Triple Trouble: Round 1

Triple Trouble is a contest that Living Sims is hosting over on their forum, where I’ve been hanging out quite a bit. I decided to enter the contest because it looked like fun, and the participation prizes are awesome. (Hey, I’m a sucker for cool CC.) So I took a break from Mt. Geneva to attempt the first round of the contest.

I posted my entry in the Round 1 thread on the forum, but thought I might as well post some extra pics on my blog here, too, because it’s been so dead lately (mostly because I’ve been building and decorating instead of actually playing — but I have finished Mt. Geneva house #3 and am working on #4!). So taking a cue from Lilymayrose (who posted more pics of her amazing entry), here are more pics of the grandparents’ bedroom and bathroom, which had to be decorated in an English Country style:

Triple Trouble - Round 1

Triple Trouble - Round 1

Triple Trouble - Round 1

Triple Trouble - Round 1

Triple Trouble - Round 1

Triple Trouble - Round 1

That’s it for now…I’m hoping to finish the fourth “friends” house tonight or tomorrow, so expect some pictures soon!

25 thoughts on “Triple Trouble: Round 1

  1. mmmmm this is lovely Jen. I especially like the plates/mirror combo behind the bed. I don’t want to say too much more being a judge and all :)

    • LOL, thanks, LemonJelly! I bet you and the other judges are going to have a tough time of it — there are so many incredible entries.

  2. I honestly and truly hope you win this, Jen – that room is absolutely beautiful and I genuinely can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the rounds/rooms. I was waiting and waiting for you to enter, and getting a tad p*ssed that you were taking your sweet time over it!

    I can be *Fangirl* coz I ain’t obligated to be otherwise ;0) xx

  3. this is amazing Jen, really got the English county style :) look forward to seeing the next round!! Because I’m sure you’ll get through but also looking forward to some more of the friends :)

    • Thanks, Callum! I’ve been working on the friends, but I’m stuck on friend #4’s house at the moment — my game keeps crashing on save. I think I might have some bad CC. Anyway, hope I can figure it out soon and get something posted!

  4. As always, amazing! Thanks for sharing these pictures, Jen, I always like to stop by and take a look. :) Best luck to you!

  5. That is beautiful, Jen! And it brightened up my day after learning (Incredible Sulk that I am) that my cousin and his partner got tickets to Pink Floyd The Wall in February (I’m jealous).

    • Oh, are they doing a Wall tour?? *googles* Ah, they are! Well, I already missed the North American leg of it. Looks like it’s just Roger Waters? I would miss David Gilmour. Ah well, maybe you can still get a ticket??

  6. You did a great job with this room. It will be interesting to see the rest of the house as well when you are done.

    • Thanks, ani! Even if I don’t make the next rounds, I might have to finish up the house just for fun. :)

  7. O.M.G I’m … wow you have such a great talent decorating! It is gorgeous! and the details are fantastic! you gonna win for sure! good luck! <3

    • Aw, thank you, Lorna! :) I’ll be lucky if I make the next round, though — there are a ton of entries and they’re all beautiful!

  8. Gawgeous room! I love every inch of it Jenba. I especially like what you did with the corner area and the wall hangings – the mix of plates and small framed-pictures is inspired.

  9. Oooh! So, SO pretty! I want to live in it! :)

    And what perfect details too! You’ve got some really great stuff! I’m about to raid your TS3 downloads links because I need to bulk up my game, lol!

  10. Wow, beautiful room, Jenba! I’m glad you posted the link to this on the LL boards!

    How did you do the mirror/plate and picture collage? Is that one item and if so, where from? If not, how’d you get them to hang so close together?

    I hope we get to see more of this house! I always love seeing your decorating. It’s incredibly and makes me more than a tad jealous. :)

    • Ack, how did I miss this comment? Sorry I’m so late in answering, Aer! The mirror/plate collage is really a collage — the mirror is an EA item, I think (I’ll have to check on that!) and the plates are by BabaYaga at MTS. I used “moveobjects on” to be able to place the plates around the mirror, and then slid them up/down the wall to make the collage.

      And thanks so much for the compliments! :D