A Gnome in the Hand

Franchesca Diaries

Day 10, Wednesday, 11:14 PM

It’s super late and I’m dizzy dog tired but I just have to tell you about what happened tonight. And it’s not just one thing, it’s a whole horde of things. So I’m typing very quickly and very quietly because I don’t want to wake anyone. (Mom actually believed me when I told her I was staying up late to work on a school assignment. I feel so evil.)

First off, Joel called me from the coast and said he was about to play his first real gig! And I was the only person he wanted to talk to about how excited he was! Well, he didn’t say that, exactly, but hey – he called me, right? I must be important!

Franchesca Diaries

It was so awesome to hear his voice, even if it was a little crackly over long-distance. He said that his band is playing in an auditorium where Llama Mama has played! Can you imagine? That’s like almost practically sharing a stage with Plato Legalos!

Franchesca Diaries

“You HAVE to take pictures,” I ordered. “I want a slideshow presentation with video, audio, bullets, fade-outs…you know, like the stuff Mr. Weingarten shows us in Geography class.”

“Yes, I promise a full report,” he laughed. “I’ll have a lot to tell – we’re leaving the continent tomorrow. I’ve never been out of the country.” He paused a moment, and then his voice became very serious. “I might not be able to call for a long time.”

“How long do you think…” I started to ask just as Dad barged in and started yapping at me.

Franchesca Diaries

“Fran, your mom and I are going downtown for a bite to eat and maybe have a glass of wine, hit the dancefloor – ”

“Dad, I’m on long-distance…good grief, what on earth are you wearing?”

“It’s for nightclubbing. You like?” Dad shimmied a little.


He grinned and sped off with Mom. I heard Joel laugh lightly over the phone.

“Hey Fran, I gotta go soon. We’re up next and Rayna is kind of freaking out. I wish we could talk more. I, uh…wanted to ask you how you liked swimming today.”

Franchesca Diaries

“How did you know –?” I said stupidly a second before it dawned on me. “Oh! You talked to your sister.”

“Yeah. Alicia told me that you and Thatcher…”

We were interrupted once again before Joel could finish his sentence. This time Uncle Elvis appeared in front of me, his lips pressed together in a polite smile.

Franchesca Diaries

“Um, one second, Joel. What is it?” I asked, trying not to sound too impatient.

“I have some errands to run, and I can’t find Rico or Bernie, so…you’re in charge. Make sure Weezy gets a bottle.”

“But…” I protested, just as Joel had to say goodbye.

“I’ll write to you,” was the last thing he said. GAH! I felt like screaming. I wanted to talk to him for at least another five minutes. Make that five hours!

Instead I ended up babysitting, which wasn’t too bad, really.

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16 thoughts on “A Gnome in the Hand

  1. Yay! Fran is back! Joel gets to play where Llama Mama has played? That must be one very big very awesome venue! Way to go Joel! You’re on your way to the big time! ;) But yay for him calling to share it with Fran and Boo! to Alicia. She needs to stay out of other people’s business. :| Dad’s clubbing clothes are wonderfully atrocious and poor Bernie the Gnome-nabber. How sad (loved the pictures with that though!) And little Weezy is so cute! Surely she’ll never get into any trouble… I wonder what is up with Uncle Elvis and the garden club lady… hmmm…. A wonderful update with Fran! More! More!

  2. Yay, more Fran! Such intrigue with this update, wow. A shame she didn’t get to talk to Joel longer, but family calls and waits for no man, LOL!

    Poor, poor Bernie. Though I think it’s pretty funny one of his bullies wears a beret and geek glasses!

    Elvis and the Garden Club Lady? Ooooh…

    Wonderful update, Jen!

  3. *suspense*suspense* :)
    Quite excited to see what Alicia and Thatcher and all of the others are up to – and I wonder whether Elvis and the Gardenlady will hook up ;)
    Nice one!

  4. Fran … Fran … Fran is the MAN!! WOOHOOO!!! I loves me some Fran. :O) She’s so SPUNKY!

    Yes, Rico is an evil spawn of Satan … which would imply that Fran’s dad is Satan … and with that kind of dress sense … who the hell knows? *cackles* I can’t believe he did that to his little bro. His bro LOVED that gnome that Fran went out of her way to get for him. GRR!!! I think Fran SHOULD go over to the neighbors and give them a piece and a half of her mind. GO FRAN!!

    And that … *UGH* … was so annoying that her family was bugging her while she was on LONG DISTANCE with Joel! I mean … she’s not spoken to him in FOREVER! Gotta love the teenaged drama. *cackles*

  5. Fran is awesome! I love reading her narrative. I’m in agreement, I’d love to see her go over and give Mr Roth some whatfor about the gnome. Uptight somethinsomethin.

    Joel is doing great! Awesome that he gets to play somewhere Llama Mama has played. That’s so cool!

    Fun update!

  6. Very cute update! Weezy is so cute, and Joel is looking mighty cute too! And poor Bernie. All he wanted was his gnome. What a shame. Hopefully Fran can get it back for him!

  7. YAY!!! Fran is back and a wonderful update! LOVED the kitty picture, in fact all the photos are amazing, especially the lighting, great job!

  8. aww, i wish Fran could talk more with Joel! Too bad she got disturbed so many times! Hope Joel won’t think too much about thatcher. How on earth Rico smuggle that in the roth’s yard?

  9. Yay! More Fran! Aww, my heart is breaking that she didn’t get to talk to Joel longer. And LOL @ her dad and his nightclubbing shirt! Can’t wait for more! :)

  10. I loved this update. The pics were fantastic! The details and perfect lighting and postitioning of everything were spot on. I can’t get enough of Fran =D

  11. I’ve just finished reading the fran updates. good to see her back I guess for some reason Thacther’s mum thinks him and Fran should be together.

    I was wondering where did you get the outfit that the garden lady was wearing?

    See ya