! Yeah, I should have started the flower shop earlier, but I forgot all about it! Better late than never, I suppose. And yes, Camellia’s plumed topper is a bit scary. But Edwardian ladies loved their hats!

    Kitty – Now that you mention it, I do see a slight resemblance between Calhoun and Orlando Bloom. We should dress Calhoun up in a blond wig and elf costume and see how he looks…

  14. Oh yay, a Burr update!! I love the style you took for telling this part of the legacy. Camellia has turned into a lovely adult, she is going to make a terrific heiress! I’m excited to see what else you have instore for the Burr family.

    On a side note, Jen, are you going to take part in the NaNo Write this year? I signed up for the first time and am really looking forward to the challenge.

  15. cpowell – You’re doing Nano this year? Cool!! Are you on the forums? What’s your username? I’ll add you to my list. :-) And yes, I’m going to attempt it again this year. Should be interesting…we should start a thread on SimScribes about it. I like commiserating with other Nanoers, but the official forum is extremely hard to keep up with. It’s chaos.

    Kay – Holy cats! WEATHER! And SEASONS! That’s amazing. I love how Maxis seems to be listening to what their players want the most. Now if they’d just lower the cost of those stuff packs (or add a heck of a lot more content to ’em…) Great pic, Kay, thanks for the link!

  16. *squeals with glee and dances with Kay!*

    Yay yay YAY! :D Oh, wow.. two really cool EPs in a row! I’m so happy. I can’t wait to start getting information about what exactly will be in the pack (if they have farming.. they should add things like horses!) and new interactions and.. just YAY! *dancedancedance!* So much cool stuff to add to legacy stories and such. CAN’T WAIT! (And how many days do we have left ’til Pets? XD)

  17. Rough translation of the slip (it’s in danish):
    Outdoors entertainment – all year round.
    spring winter autumn summer

    Give your sims a break and lock them out of the house! This new expansion pack for the Sims 2 lets you take your Sims outdoors, where they can throw themselves into fun seasonal activities like snowball fighting (unknown word) and fun games like Marco Polo and much more. They can also splash around in the spring rains, fish in their own ponds and grow(?)/sell(?) their own fruits with unexpected results. Wether you build them a little wintervilla or a summer cottage they will enjoy every season — just watch out for the unpredictable weather!

  18. Doh! Meant to add this into my last post.. sorry!

    But as an aside, I’m doing NaNo too! My username is Audrey (or.. AudreyPuppy. I’m pretty sure it’s just Audrey, tho. XD;)

  19. Jen, my nickname on the nano board is fallingfromgrace. I’m really excited, since this is my first one and I’m just hoping I don’t fail…lol!

  20. Jen–
    I’m just like Willow, but I’ve discovered this blog a year ago…almost! And I’ve started making legacies, even though I don’t post them online….and I’ve been trouble getting any custom content on my computer. Although, the website links you have here are really cool, and maybe one day I’ll ACTUALLY GET SOME CUSTOM STUFF ON MY SIMS!!!!!!

    My favorite Legacy is the Ravelos…..UPDATE SOON ON THEM!!!!


  21. So since I’ve been preparing for Pets, I was trying to look up the cheat to allow more than 8 sims per family. However, the only thing I’ve found so far for that is boolProp.. using it to either spawn a new character or add a neighbor to the family. Which.. doesn’t soud like how I’d want (or how I thought) it to work. I’d want my sims/pets to be able to woohoo/have offspring even if the house is completely full with the limit of 10.. not have to use boolProp to spawn/add a Neighbor to the family.

    So does anyone know the code to allow more than 8 sims?

  22. Foiled again! How do I always manage to be last? I must have nodded off for a moment! Well I must say, this was a delightful way to encounter the Burr family! It’s so nice to be back at Ivy Hall and see the college antics – so glad to see the Basil-ites have joined them as well. I like family togetherness. I think the flower shop is a splendid idea! And poor Farley breaking the handicap! LOL. This family has so much personality, it is always a delight when they come calling! I can’t wait to see what they’ll be up to next. Truly. I promise. I’m going to stay right here on the edge of my seat….

  23. I love it, Jen! This new narraration is so funny, I love how you change it up every once in a while. The bickering is just too cute, lol. Coriander and Camellia turned out really well, although I do think that first pic in the third page of Camellia makes her look intimidating, but in a good way. :)

    I love how you described them breaking the handicapss, I still think that that must be incredibly hard to keep…

    Calhoun and Cole are so handsome! They give Basil a run for his money ;) Don’t you also think Calhoun looks a little asian from Roxy? I think he slightly does. Amazing genetics strike again!

    Jen, your stories are full of fun to read, thanks so much for continuing to write! Can’t wait for your next entry! :D

  24. The more I read your entries, the more I want to do an apocalypse/new legacy of my own. :D (Because out of the 3-4 apocalypse challenges I’ve started, I messed up the rules on one, the other one got fired from his job, and the other two… I don’t know. Not having University makes it insanely difficult. @_@)
    I like that shot of Belinda looking at her flowers. XD She looks either insane, or… insane.

    I don’t have much time to make a full-blown comment, but I just wanted to tell Audrey: There’s no code having more than 8 Sims in a house– but you can use this hack to have as many Sims in a house as you want! I don’t know if they’ll update it for Pets, though.

    And– hey! Guess what? In the Dutch version of The Sims 2: Pets, they had a little advertising card (like the one for OfB that was in the NL box) for The Sims 2: In Season! :D
    http://www.sims2community.com/2006/10/13/more-in-season-rumours/ is a link to it. Apparently, it’s going to have gardening! (“Grow rare fruits with unexpected outcomes!”) *fist pump* Woot!
    Anyone want to bet an “unexpected outcome” is cowplant-esque? (Also, my money is on “Yeti” for the paranormal addition.)

  25. Seasons, pets… I’m so excited yet jealous! I don’t even have Night Life yet… But the farming sounds really interesting, maybe Sims will never have to go to “normal” jobs again with all these new, cooler ways to make money. But I bet it takes a couple of Sim days for the fruits and vegetables to grow, like the Slacker reward. I do wonder how the seasons change though…

  26. Oh, thanks Blu! No wonder I couldn’t find a code. Duh. XD; Shows how much I know! I don’t think I’ll need the hack right away in any of my families.. so I’ll keep an eye on the hack to see if it gets a Pets update (or if people find it still works with Pets). Thanks a bunch!

  27. Hahahahahhah, hahahah, I think that was the most enjoyable update in the history of Greetings from Mt. Geneva. Really, I didn’t stop laughing all the way through. It was brilliant! Loved the dialogue style of it, hilariously witty. And Cole, Calhoun, and Horatio are gorgeous! But my favorite male out of the history of this site has to be Christoph Caster, Oh My Word. He is gorgeous! The hottest thing I have ever seen. (It’s okay for me to say that, I’m only in high school…that IS okay…right? :/ Please tell me I’m not a creepy stalker person…) I truly enjoyed this update, it was great!