Good News and Bad News

First, the bad news: my Grand Finale story has been scrapped. I’ve wracked my brain for weeks trying to wrap things up in a way that makes sense, but there’s just too much ground to cover. If I can’t do a story justice, I’d rather not do it at all. So…my apologies to those of you who were excited about a Grand Finale. I hope the good news will make up for it.

Now, the good news: I’m working on a new Sims project, and with it, a new web site. It’s very different from Greetings from Mt. Geneva, but will feature some of the same characters and settings. So yes, you will find out what happens to Fran and her family! Stay tuned for more info. It may be a few weeks yet (it’s a huge project) so if you would like to be notified when I post next, you might want to sign up with FeedBlitz.

Some random news: I was looking through my old Sims stuff and found the set of pictures I was going to post for the next Burr Legacy update way back in the Winter of ’06. I thought it would be fun to share them.

I never posted this story because I used pay content in my pics, and that was around the time I started boycotting paysites. There isn’t any text to go along with the shots, but if you read the intro blurb, you’ll get the gist of what’s going on. So if you want one last glimpse at the Burrs, read on!

Burr Family

It’s the Roaring ’20s, and fourth generation heiress Daisy Burr and her brother Delano head off to Fernley College where they want to have more fun than the stodgy housemother will allow. Enter their cousins Delfina and Dionna (the daughters of Coriander Burr; you can see a family pic here) who take them to the local hotspot, the Blue Flamingo, for some dining and dancing. Delano falls for the elegant chanteuse Ivy Silvaine and even musters the courage to ask her to dance…but the arrival of her gangster boyfriend frightens Delano out of the club. The next day, Daisy can’t concentrate on studying; she keeps thinking about the Blue Flamingo, the smoky jazz music, the lights, the flappers, and the handsome men…

Burr Family

Burr Family

Burr Family

Burr Family

Burr Family

Burr Family

Burr Family

Burr Family

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26 thoughts on “Good News and Bad News

  1. Yay, first comment!

    It’s all good news, I think. As long as you’re still here and Simming, it’s great news! :) Beautiful pictures. Somehow you’ve managed to make them stunning even without custom skins and the whatnot, and Daisy’s still the prettiest flapper Sim I’ve seen. I love your angles and clever camera manipulation.

    Great to see you back. :D

  2. So, this is me: “la la la, checking forums I read, la la la…” on my merry way. And I go “oh hey! Mao from WoS was in a contest here, get OUT dude get OUT! When was the last time I read Wings of Steel? Or any other Sims 2 site?” so I check her writing blog and see “so yeah about Greetings from Mt. Geneva being closed” and then I freak an out!

    Two outs!

    I’m late to the party, but I’m sad to see this site go on deep freeze. Or dead. Or whatever you want to call it.

    I’m short on other things to say, but I -am- looking forward to whatever you come up with next. Just have fun with it! Pfft, who needs to write stories, anyway? I’m all about the just have fun with it method.
    But even then– the pictures look great, and they do tell the story.
    They do! You can’t deny it!

    I’m sorry for not being around or posting any comments or anything, but… well… can I say “busy”? No? Forgot? No? I don’t know, but I kind of regret it now. >_>
    Okay. I’m… I’m out of stuff.

  3. Okay. I thought it was gonna be bad news like that, and I almost died … but then a golden ray of hope shined through the dark clouds. A new simming project!! And we get to see Fran and her family again! WOOT! WOOT! WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! *is a happy camper* And I’m glad that TS2 is not yet dead for you. *wipes fo’head in relief* :O))

    Great shots of that ’06 story which I don’t think I ever read. ;O)) Hehe.

  4. I’m thrilled that you and TS2 are still going to be together! A different venue could be good. Change isn’t all bad. *chewing fingernail*

  5. Jen. You’re not jumping off the band wagon yet I see! In fact if I read this post correctly your coming back with a new site! Hopefully this new site will become your new interest and will last for as long a this one (or even more longer, hint hint). Anyway, glad to see you’ve decided to stay!


  6. Yay, I’m just glad you decided to continue with Simming. Stories are easier than blogging, because you do them on your time. :)

  7. Wow she is really pretty even now she has invisibly aged a year! I found this site by searching mrs crumplebottom on google images and the image of simon ravelo meeting her came up interesting huh great as usual!

  8. Woah! That was a good update…daisy is such a pretty sim, no fair. You always get good looking sims. Hooray! I missed the Burrs…but I miss the Ravelos more…

  9. You just made me the happiest person oon the planet to hear your staying and still simming! YAY FRAN!!! :D

  10. darnit! i was hoping that you would do the grande finale! oh well. i cant wait to check out your new site! great update!

  11. Hey! I have been reading your stories for a while and I was so shocked to see you were leaving, I couldn’t even post a comment! Then you mentioned the grande finale, but I there was like 20 smth comments, I thought you wouldn’t notice me ^^ But, now I am glad you took a break and you are back! I love your stories Jen! Your picture and your writings are simply breathtaking…okay-enough flattering? :P I am looking foward to the new project! I’m on the edge of my seat and refreshing the site everyday for something. Goooo JENBA!

  12. Oh, and I just wanted to ask you, where did you get that hairstyle that Daisy has? I have been searching for decent pigtailes on MTS2 and some other sites and I can’t find them :(

  13. Great pictures! I love that last one, she’s beautiful.

    I’m glad you’re not done simming althogether. Look forward to seeing your next project! Thank you for sharing your wonderful simming talent with us!

  14. Love the pictures! And the sims, the clothes, everything! the 20′ make me think about glamour and elegance! Daisy is beautiful, I am amazed because you’ve always had good looking sims, what’s the secret? :P

    I’m glad you’re back! Reading Sims 2 stories is wonderful especially when I don’t have time to play the game. : b

  15. Yay! The Burrs! They were one of my favorites :D. I’m glad you’re still going to be Simming! Looking forward to the coming project you’re working on! :)


  16. Hi. I’m glad you are still going to do something with the sims. I can’t wait until your next project!.

    Keep Simming!.

    See ya.

  17. Yay! You’re still here! But I have a question, and I’m sorry if I sound impacient, but when are you planning to post the new website address? I am so excited for another Fran update and Ravelos update.


  18. how i cant wait for the new project!
    are you posting the new website adress here too?
    i have signed up with feedblitz anyway.

    cant wait for the new update and site
    yasmin xx

  19. sorry to keep bothering you jen, but im having trouble with uploading pictures onto wordpress.
    if anyone can help please say so.

  20. I couldn’t find a way to contact any admin at Sim Scribes so I’m posting here in a last ditch effort to get my registration sorted out. When I try to login, it tells me I have an inactive username I never got an activation e-mail (I have checked my Spam folder). Could you offer any help? I don’t know if you’re an admin there, but I know you’re at least a member.

    The username is Carla and I used this e-mail address to register.