Triple Trouble: Round 4

Huzzah, I made it to the fourth and final round of Triple Trouble! For this last challenge, we had to do the kitchen and dining room in a Tuscan Country style. I had a lot of fun with this round as I’ve always wanted to visit Tuscany (and Italy in general!). I tried to keep a rustic, country feel while still designing a kitchen that would meet the needs of a large, modern family (especially one that has a couple of Natural Cooks in it).

By the way, thanks for all of your kind comments on my past entries — it really means a lot. I feel like my decorating has grown by leaps and bounds since I joined the Living Sims forum — it’s a very inspiring place. Anyway, here are some extra pics from my entry (you can see my official contest pics here):

Triple Trouble - Round 4

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Triple Trouble: Round 3

Hey all! I’m happy to report that I made it to Round 3 of Triple Trouble! I was amazed and honored that I made it through, but I gotta say I had some trouble with this round’s theme. We had to do the triplets’ nursery and playroom in a shabby chic style, which proved to be extra challenging because you can’t have things be too shabby in a kids’ room — peeling paint and little kids just don’t go well together! Plus when I think “shabby chic”, I think of pastel colors, frills, ruffles, florals — girly stuff. Since one of the triplets is a boy, I wanted to aim for something a little more gender-neutral. So it’s a bit like taking the shabby and the chic out of shabby chic!

Anyway, I ended up going for the “vintage” aspect of shabby chic, and settled on a vintage hot air balloon theme. Once I had this theme in mind, it ended up being fun, but I have no idea if it fits with the required style anymore. Heh. I guess we’ll see what happens! Here are some extra pics — I took a ton because I just wasn’t getting what I wanted. :-p (You can see the shots I submitted for my entry here — and check out the other entries while you’re at it — they’re all so beautiful and creative!)

Triple Trouble - Round 3

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Triple Trouble: Round 2

Huzzah, I made Round 2 of Triple Trouble! Woot! I gotta say, I was really excited and surprised that I got through considering the high quality and creativity of all of the entries. The competition was fierce!

Here are some extra pics from my Round 2 entry, which charged us to decorate the family’s living room in a Coastal style. Since my Stevens family lives by the beach in Sunset Valley with palm trees all around, and one of the sub-styles of Coastal is Tropical, I went with bright coral orange, sea green, pearly white, and some stark white as well. I even got some brown in there (the wicker pieces, the tray on the ottoman), so I think I represented everyone’s colors in the room. I wanted it to be a lively yet relaxing space, something that would be fun for the little ones (with kid-friendly fabrics on the furnishings, of course) and yet comfortable for the adults.

Triple Trouble - Round 2

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Triple Trouble: Round 1

Triple Trouble is a contest that Living Sims is hosting over on their forum, where I’ve been hanging out quite a bit. I decided to enter the contest because it looked like fun, and the participation prizes are awesome. (Hey, I’m a sucker for cool CC.) So I took a break from Mt. Geneva to attempt the first round of the contest.

I posted my entry in the Round 1 thread on the forum, but thought I might as well post some extra pics on my blog here, too, because it’s been so dead lately (mostly because I’ve been building and decorating instead of actually playing — but I have finished Mt. Geneva house #3 and am working on #4!). So taking a cue from Lilymayrose (who posted more pics of her amazing entry), here are more pics of the grandparents’ bedroom and bathroom, which had to be decorated in an English Country style:

Triple Trouble - Round 1
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Small Quarters 4.0 – The Sound of Little Feet

Hey folks, even though I’ve been quiet on this blog since the release of Late Night, I’ve still been Simming away, mostly working on Living Sims forum challenges and building some homes for Rflong7’s Winter Wonderland world. At the same time, I’m also re-doing Riverview and filling it almost entirely with my own houses and Sims. I don’t want it to have rabbitholes, so most of the inhabitants will be self-employed. Here’s where I’m really missing Open for Business…*wistful sigh*

Anyway, more on that later! For now I wanted to share some pics I posted at Living Sims for the Small Quarters 4.0 – The Sound of Little Feet challenge. The challenge was to design a home for at least one adult and one child, and the footprint of it had to be a specific size and shape. It could only be one story, and it had to contain a playspace for the kid/s out in the living area, as well as a “grown-up” space for the parents.

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at a 1950s-style Storybook Ranch for a long time, and I thought the layout given for the challenge would be just about perfect.

Small Quarters 4.0 Challenge
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