Are We There Yet?

Ever since Fiona had her last child, I’ve been eager to get started on generation 6 in my Legacy Challenge family. Patrick, my 5th gen heir, just needed to marry someone, and I had just the right person lined up — Marie Mazza, the pizza girl. At least, I thought she was the right person. After moving her into the house, I discovered she was a Romance Sim. I haven’t had a Romance Sim yet in my Legacy family (though I’ve played them in other families), so I was a bit dismayed. I know I could have looked it up beforehand and saved myself the trouble, but I thought it would be more fun to be surprised. Silly me.

Before I moved her in, I wanted to have her and Patrick fall in love. They were already friends, so it was just a matter of inviting her over and sending them off to flirt and kiss somewhere. First she had dinner with Patrick’s parents, Fiona and Robi.

Marie has dinner with the family
“So how many kids do you want to have? Seven? Eight? It’s really not too bad once you get past all the throwing up.”

Fiona and Robi seemed to approve of Patrick’s choice (not that he had a choice, really), so it was off to the TV room for some serious kissing.

Patrick and Marie kiss
“Mmm, you smell like pepperoni…”

After that, Patrick asked her to move in. I usually like to move the NPCs in before engagement and marriage so I can have them around and get engaged/married when it is most convenient. This is when I found out she was a Romance Sim, of course. I figured she might enjoy some woohoo (and I wanted to build up their relationship score), so I sent them upstairs to Patrick’s bedroom. After a little cuddling, they appeared to be in love.

Patrick and Marie cuddling on the bed
“Ahhh, this is nice…except that my left arm is falling asleep.”

It was time for Patrick to make his move. He leaned over and whispered something suggestive into Marie’s ear. And you know what? She rejected him! I was surprised. What kind of Romance Sim turns down an opportunity for woohoo? I’m guessing her relationship score with Patrick just wasn’t high enough yet — I had neglected to check it beforehand. Oh well. No lovin’ for Patrick that night!

Marie refuses Patrick
“Hey, I’m not THAT kind of Romance Sim!”

She didn’t have any problem cuddling with him some more after that (and rejecting him for woohoo a second time, which made me laugh). They were tired, so I let them go to sleep. My next mission was to get them engaged. This would prove tricky, because she had a fear of it, and it was a doozy. She was in green, so I knew if I got them engaged, she might require a visit from the shrink. I didn’t want that, so I had to work on getting her aspiration meter into gold or better. Fortunately she wanted to flirt and gain skill points, so we worked on that.

Then I gave her a makeover. It’s funny because I personally don’t wear makeup and know very little about it, but it’s fun to play with all of the make-up on my Sims. It’s another way to make them unique and add some color to their faces. Anyway, here’s Marie post-makeover:

Marie all dolled up
“Watch out, boys.”

After that, she was all ready for Patrick’s proposal. He popped her the question near the pinball machine. You know, for that extra romantic touch. (I just wanted to get it over with before her aspiration level dropped too far.)

Patrick proposes to Marie

After the proposal, her aspiration level dropped almost to red. I knew I would have to build it back up to platinum before holding a wedding, since she now had a fear of marrying Patrick. Darned Romance Sims! Why couldn’t I have gotten one later on, when I wasn’t itching to get started on that 6th generation? Oh well, I would just have to be patient.

Since Marie wanted to meet people and have two loves and such, I sent her downtown to hopefully meet some guys. Unfortunately she didn’t meet any, but she did become acquainted with Patrick’s cousin Eleanor and her friend Abby.

Marie talks to Eleanor and Abby
“Say, do you girls know where I can find Amanda Kissenhug?”

15 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. Hey Jen. That’s funny about the Marie. I can’t believe she turned him down twice. lol. I guess his moves need some Well I hope you marry them off soon and get to your G6. Thanks for the update. One thing, where did you get her nice pink blouse. It’s cute.
    Sim you later.

  2. I’m in love with your blog! Where’s part 2? Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Nah… just joshing ya! But oh goody! More of Jen’s blog to devour! I think this is getting desperate… I’m addicted! eek! lol. Great work and it’s true that with time comes experience! Sincerely, Dustyn. P.S.- have you put any thought into packaging the Shanley house (furnished) onto the Exchange… or even here? I love the house (furnished lol).

  3. Wow, what a great update! I love the picture of Marie rejecting Patrick. He’s like, “What? Does my breath stink or something?” Lol. Yeah, it’s great. Anyways…I agree with Dustyn. Your house is so awesome! I can’t wait to read your 2nd part! It’s so exciting!

  4. yay! back to Shanley updates^^ Good to hear your headmaster bug fixed itself up. hehe I just love kids in private school uniform. lol… it’s funny though a Romance sim rejecting a woohoo! thats’ something new :) looking forward to part 2

  5. Hi Mary, I got Marie’s pink blouse from a site called Unpretty. They have some lovely stuff!

    Dustyn – I will try to put Shanley Manor up on the exchange within the next day or so. :-)

  6. Awww That picture of Robi tucking his kid in was so cute! I love your captions too they just seem to fit in really well and they are always so funny. lol I like the LOTR line best…nice work Jen, hopefully you will be ok with the Romance sim after awhile. Maybe she will even add some extra excitment. Oh and I totally know what you mean about the make-up thing. I don’t wear make-up either, I think I’m too lazy to learn about it, but I love playing around with the make-up on my sims. Can’t wait to read the next update. :)

  7. Great update. I loved the make over she looks so cute now! The rejection was very funny too. It seems strange that the game would have a romance sim afraid of being proposed to and getting married. Hmmm.

    Question: When you move NPCs into a household do they still go out to work?

  8. Yay! I love your updates!

    Aw, that’s too bad Marie’s a romance Sim… oh well, at least now you can be better aquainted with romance sims. So now you have more experience…

    She’s really pretty after the makeover, though. I can’t wait to see what the baby looks like! Great job!

  9. Just wanted to say that ever since I discovered your sim blog it has inspired me to start my own legacy challenge and I’ve had this game since it came out in Sept.; was just never into the challenge until I saw how much fun you make your blog and challenge.

    BTW where did you get the “Land’s End” clothes that you showed much earlier in your blog? I think it was maybe gen 2.

    Keep up the great stories I have become a daily reader of this blog and enjoy it immensely. :)

  10. Jen,

    Keep up the good work! Pretty soon, Patrick will be a daddy and he gets to change diapers. I can’t wait! *bites nails until Patrick hears the cries of his newborn* I hope Marie will be up to the challenge. She better expect a big family, even if she is a romance sim. Are you planning to have her have an affair and perhaps a divorce? I don’t know, I was just wondering!

  11. *looks at Robbi’s hand* Hey! Robbi has his wedding ring on the wrong finger. Tsk, tsk! Does he not know anything about vows? lol

  12. PRMami – Hi and thanks for your comment! I got the “Lands End” clothes from The Sims Resource, but I don’t recall who the creator was. I can try to find it when I get home tonight! Hope you’re having fun with your Legacy family! :-)

  13. Stefaan looks like Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter in that uniform <3…thats the first time I’ve seen a boy sim go to private school, believe it or not.

    And and, I coulda told you Marie was a romance sim. Actually, I couldn’t. But her counterpart (pizzaguy–Remington) was also a romance sim. Maybe npcs that share the same jobs are the same aspiration types 8)

  14. *thinks quietly* I do believe that Mieko has a point. That ish a very good observation…*has never noticed that before*