Just for Kicks

One of the reasons I haven’t been playing my Legacy Challenge family as much lately is that my sister and I have been working on our first Sims 2 movie. After three nights of building, filming, and editing (and with judicious use of Merola’s Multi-Painting from SimChaotics), we have finally finished it. It’s too big to upload to the Sims 2 Exchange (13 MB), so I’ve decided to make it available for download from my personal web space. So if you’re bored and/or curious and have a fairly fast internet connection, check it out and tell me what you think. Note that it is only Part 1 of what may end up being a series of movies.

Watch “Christmas in the City, Part 1”

Yeah, it’s a little late for a Christmas movie, but Part 1 isn’t Christmassy yet, and maybe by the time we get to the Christmas episodes, it’ll be Christmas again. Let me know if the movie or link doesn’t work for you. Also, I have no idea what this will do to my bandwidth, so it may only be up for a limited time.

OK, off to play my Legacy family! Have a good night, everyone.

20 thoughts on “Just for Kicks

  1. I liked the movie but I didn’t entirely understand. Was the red haired guy someone she was having an affair with or her son? And was the old guy her brother, husband, or father?

  2. I guess it’s pretty confusing, isn’t it…she’s a teen, the old guy is her dad. The red-haired guy is her friend. I’ll leave it at that and see if anyone can figure the rest out. If no one can, then I guess it’s back to square one!

  3. i thought it was very cute!!! i’m guessing at the end, the girl is leaving somewhere… and the teen boy is sad (that’s why he was crying)… who was the lady who was calling her dad? she seemed mad. unless she was the mom and she was calling for her daughter to come back home… and that during Christmas, she was just visiting her dad and struck up a friendship with the teen boy. i think i get it! (sometimes rambling makes sense.)

  4. I was in pretty much the same train of thought as jenni120. I liked it, but I didn’t follow it very well. But that might just be me. I thought that maybe the lady on the phone was her mother and she was calling to have the daughter come back to stay with her. As in, the parents lived apart/were divorced, and she spent time at either parents. It seems that during the winter holidays she spent it with her father and had a little fling with the redhead or something, maybe just close friends? So, um, yeah. That’s my theory, guess, thingy. :) I hope I’m somewhere close. Sincerely, Dustyn.

  5. Oh damn! If only I hadn’t stopped to watch TV, I would’ve got my guess in before ChattyKathy! lol. Oh well. I guess people are gonna get the idea?

  6. I thought the saem exact thing as Dustyn and ChattyKathy. Are we anywhere near the realy concept of the movie? Really nice work, Jen! I can’t wait to see more of it.

  7. Love the endtitles! I never tried making a movie,it seems difficult to do. Yours turned out great Jen, can’t wait to see the next episode!!

  8. I’d love to say it’s FAHBULOUS… but I cant. My WMViewer is messed up. Could you post it in QuickTime?

  9. Hi Jen, great idea of the movie. I liked it. At first I didn’t get it but then I saw it again and Hope we all are on the right track in understanding the movie. I also think it’s holiday’s with dad and mom called to say holiday was over. :(
    Nicely made and I hope to see more.
    THanks Jen.

  10. That was really good Jen! I enjoyed it alot good job. I got it…well I think I did anyway. I’m gonna assume that the girls mom lives in the city and her dad lives in the country. I can’t wait to see what happens next. :)

  11. Heh, I had a feeling it would be confusing. Hopefully our next episode will make more sense!

    Basically the story is this: she lives in the country with her dad. Her best friend is the red-haired kid. They’re neighbors and his treehouse shares the same woods as her backyard. Her parents are divorced and hate each other, but she has to go to the city, where her mom lives, for Christmas. She has a great relationship with her dad, but not such a great one with her mom, as you will see if we make another movie. Thanks everyone for watching it and giving feedback. It helps a lot!!

  12. Keely – I’m sorry you couldn’t view the movie. I’m not sure how to export it into Quicktime without purchasing Quicktime Pro. I will look into it, though!

  13. Hehe I read the first few comments and realized that some people were having a hard time understanding it, so I wanted to guess what I think was going on before reading the rest of them.

    So the girl is a teen and she’s living with her dad out in the boondocks… the red-haired guy is her friend and maybe there’s a possibility that they’ll be more than friends at some point… and then the girl’s mother (from the city, I’m guessing since this is called Christmas in the City) calls and very nastily demands that she come live with her… so the girl has to say goodbye to her dad and her friend and go off and live with her mum (or at least spend Christmas with her?).

    Yeah, that was my take on it. I also must admit that it made me cry, LOL. I’m not sure whether it was just from seeing the amazingness that is Sims 2 in real time, or the storyline, but probably a combination of both… and the song was purty.

    Graaahhhhh, I want this game. ::counts down the days till the Mac version:: Lovely job, Jen! I’d love to see more episodes!

  14. I cheated, I read all the comments first, then watched the movie! Nicely done, I really liked it. I’m saving it so I can eventually watch them all together.

  15. Fabulous work and I enjoyed it very much, even though I now realized I thought was going on, wasn’t really. LOL I guess the mom correctly but thought that the guy with the beard was an older boyfriend. At first I thought she looked mighty small next to the dresser but figured it was the camera angle or something. I still enjoyed it, thought it was excellently done and will wait for the next installment.

  16. I enjoyed it so much I saved it and watched three times already. Seems like I figured things out correctly except about Mom. I thought she was Dad’s girlfriend and had nothing to do with the girl. Loved the music too. I think I’ll go check out the band (the name’s Guster, right?). Thank you, Jen!
    BTW, shouldn’t the teenagers be wearing something a bit more, eh, warmer? I’m just worried they might catch a cold;-) We had snow today here in Tokyo, too and it’s freeeezing!

  17. chie – Hi and thanks for your comment! You are right, the band’s name is Guster. I’m glad you liked the music. And you are also right that the teens should have been wearing warmer clothes — I wish Sims could put on winter coats! Heh. We just had a blizzard here the other night, too. Stay warm!

  18. Brilliant, maybe when the Legacy challenge is finished you could do a short film of the most emotional parts? I understood it once I read the comments…but now I’ve got Popcorn in my head – ARGH!
    Good luck with the Legacy challenge and Christmas in the City – bye!