The Little Blue Hut

Mariner's Reach

Hi all, Franchesca Mortinez here. It’s been awhile, eh? I’m writing to you from the glorious island of Mariner’s Reach in the middle of the Simuyan Sea, and it’s amazing. I’ve only been here for three days (or is it four? Time seems to slow down here), but I think I might have finally found the place where I belong.

(Wow, that sounds so dramatic, I feel like I should put it in all caps. THE PLACE WHERE I BELONG. Good title for my memoirs someday, if I ever write them. And if I actually do stay on Mariner’s Reach for the rest of my life. And if I don’t die of food poisoning first. That’s a lot of ifs).

Mariner's Reach

A lot of stuff has happened to me since my last blog post…no wait, scratch that. I can’t start out with a huge exaggeration like that. It would be more accurate to say that practically nothing of note has happened to me since my last blog post. I grew up, went to college, dropped out, returned to Riverblossom Hills for a stint, and then came here. That’s it. That’s all anyone needs to know about that period of my life, which may sound a bit uppity, but really I’m just saving you from a whole lot of tedium. Trust me.

This is my little blue hut, which I bought with the money I got from selling that old dump in Riverblossom.

Mariner's Reach

It’s tiny, but it’s right on the beach and just a short walk from the main drag.

Mariner's Reach

My first morning here, I christened the place with a good old waffle-burning.

Mariner's Reach

That’s right, I still can’t cook to save my soul. Or feed my tummy.

Mariner's Reach

But I was too hungry to start all over again, so I ate it anyway. Mmm, nothing like a good slab of charcoal for breakfast.

Mariner's Reach

So my first goal on the island is to learn how to cook. And I don’t mean I want to make something barely edible (which would be a step up from what I make now, which is basically cowplant dung). I want to make something incredibly, absolutely, magically delicious. Something I’d be proud to serve to my Uncle Elvis, should he ever visit. Something that doesn’t give me awful post-dinner gas pains.

Mariner's Reach

My second goal is to get into shape. I’d like to be able to run and hike and swim and beat someone up without really hurting them. (That’s for if my brother Rico ever comes to visit.)

Unfortunately I’m not athletically-inclined. Or any kind of –inclined. In fact, I should probably stay away from inclines altogether.

Mariner's Reach

At least I’m in good company. There are quite a few of us Klutzy Kathies at the gym.

My third goal is to make some friends, because life is more interesting with other people around, even if they drive you nuts (or make funny faces at you).

Mariner's Reach

Mariner's Reach

Sure, the TV can be your friend on occasion, such as when Simmerica’s Next Top Floral Designer is on (my current favorite!)…

Mariner's Reach

…but ultimately TV is about watching other people lead exciting lives while I sit on my bum and ignore my own. I mean, TV was fine when I lived in Riverblossom and was hanging out with my little brother Bernie and had nothing better to do because it was raining cats and dogs outside. But in Mariner’s Reach? There is no excuse for staying in all day.

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32 thoughts on “The Little Blue Hut

  1. Your pictures are quality and your writer’s skills are great! I wish I could write stories :| mine are always so boring “hey a new sims! Oh look she meets a guy! They kissed, then woohoo and then baby! Oh so lame!” Lol I feel bad :D

    • LOL, don’t feel bad, all Sims stories are fun! As long as you’re having fun. :) Thanks for your kind comments!

  2. I giggled all the way through a-GAIN! This is funnnn-ny! Seriously – “Unfortunately I’m not athletically-inclined. Or any kind of –inclined. In fact, I should probably stay away from inclines altogether.” Bwaa haaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    More more more more more. Pweeeeaaaase. *bats eyelashes*

  3. Lol, I love the 3 wiping at the same time, classic treadmill moment (“,)

    Glad to see Fran back, I loved her in TS2 and she looks just as entertaining in TS3.

  4. I never met Fran in TS2 but I am smitten with her in TS3. Something about her clumsy and awkward way in the world is just so endearing. Looking forward to more!

  5. I think I’m in love – Fran is so crap at everything, she’s brilliant! I love the way you/she writes – it’s lively, funny and interesting – I’m sorry I’ve never met her before – something I’ll have to rectify. I’m supposed to be cooking Goulash and you’ve given me the perfect *out* – I’m off to read more about Fran… and maybe to bite the bullet and download Mariners Reach. You sell it so well ;0) xx

    • Oh man, goulash sounds REALLY GOOD…how did it turn out? Of course I’m two weeks late…but thank you for your kind words about Fran!

  6. “gunther” … hehe!

    Anyway, it’s great to see Fran again and hear about her life once more. I’ve missed her ramblings! I totally agree with what she said – why stay indoors when there’s such beautiful scenery out there! If I lived in her little blue hut, I’d probably love the outdoors, too. And she shouldn’t knock catching 3 minnows! That’s good finishing for a beginner! Go Fran! Mm … that guy she met was HOT! ;O)

    Yay!! Glad to see you writing again, jenba.

    • Heehee, before that picture, I actually gave that guy a makeover because he was dressed funny and had awful hair! Glad you like his new look! I think he’s kind of cute, too, but Fran thought he was a 1 out of 10, so he’s not her type, I guess. :-p Thanks for stopping by, Ange, I always love hearing from ya!

  7. I love the scenery! Makes me want to vacation there, too! And the Klutzy Kathies picture made me laugh.

    • I’d love to vacation on Mariner’s Reach, too…actually, anywhere tropical will do! Thanks for your comment, Deb!

  8. okay first, how awesome is it that my anti-spam word is llama?

    I love Fran. She is spunky and the three women klutzy kathies? or something, is priceless. I love her new town. the pics are great and i agree with Ang. that guy is a cutie, if she is looking for a mate he’s someone to consider. rawr!

    • Yeah, the guy at the gym had potential, but they’re apparently not attracted to each other at all! So they’ll just have to be friends for now. Yay for llamas, and thanks so much for your comments, ruby!

  9. Jen, loong time no write, but considering Fran: FANTASTIC!
    Really, she’s just superduper and the new world she lives in is my personal dreamspot. Has something of Florida for me…
    Keep going, ok?

    • Holy cow, it’s Eva! Awesome to see you! Hope all is well with you and that you’re enjoying life. :) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  10. *lol* Fran totally cracks me up! I love her expressions, and she’s so cute at messing up things! And what a beautiful spot to live in!

  11. This is wonderful Jenba! Loved this, “Unfortunately I’m not athletically-inclined. Or any kind of –inclined. In fact, I should probably stay away from inclines altogether.” The picture of all three falling is hysterical!

    I hope you continue with this; Franchesca has a dry kind wit that begs for laughter. Definitely a girl to watch (bad cooking and all :D )!

  12. Welcome back, Fran! Who won the Synchronized Treadmill Falling competition? Nice one, Jen, although, as someone who absolutely loves to fish, the amatuer sim fishermen and women make me cringe slightly.

    • LOL at the “Synchronized Treadmill Falling competition”…love that. And you’ll probably be cringing a lot as Fran’s story progresses, because she and I know nothing about fishing! ;)

  13. I can barely put into words how much I love this. The sense of humor is right up there and this chapter had me laughing from start to finish. I can’t wait to see more!