Two Steps Forward

Mariner's Reach

Hi all, it’s Fran here. I have so much to tell you! Although it probably won’t seem like much. It’s not as if anything hugely life-changing has occurred to me in the last few days. But when you think about it, our lives change in tiny little ways every day, don’t they?

One of the ways my life has changed lately is that I’m getting better at cooking…in microscopically small increments. Like, I was really rockin’ and rollin’ with the mac and cheese the other day. It’s my favorite dish, and I’ve made it at least twice before with no issues…

Mariner's Reach

…but that was back in my teenage days, and I’ve apparently forgotten a few minor details since then. Such as how long to cook the danged stuff. I had no idea that mac and cheese could…you know…explode. Days later, I’m still scraping pasta off of my wall.

Mariner's Reach

I blame the stove. They’re all different, right? I mean, I’m not saying my stove is deliberately trying to sabotage me…but…you never know. I’m watching you, stove.

My foray into the wonderful world of fishing continues. That’s right, I haven’t given up yet! Miraculous. It helps that Uncle Elvis responded to my e-mail with some useful tips.

His first suggestion was to try different selling methods. Since we have both a consignment shop and a grocery store, I figured I might as well try each one and see if one is more profitable than the other. (Profit…hmm…very foreign concept to me at the moment, as I sit here with §8 in my account.)

Mariner's Reach

Unfortunately I’m horrible at this whole “selling” thing and didn’t even know how to speak to the consignment store clerk properly. He thought I was doing some kind of scientific experiment and gave me funny looks. I’ll try the grocery store next time.

Elvis also recommended a few books on fishing bait. I had no idea that mattered – I had been just throwing my hook into the water and saying “here, fishy fishy”.

Mariner's Reach

But now I’ve learned that I can use my meager minnows as bait to catch much larger fish, which should net me (pardon the pun) more moolah.

Another handy tip from Elvis was to try fishing at different times of the day, such as 5 AM. Now, I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, but I did manage one pre-dawn fishing expedition…

Mariner's Reach

…and I really enjoyed it. I also caught my largest fish ever – a jellyfish. Do people actually eat these things? They give me the creeps.

Mariner's Reach

I don’t know if it was the inhuman hour of the day or what, but later that morning I cooked something that didn’t burn or explode.

Mariner's Reach

That’s right, folks – I finally made something edible! I was so proud I could have paraded my pancakes up and down main street. Sound the trumpets!

So the fishing and cooking are improving in teensy weensy but still significant ways, and the same goes for Project: Make New Friends. It was tough at first – you’d think people would be all relaxed and laid-back on the island, but they’re always running off to work before I can even learn their names.

Mariner's Reach

Most of them work at the giant pirate ship – I guess there’s a famous fancy restaurant in there, but I haven’t gone yet. I’ll have to sell some bigger fish first.

I’m lucky I can afford to play some Darwin’s Revenge. Love that game.

Mariner's Reach

And I guess I’m lucky that I don’t mind being alone. After growing up in that crazy family of mine, I welcome the solitude. I just don’t want to get too used to it. I can easily see myself becoming Hermit Fran, holed up in my little blue hut, coming out to fish alone before dawn and selling my catch to the market before anyone else wakes up.

And well, I have nothing against hermits, but…if you’re alone for too long you can get kind of weird. And I’m weird enough as it is.

So yesterday I went jogging – me, jogging! Along a beach! I’m in heaven! – and tried to open my mind a bit more to the idea of meeting people.

Mariner's Reach

It’s not always easy for me – I used to be painfully shy. But I’ve gotten a little bolder since my failed college experiment. I screwed that up so badly, I feel like I have nothing to lose now. And I try not to judge the people of Mariner’s Reach, but some of them are just plain funny-lookin’.

Mariner's Reach

And some of them are…well, I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Because the cool thing about this next guy I met is that I heard him before I saw him.

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28 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward

  1. “I blame the stove. They’re all different, right? I mean, I’m not saying my stove is deliberately trying to sabotage me…but…you never know. I’m watching you, stove.” I could not have laughed harder at this entry!!! A wonderful addition to the story Jen and a pleasure to read.

    Also thanks for the tip aboutt he woohooer, I haven’t used it but I love the idea of the gauge attractiveness. It really lets the dollies have a little extra control. Loves it! xx

    • Hee, I like that you call them “the dollies”. Reminds me of playing with my Barbies back in the day. I made up the same kinds of silly stories for them as I do for my Sims now! Some things never change. :)

  2. Elvis also recommended a few books on fishing bait. I had no idea that mattered – I had been just throwing my hook into the water and saying “here, fishy fishy”.

    Hilarious! She is too cute!

  3. Ha, ha! “Here fishy, fishy”! I’m going to be giggling like a total nutter over that one for a while, it reminds me of when my dad used to throw the bread out for the birds when I was little: “Biiirrrrdiiiies! Here, biiiirrrdiiieees!” It was even complete with this daft falsetto voice that drove my ma up the wall. Nice one, Jen.

  4. Fab update, Jen – It’s beautifully written and your photos are (as always) to die for. I love that you’re playing this and telling the story, instead of posing it. It makes it far more interesting to see what actually happens for Fran instead of *make believe*… Fran is real, isn’t she??!!??

    • Um, yes, of course Fran is real. She steals my blog from time to time. What, you think I just make this stuff up out of thin air? Pshaw! ;-p Thanks for your kind words about her.

  5. Oh, I LIKE Gavin. *swoon* He’s already got my heart, too. Can’t blame Fran AT ALL for that little crush.

    I love reading your writing, my dear. I do believe there should be a novel in your future. ;)

    • You are too kind, WebbyMom. I’ve tried to write books before, but I lack the discipline to stick with one thing for that long (sound familiar at all? Heehee) These little Sims stories are just the right length for my short attention span! So glad you’re enjoying them. :)

  6. WebbyMom, I thought the same thing, someday we’ll get to read a book. Really enjoyable little story about Fran and her growing attachment to her new home.

    • Gethane! Always good to see you. :) Thanks for visiting, and I’m glad you’re enjoying Fran’s new adventures.

    • Aw, I feel like my pics are crummy compared to some of the amazing ones I’ve seen on Living Sims and elsewhere, so thank you for saying that! :)

  7. Oh Fran she cracks me up, girl has some sense of humor…something she needs with her lack of money and island life. Gawin is hot, real hot…no wonder she has a thing for her, I wonder will they eventually get it going…i sort of hope so, but you never know with sims.
    Aah i play the same, let sims 2 do their thing…i don’t like poseing and neither have i got patience for it. I just let my sims write the story for me, after all it is about them.
    Looking forward to some more ‘stoves are different …’ updates…

    • Yeah, Sims can be really slow about things, if left to their own devices. But I’m determined to let them figure it out, even if Fran ends up an old maid (which isn’t so bad at all…I’m one myself! Heehee)

  8. Fran is lovely. I\’m glad you did a game-play note, it\’s always very interesting to see what people do behind the scenes. How long lifespan does she has?

    • Thanks, ani_, I’m glad you like Fran. I’m currently playing her on the Epic lifespan, so things are moving very slowly. I’ve played about 5 weeks of her life in Mariner’s reach, and she’s only about halfway to adulthood. I like it, though, she can have days where she just eats, sleeps, and catches fish, and I don’t feel a mad rush to make her do anything else. That could get old after awhile, but for now I’m enjoying it!

  9. Now how did I miss this update? Ooh he is dreamy. me likes Gavin, he’s easy on the eyes. whew.
    She’s so funny! great update as always enjoyed the heck out of your pics.

  10. Aw, I so love your stories, Jen, you have such a talent for writting! I love “Fran’s voice”, she’s such an adorable and funny Sim!
    Gavin is a hottie! I hope he won’t be too much interested in sexy barmaids!

    • Thanks so much, Sandy! I have fun writing for Fran, and I’m glad you enjoy her stories. :) We’ll have to see about Gavin and those barmaids…

  11. Today’s security word is “Ambrosia”. I couldn’t have said it better myself. jenba, all of your stories (whether they are just discussing a new house or a new town your creating, or if it’s like the wonderful Fran) … sheer AMBROSIA!! *jiggles*

    Jellyfish are freaky. I’m sorry. Ever since I saw that movie “The Sphere”, I am totally freaked by jellfish … no matter how big or how small. *shudders*

    Wow … what the hell was EA thinking with that guy ‘do?! GEEZ! *rotflmao*

    Gavin really is quite tasty. :O) I wish Unflirty Fran all the luck in the world. And I certainly hope that you enjoy your play and don’t let the story take over the fun of it. :O)

    • And my security word is “woohoo”, which is what I say when I see a comment from the Captain! Heehee.

      I don’t like jellyfish, either…they give me the heebie jeebies. I’ve never seen “The Sphere”, though…sounds like a good flick to avoid?

      Poor Unflirty Fran…if I hadn’t set Story Progression to disallow Steady Romances for Gavin’s household, I’m sure he would have been snatched up already. She needs to get her butt in gear!

  12. Awww Fran Romance! I hope he falls in love with her. Super cute! She reminds me how I talk to myself. Lol in my head.

    • LOL, that’s sweet! I talk to myself in my head that way a lot, too. Only I’m not as funny as Fran is. :-p

  13. Jen you have a wonderful sense of humor *cough* I mean, Fran has a wonderful sense of humor. I like the fact that you play the game. It makes for some interesting situations and hilarious bits for us to drool over.

    So Ms Fishing Fran, the mac and cheese burner, is also finding a bit of romance. This island rocks! I’m glad she’s finally learned to make pancakes. The poor dear could live off of them for a while. I mean, an exploding stove is just not reliable. Right?

  14. Yes, exploding stoves are very bad indeed! Thanks so much for your nice comment, Velvet. I’m enjoying this gameplay and the challenge of trying to make a decent story out of it. ;-p