The Shanleys in January

I played my main Legacy house for a bit tonight, but didn’t get enough pictures for a full-fledged update, so in the meantime I offer you another family portrait. I hadn’t done one since Devin and Kaylynn were around, so I figured it was time to do so. Plus I thought it would be a good idea to do it before Patrick’s future wife moved in.

The Shanleys in January

Back: Fiona (4G heir) and her husband, Robi
Front: Stefaan (5G spare heir) and his brother Patrick (5G heir)

I hope to have a full update for you soon!

16 thoughts on “The Shanleys in January

  1. very nice portrait. are those christmas trees in the background, seems very snowy and formal^^ anyway, it’s cool that Pat looks like Robi while Stefaan looks like Fiona. Stef’s got a more oval shape face like his mum while Pat’s got Robi’s sharper chin.

  2. Hi Jen. I like the portrait. A few questions: How did you get the snow? And are the sitting outside watching TV? lol. And (one last one) That is a nice outfit Fiona is wearing, where did you get it and has she always wore that necklace? oops that was two questions in one. hee hee. Well I’m just wondering and thought I ask you. Thanks for the portrait.
    Sim you later.

  3. Hey guys! I got the snowy trees and shrubs from Avenida Sims. I’m not sure where I got the snow cover since I downloaded about six different ones when Homecrafter first came out. :-) Fiona’s dress is from All About Style, they have some nice stuff for elder females. The necklace is part of the dress. It’d be cool if they could wear jewelry separately, though! And yeah, they’re just sitting outside watching TV. It was the only way I could get Fiona to stop slouching. :-)

  4. Great job. I love these family portraits! Anyways, I hope Patrick gets married soon! Then you can start your 6th generation!!

  5. Oh cool. Only 4 more generations to go! This family portrait is awesome. I wonder how hard it would be to take a picture of EVERYONE still alive in the Shanley relations, spouse and offsprings included. Yikes! lol. Lovely, See you later! Sincerely, Dustyn.

  6. Dustyn, I think that is a really cool idea to get ALL of the Shanleys together for a portrait. It would be challenging — I might have to fudge a little with Moveobjects on or something. I think I’ll wait until 10th gen to do it, though, since my Legacy family is already moving along too slowly. That’s it, I’ll have a 10th gen family reunion when I’m done with the challenge. Thanks for the idea! ;-)

  7. Yes, I think that is a fine idea. :-) I wonder how many sims will be alive at that time and how many houses you’d have……….

  8. *looks to Jen* That will be extremely hard. *can’t imagine herself doing it* I could never do it…I could, erm, try, I suppose. But I shall never prevail!

  9. Wow Jen, holy smokes, 6th generation? I am only on the 2nd I have been neglecting my sims XD. I have been reading and following your stories since you since started with Blogger, but I only posted a comment 2.

  10. Ah well, I am on my third generation…but I suppose you’d have to count the grandparents and greatgrandparents…but I didn’t make ’em. Johnny Smith married my sim that I made so…I’m in about the sixth generation…but by me I’m on the third! Good luck with your sims, Jen! I’m rootin for ya to get to the 20th generation! lol

  11. *pats Jen on the back* Don’t be like that…you shall get there, eventually of course. It won’t happen over night…even if you DO spend all of the night on the Sims 2. lol