Just for Kicks

One of the reasons I haven’t been playing my Legacy Challenge family as much lately is that my sister and I have been working on our first Sims 2 movie. After three nights of building, filming, and editing (and with judicious use of Merola’s Multi-Painting from SimChaotics), we have finally finished it. It’s too big to upload to the Sims 2 Exchange (13 MB), so I’ve decided to make it available for download from my personal web space. So if you’re bored and/or curious and have a fairly fast internet connection, check it out and tell me what you think. Note that it is only Part 1 of what may end up being a series of movies.

Watch “Christmas in the City, Part 1”

Yeah, it’s a little late for a Christmas movie, but Part 1 isn’t Christmassy yet, and maybe by the time we get to the Christmas episodes, it’ll be Christmas again. Let me know if the movie or link doesn’t work for you. Also, I have no idea what this will do to my bandwidth, so it may only be up for a limited time.

OK, off to play my Legacy family! Have a good night, everyone.