Jingle Burrs (Part I)

Burr Family

I played the Burrs a whole bunch over the weekend and took about five trillion pictures. After I narrowed it down to the ones I wanted to share, I still had over 50. So I’ve split this update into two parts.

Part I begins with our third generation heiress Camellia Burr (in her scary man-eating hat) ensuring the future of her family’s legacy by reeling in one Horatio Palmfeather, former paperboy turned…farmer?

Burr Family
“Wait, Camellia! I’ve been working on the farm all day, and I smell like — *Mrrmf* *smooch noises*”

They had a lurvely wedding out behind Burr Cottage.

Burr Family
“Let me see your palm. Is it really feathery?”

Thankfully neither of these Romance fools had a fear of getting hitched. That’s one nice thing about the Pets expansion – instead of fearing marriage or death, they’re all afraid of skunks now. Seriously – I think all of my Sims have skunkophobia. It’s an epidemic.

Burr Family
“I can’t believe I’m getting married! I must be drunk!”

Poor Camellia. Her coquettin’ days are over. For a little while, anyway.

So how about the rest of the family?

Camellia’s brother Coriander got a job in the Natural Science field and worked on maxing all of his skills. He also helped out with the pets on occasion. Here he shakes the paw of little Ariel, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Burr Family
“’Ello, guv-nah!”

And here’s the family cat, Sebastian. I love how pets will sleep on the bed if you don’t have any pet beds around. In real life, I’d probably be all, “get off the darned bed! You’re shedding all over my pillow!” But in the Sims it’s just plain cute. Nothing says “cozy” to me like a cat all curled up on a blankie, dozing away.

Burr Family

(You can’t tell by the picture, but Camellia is pregnant in it. Woohoo! [literally!])

Ariel and Sebastian get along for the most part, but once in awhile, as playful pets are wont to do, they get into mock battles.

Burr Family
“You are SO dead.”

Burr Family
“Just try and catch me, catnip-for-brains!”

Those wacky pets. But wait! Here’s someone even wackier! It’s Horatio, trimming the hedge in his sock garters.

Burr Family
“Blast these Burrs…making me do chores…why can’t they just let me play piano for tips all day? I made like §300 this morning!”

Horatio is one sloppy, lazy, whiny feller, but he does have his nice moments. Looking at this, I feel bad for what I did to him later on…

Burr Family
“Sebastian, you’re the only one who truly understands me.”

You know, I said “How about the rest of the family?” and then left out Belinda and Farley. I just don’t take many pictures of those old geezers. Probably because they’re busy running the flower shop all the time. But they’ll turn up in here somewhere…

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31 thoughts on “Jingle Burrs (Part I)

  1. LOL that Santa is funny1 Great House Jen! I think you should have a section for them! you are very good when it comes to them! :( I want a corgy!!! also all those xmas items are for the new pack? they look amazing!

  2. I was having a bad day, read this entry and instantly cheered up. Thank you Jen! :D And oh my, the Burrs cottage looks *fantastic!* Please please please tell me you’ll make that available for download? I love the tower. :D And Daisy is too cute for words!

  3. Lorna – Hey girl! Most of the Christmas items in my pics are actually from last year’s holiday pack. Except for the tree — that’s from the new mini-pack. There are some nice things in there, but man, it’s pricey for only 20 items. Gack.

    Kay – KAY!! How you doin’? So sorry to hear about you having a bad day. I can certainly make that house available — I’ll just have to replace some of the cc with Maxis stuff. Glad you like it!

  4. Ok, I have to admit, I nearly died from cuteness when I saw the photo of Daisy and Ariel. I really cant wait to get Sims 2, Pets, and Nightlife for Christmas. :D
    I’ve been checking on your page daily for updates. This one has been great! The house looks great. ;)

  5. I completely understand breaking the Middle of Nowhere handicap. I’ve been considering breaking it too. It’s so easy to keep, but really aggravating to have unfinished walls and floors everywhere. I always love the houses you build. Daisy so cute! :D

  6. The pictures of Daisy as a toddler are absolutely gorgeous. I still love the Corgi! :-)

    I know many people who start decorating for Christmas as early as this Friday. Ugh!

    The new Burr Cottage looks great. I’m also working on a tower for my personal legacy house and I can’t get the roof to look quite right. I always build the “perfect” house and then I get screwed up with the roof. Yours always look awesome. Nice job!

  7. Another awesome update…as always!

    Congrats on the new baby, she looks great with those big blue eyes. I also really like your new flower shop and house, they are very nicely done, I’ve been thinking of doing a christmas theme too but who knows?

    I also really enjoyed the picture of the wolf rolling in the flower bed, I haven’t seen a wolf in my game yet so I really enjoy wolf-related pictures!

  8. EEK! I loved it! You have to have the BEST sims 2 blog out there (or up there with the legalos legacy, at least, can’t forget that one!)! It’s amazing! You have actually inspired me to give OFB another try, I’ve pretty much neglected that part of the game. I have a question, though: how do you balance the shop time with home time because time doesn’t run at the shop. Isn’t it infuriating to get back to the house and have no time go by? Daisy is SOOOO cute, and her with the dog is absolutely adorable. I am completely in love with this family, from head to toe! Your narration is humorous and perfectly written, and your pictures and knack for detail in everything you do just adds to it. BOY I love Burr Cottage. It’s not going to be avaliable for download any time soon, is it? Congrats on generation 4!

  9. WOO! Burr update! Is that getting old? Anyway, I love your foreshadowing on the fate of Horatio. Just yesterday, I was shopping for OFB, but it was sold out in three different stores around the city. I’m gonna make my dad get it as my birthday present. Sorry for the rambling, I couldn’t resist. Daisy is so cute I wonder if her sibling will be boy, as that has been the trend with the Burrs. Is Coriander going to have his own family like Basil? Just wondering. And the new house is AWESOME!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Josh

  10. Haha should’ve know you’d break that handicap soon. The animals are too cute and so is Daisy. Funny thing, a few days ago I named my baby girl (in sims of course) Daisy in my Legacy.That was a great update Jen!

  11. Great update Jen! And just so you know….you can’t escape the cold weather and snow by coming to Florida anymore!! It snowed here in Florida last night!!! I live in Seminole County in Florida and we actually had snow flurries last night between 9 and 10 pm!!! Can you believe that?

  12. Oh yeah, and Seminole County is right outside Orlando…so I’m not talking about North Florida! It snowed in Central Florida!!

  13. Knowing how much you love to build, I was pretty amazed at how long it took you to break that handicap! Congrats, Jen, you should get a point for ‘Incredible Willpower’! The wolf looked funny behaving like any run-of-the-mill pup!

  14. I can’t wait for the second half! i love reading the burrs! that has to be the cutest toddler EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Oh my God. This has got to be one of my favorite updates EVER. This update was SO cute I just can’t believe it. I loved so many pictures in this update I can’t name each one. The one with Sebastian and Ariel about to get in the fight, the one with Daisy and Ariel snuggling (omg, SO CUTE), and the one where Sebastian is sleeping next to Comellia (that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside). I am so happy to see that they are fitting into this family so well.

    Wow, the Burr’s new Cottage is beautiful. I always admire your architectural skills. All my houses are rectangles… lol. And the shop is so cute. I just loved it.

    Man, I am all pumped for pt. 2 now! :]]

  16. Beautiful house, Jen! I absolutely love it! I admire you for your building creativity. I’m getting there…. Slowly. You’re definitely an inspiration. I end up getting impatient and I leave out all the bells and whistles (like shrubs and good decorations). Oh well! I can just marvel at your houses!
    Anyways, lovely update! I totally understand about the giving-up-on-middle-of-nowhere-restriction completely! (I had to do that, too, remember?) It’s defiinitely hard to bear. Escpecially when you like your sims to live in a pretty house.

    Well, Happy Thanksgiving to you, too Jen! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and don’t eat too much stuffing! (Or pie)

    Just food in general. That wouldn’t be a good thing. But well worth it on your part, I must say!!

    I know that I’ll definitely be eating all the food I can! I’ve been looking forward to tomorrow night’s dinner since last Thanksgiving!! Haha.

    Anyways, have a wonderful day tomorrow, Jen! Same goes for everyone else!

  17. I’ve been reading your stories for a while now and I love them!! I really like the recent Ravelo posts. And where did you get that lucky cat! Is that from one of those Holiday thingies?

  18. wowzers great story i especially loooovvvveeeeeee the shop it brings like the joy of christmas and everything and the burrs cottage looks sooooo cozy………and it looks like father christmas was hitin on belinda……do i sense cheating naw just jokin!!!!!

  19. I can’t WAIT for the next update. I’ve been dying! Speaking of next updates, I finally got one up over at my site! Yay!

  20. Okay, so now I NEED to get the holiday expansion pack next week when my fiance gets his first paycheck!

    Great work, as always, Jen! Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us! I wish I could get pictures as good as yours are. I guess I just need to learn to be more patient!

    By the way, I’ve had to scrap the Cornwells again… They’re just making me mad and for some reason crashing my computer. But I do have a new and VERY interesting legacy going on now!

  21. It took forever to load, but it was worth it! (Is it sad I want to go home just so I can have my DSL back?) The new house looks fantastic, as always. Employees in OfB are pretty much… useless. Unless you’ve got a lot of money to shell out on their ridiculous wages, it’s pretty senseless. Well, the insimenator, mood monitor, and a challenge that doesn’t ban hacks! Too bad about that. Though, I’ve found teenagers to be even more disagreeable than adults.

    Loved the use of the Holiday stuff items! I got that when it came out… some of the stuff is kinda neat. I never bothered with the pack last year.

  22. Once again, I’m fashionably late, but nonetheless enthralled with the lives of the Burrs. First. I’m glad you built them a proper house. They are more than deserving of it and to keep a master builder like yourself restrained, well, it’s just not right! The pets are so funny, and Daisy is a beautiful child. I too am curious about the feathery-ness of Horatio’s palms. I love the new shop – Christmas – how delightful, and Santa and the PS3 comment had me rolling. This was purely delightful and I can’t wait for part II. I find it enthralling that all of your families have such distinct flavors and personalities. A true delight to read. Bravo!

  23. Hiya Jen! Wow I go away for a couple of days and low and behold! An update! Yay Burrs! Thanks for your comment on my blog by the way :). But enough about that, I loooove Daisy! She’s so adorable with that outfit and with the dog! So cute. The Santa Claus Sim made me laugh too hee hee. I don’t blame you for breaking the Middle of Nowhere handicap, I would probably go nuts too. It’s a lovely house as always though :) .

  24. YESS!!! FINALLY!!! I cannot WAIT for the second part!!! I love how you capture the moments at all the right times!!! Whenever I want to take a picture, a lot of the time all I hit is a bare wall. Or a picture of the furniture. But anyway, I LOVE THIS BLOG SO MUCH!!! Update soon!!!!

  25. Hehe I love Horatio gardening in his garter socks… those things look so damn funny. I wish I could get my boyfriend to wear them =). A wonderful post as per usual Jen. New baby Burr is very cute too. Honestly I have a lot of trouble with Open For Business too. I haven’t been able to make one of my businesses work yet. I haven’t even tried buying one on the community lot. I have a lot to learn. Oh well, I guess practice makes perfect (which may just be an excuse for huge amounts of simming =).

  26. I’ve done a little words only update on my site. Not that much to do with Sims 2, but if you like listening to free radio stations online I have two links you might like, miss Jenba ma’am. :D
    Is it snowing where you’re at too? Urgh. Cold! Bad! Though at least it’s pretty.

  27. Woo! Things are finally slowing down in my world, so I’m catching up as fast as I can! I really enjoyed reading all about those Burrs. Quite an attractive bunch. You sure lucked out with Camellia’s LTW, only wanting love and not woohoo! When I want sims to fall in love fast, I use the ‘peck’ through the couch cuddle.. Maxis botched the programming a bit, so it gives you lifetime points no matter how many times in a row you do it. This is opposed to most other methods where they only get those LT points ‘once’ for a specific interaction within a certain time span. It’s a little dull to sit there and click on peck about a dozen times, but it pays off.. Here’s hoping they didn’t fix it in Pets!