Pub Name Poll

OK, I’m trying something new here — a poll! Listed below are three suggestions (from Lilymayrose, Kim, and Kay respectively) of what to call the pub in Ely Corners. If you feel like it, vote for your favorite. I’ll close the poll before my next blog post, which will probably be this weekend.


And because pics are a good thing, here’s a gratuitous one of Spencer:

Ely Corners

Feel free to make up your own caption/text for his thought bubble…

17 thoughts on “Pub Name Poll

  1. I’m just wondering- wouldn’t Fran fit in well at Ely Corners? Sometimes going back where you grow up just doesn’t work. I think Fran might get to know all the neighbours and write for the local paper. I think the Ely Corners residents would confide in Fran.

    I miss Fran.

    • Aw, Macca, you must be reading my mind, because I was actually thinking of moving Fran to EC and having her write for the paper!

  2. “Okay, Jen, you are the All-Knowing, All-Powerful Goddess of my Universe. There, I said it, now can I have my Teddy Bear back?”

  3. I’ve just read all your update for the sims 3 and I wanted to tell you that I love your blog, your houses (your amazing at decorate ^^) and the stories! You’re a part of my google reader now :)

  4. I can’t follow Lily’s…just…can’t!

    What’s with you and all these hottie sim men Jen?

    • Heh, is it getting to be too much? I am a little shallow when it comes to my Sims, I admit! But I think of it like a soap opera — everyone’s pretty in a soap opera, right? :-D