Mariner’s Reach

I am seriously in lurve with Mariner’s Reach, the new world by Johnnywr. With its incredibly lush foliage and vast sandy beaches, it’s the perfect cure for my winter blahs. As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be Fran’s new home. Forget Barnacle Bay, man — Mariner’s Reach is where it’s at!

Mariner's Reach

It’s a small map with only 36 lots, so it doesn’t tax my machine the way the larger worlds do. And nearly every spot on the map has an absolutely gorgeous view.

Mariner's Reach

As you can see, I’m still a little obsessed with taking sunrise/sunset pictures. I can’t help it! (As always, thank you to dDefinder’s Lighting Tweaks).

Mariner's Reach

Fran lives in the little blue hut:

Mariner's Reach

Here’s Fran riding her bike around the island:

Mariner's Reach

Two Sims I created dancing in the Green Room, a lounge (I love this place!):

Mariner's Reach

And some more random shots:

Mariner's Reach

Mariner's Reach

Mariner's Reach

Mariner's Reach

If gameplay is at all interesting, I might do some stories here. I let Twallan’s Story Progression populate the town, and unfortunately a lot of them ended up with default-y faces, but I did put a house full of singles in town as well, and I’m eager for Fran to meet them. Initially I planned to have her live in a boarding house with them, but I decided to move her out on her own instead. It was just too crazy trying to direct the lives of 7 other Sims when I really wanted to focus on Fran.

I have no idea how she’s going to make money in Mariner’s Reach. There are only a few rabbitholes — the city hall (disguised as a community center), the cemetery, the grocery store, and Hogan’s Deep Sea Diner (from Barnacle Bay). I also put the Spa rabbithole rug in the salon so one of my singles could work there. I thought about having Fran be a writer, but that’s a lonely job and not much fun to play out — I want her to mix and mingle a bit. So I have a few ideas…we’ll see what happens.

19 thoughts on “Mariner’s Reach

    • Hi Ninoochat! That’s a good link for the rabbithole rugs — I knew Jynx had made doors instead of rugs, but it looks like they also updated the rugs! I’ll have to get those myself. I’ve been using Winterhart’s Residential versions, but I’d like to have the film career one. The combo city hall/military/police station would be perfect for a small town, too. At any rate, you can use either the rugs or the doors, and Sims will just disappear into them when they use them. Very handy! If you use the rugs, just make sure you leave 2 spaces all around or your Sims may not be able to access them. I had to adjust mine in the salon (I just went into Edit Town mode and moved it around, then back to gameplay.) Hope you enjoy!

  1. Those are absolutely beautiful shots, Jen – you’re right about the *writer* career – I tried it once with a moody male, thinking I could write up a dark and mysterious romance for him… but I got bored and went off to play with a klepto called Phyllis… I miss Phyllis…

    Anyhoo, back to you – just how many worlds do you actually have in your game???? I’ve never even got around to playing Bridgeport!

    • LOL…Phyllis sounds like fun. I don’t think I’ve even tried playing a klepto yet! Still haven’t played an Evil one, either. One of these days I’ll have to make an Evil stuff-stealing Sim. Mwaha.

      I re-installed my game not too long ago, so I wiped out most of the other worlds I had downloaded. ;-D Right now I just have the usual EA ones, plus Barnacle Bay, Riverblossom Hills, and Mariner’s Reach. Oh, and Los Aniegos. That’s not too terribly many, is it??

      • It’s four more than I’ve got!

        I get so tempted when I see you and Webby playing these new worlds – I’ve downloaded three in the past and deleted them all, almost instantly – Neverglades was just too damn big and depressing – Galaad had an over abundance of trees (those buggers were EVERYWHERE) and no spawning objects in the world except on lots… and Redcliffs was just too much of everything – too big, too much cc, yadayada – I long for the perfect world – in reality as well as for my sims!

  2. *Aside* Lothario – I kid you not, the spam script is lothario! *cough*

    Hiya Jen! Love the pics and the lighting is beautiful (thank you for that link). I like playing the smaller worlds too. Bridgeport is too, I don’t know, something. I don’t like it much. I much prefer the sun and beach and roaming valleys of the other worlds.

    Seems like you’re having fun with this one so have at it! There are times when I just get lost in the gameplay (when I do play) and forget about staging, lighting, the right colors etc (well no, I never forget about that – I eventually have to renovate the dastardly decorated houses – ugh) and just play. So have fun babe and thanks for the pic spam. ;-)

    • Thank you, Velvet! And my spam script plug-in allows me to customize the words, so I put a bunch of Sim-related ones in there…that’s why you got “lothario”. :)

  3. Hi jenn! I too have a thing with sunsets in the world I’m playing. The light mod is just amazing! When I see a world I just have to download it and see for myself how it is and I have right now like 6-7 worlds in my game lol I saw Mariner’s the other day but since I’m playing this other world for a challenge that is in Spanish I won’t download for a while… and also What mods are you using from twallan? I use the Register, controller, story and Overwatch >.>; I just love Twallan!

    • Heh, I’m addicted to downloading worlds, too. There are getting to be so many great ones out there — it’s perfect for my fickle self. :) I love Twallan’s mods, too! I use Register, Master Controller, Story Progression, Overwatch, The Saver, The Woohooer, Go Here, Error Trap, and Careers. I had the Dresser for a bit, too, but I kept getting errors with it, so I took it out. It’ll be awesome once it’s stable, though!

    • I think it’ll still work for you; you just won’t have the ship-diner, but you could put one of the other diner-rabbitholes in its place. I’m not sure what other BB stuff he used, but I’m sure all of it could be replaced, if you really wanted to play it!

  4. Mariner’s Island looks splendid, and what sunrises! I’d be delighted to settle there, if I was Fran! She seems like an adorable Sim! I have to check your previous posts to see how she looked like in the Sims 2. :)

  5. darn it woman. every time i look at your pics i’m tempted to install TS3 again.
    gorgeous shots and lovely island place there. love the views!

  6. Gorgeous pictures of Mariner’s Reach! (Especially with the sunrise/sunset shots.) Aww, cute little beach hut Fran’s got herself. And RIGHT on the water! *sighs in envy* I think I’m gonna have to download this ‘hood and move my next generation of Wishful Living family there. GORGEOUS!!

    She should work on becoming a celebrity. That would get her out and mixing with everyone. :)