Random Acts of Simming

I’ve been working on another family — they’re the main farmers of my town, and also the owners of the local pub. They live in the Homewood, where I was originally going to put the Deshannons. I gave it the quick and dirty decorating treatment because I was eager to work on the pub, so it’s mostly EA stuff; I’ll probably spruce it up later on.

This is Will Sothers, the younger son of the family.

Ely Corners

He’s trying to watch the game, but his parents, Hannah and Owen, insist on dancing right in front of the TV.

Ely Corners

He doesn’t get too ruffled about it, though; he’s a pretty laid-back guy. In fact, he’s so laid-back that all he does is sit on his rump and watch TV or play computer games (a man after my own heart). Yes, Will Sothers is a slacker of the highest order, and his parents hope to nudge him out of the house by teaching him the family business, starting with the art of making drinks.

But first, he pays a visit to his brother Shane, who lives across the street.

Ely Corners

When I get everything up and running, Shane will be the sheriff of Ely Corners. He just needs a uniform and an office. I’m not sure how I’ll have him “work”, but I think just calling him to the scene when he is needed will be enough for now. Not that I imagine many “scenes” occurring in this dinky little town, but you never know.

This is Shane’s wife, Toni. I would just like to say: I did not put her in those clothes. I must have deleted the outfit she was supposed to be wearing. Ah, the dangers of purging custom content. Toni is a mother of two, an avid baker, and a bit of a gossipmonger. Unfortunately her house is empty and I haven’t created her kids yet, so she has nothing to do.

Ely Corners

Shane invites Will into the empty house, and the first thing Will does is ask him for money. I love how Shane is looking at him like, “Typical.” And you wanna know how much money Will was able to mooch off of his brother? One Simoleon. One lousy, stinking Simoleon. Hah.

Ely Corners

Will figures he’d better scoot over to the pub if he wants to make more than a buck.

Ely Corners

He washes some glasses, hums to himself, wonders if anyone is going to show up.

Ely Corners

Not long after that, who should appear but his own mother! Talk about being put on the spot. She orders some fish and chips and sits facing away from him so she won’t make him nervous. But Will does get nervous, and drops a glass right in front of his first real customer.

Ely Corners

“Sorry, Mom!”

This is Cynthia Sims, the mixologist NPC that was created by the game when I made the pub. I classified it as a “local watering hole”, which I think is one of the LN types, because the lot has open/closing times and a happy hour. I haven’t experimented with making it another type, though.

Ely Corners

At any rate, I considered force killing Miss Default Face Template on the spot, but I checked her family tree, and she has a family. A husband and a toddler. I also discovered she’s homeless. Yup, a whole homeless NPC family. I’m not sure what to do about them. Since I have the fancy Late Night mixology station in the pub, the game will most likely generate a new NPC mixologist if I delete Cynthia. So I might just edit her in CAS to make her less defaulty and say she lives in the city and commutes to Ely Corners for work. I think I’m just going to have to live with some NPCs being around.

Will’s parents get a little lovey-dovey sometimes, but Will doesn’t seem to mind.

Ely Corners

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34 thoughts on “Random Acts of Simming

  1. Oh Oh Oh Spencer can come renovate my *house* any time he damn well pleases… humedah humedah! Have to say I quite like Toni’s outfit, it kinda suits the place. Maybe EA has some intelligence after all.

    Love the pub, though “The Puking Pony” is NOT going to get my vote. Nice little place like Ely Corners needs a much more fitting name for it’s pub than a vomitting stubby legged horse…. bad girl, Jen. Very bad girl.

  2. LOL! I was only kidding about the “Puking Pony”. But I really am having trouble coming up with a good name for it. Do you have any suggestions? :)

    • Only thing I can think of is *The Cornerstone*… as in the cornerstone of the community, fits with Ely *Corners*… but what do I know I – I’ve been known to drink in The Dog and Duck!

      • Well, now, The Dog and Duck sounds like a very respectable pub! I really like The Cornerstone. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. oh I dunno, puking pony has a ring to it .. *snorts*
    and I agree Spencer is one handyman to have around. I would find myelf breaking things in order to call him over again. it would be so worth it. *wonders if he minds working shirtless*

  4. Will is a bit yummy! You have some seriously gorgeous sims living in Ely Corners Jen.

    I took your advice and got the MTS bodies with Tamo’s faces. They look fab!

    Also, we have the same default replacement plates. They are so pretty :)

    • I love those plates, too! Glad to hear you’re liking the Tamo faces and the HP bodies. I quite like the combo myself!

  5. I love this! The pub is awesome. I love the little beer garden.
    Seeing as I am getting the Irish Pub feel to it.. how about calling it “Bobby McGees” I used to love that place back home in AUS.
    or Shimrock Tavern, a play on sim and shamrock? also sounds like your a bit tipsy when you say it..lol

  6. Ha! I love the “Shimrock Tavern” idea!

    I giggled all the way through this again, Jen! I believe that Will just needs a nice woman to whip him into shape, that’s all. He’s certainly got that “nice boy” look to him. Surely he’ll attract some nice girl! LOL

  7. I like Will’s face. It’s narrow, but it works for him! :O)

    Wow … his mom was BRAVE for trying that mixed drink. I mean … he’s not even properly trained yet! *shudders* Wow … puke city! *cackles* Beware of improperly prepared mixed drinks!

    Gorgeous shot of Ely Corners. Mm … I’ve updated my system to Win7 and when I did it, I haven’t been able to get my colors to look as rich as they used to. It’s like there’s this “gray tinge”. I hope I’m able to fix it before I start taking simming pictures again. Y’know … Spencer Latham looks like Corey Feldman. :O)

    Your pub is GORGEOUS!! It makes me want to buy a Shepherd’s Pie! :O)

    • And I even gave Will two skill points of Mixology to start out with! I figured he’d know a thing or two just growing up in/around the pub. But wow, he’s awful. That’s too bad about the gray tinge! Ack. Have you updated your graphics drivers recently?

  8. Will Sothers is CUTE! *whistles* (Even with the total slacker personality.) Hiya Sheriff Shane! *waves* Hehe, glad Shane didn’t give Will tons of money, since he clearly has an entire house to furnish! He washes the glasses with his fingers? I hope he at least washed his hands first. Aww, poor Will. *comfort* Cynthia’s kinda cute. Is Will interested in her? Keep the family business in the family if he is. *grins* Well, I guess if she’s already got a husband and kid, he can’t woo her. (As soon as you have an unfilled house, I bet they’ll move in there.)

    Hehehehehehe, love Will’s expression when he’s mixing the drink and his phone goes off. *cackles* Oh, his poor parents. *tries not to giggle at them getting sick*

    *pokes Kirby* Art is good for you, kid! Oooo, Spencer is a HOT handyman! *wolf whistles* He’s gonna be a favorite of the single and/or lonely women, isn’t he. *giggles*

    As I knew it would, the pub looks awesome. :D *snickers at “Puking Pony”*

    • Hehe, yeah, I need to get Shane and Toni’s house furnished (and also give them their two kids). Too much to do, not enough time! Oh, go ahead and giggle at Will’s parents getting sick — I was laughing my head off! (you can tell I haven’t played much since LN came out!)

  9. A friend of mine had a fictional pub named “The Rose and Pearls”
    I one time named a pub in a story “The Painted Pony” (which is much nicer than a puking pony).
    I agree that Spencer could come fix things up in my house any time.. mmmmm..

  10. …… what? oh, umm, sorry, I was lost in thought. Something about Spencer and a “Master Controller” *cough* Wow, love the pub and the puke but mostly I love how it’s the perfect interwoven Sim world we’ve always dreamed of.

  11. Actually, Jen, I think the time of day made the pictures of the pub look great! A lot like one of those Ye Olde English ones you see in books. One of my sims 2 ‘hoods has a pub called ‘The Highwayman’ because I was listening to that song when I was building it, and another ‘hood has one called ‘The Ticklish Trout’ (I dunno what I was thinking that day). Great update, the pictures are spectacular!

    • Haha, great pub names! Especially the Ticklish Trout. :) And yeah, I was going for the kind of stereotypical English country pub, so I’m glad it evokes that for you!

  12. Great update, glad to see you playing :)
    Your hood looks gorgeous as always.

    The music instruments and the cars are annoying me as well. Last weekend was the last straw, so I ended up making a tiny mod that prevents autonomous instrument playing. A better mod would be to stop the instruments from generating into their inventory in the first place, but I didn’t have time to investigate so I took the easy way out for now. At least now all my grannies will not learn how to play the drums when I’m not playing them.

    With the cars, deleting them is always the first thing I do when I switch families, then family funding their assets to what it was before deleting. Usually adults have 1 car in their inventory, but a few times, their inventories have been full of cars. One time after deleting all the cars in Style’s and his wife’s inventory, they became my first Sim millionaires.

    • Wow, that’s a lot of cars! Yeah, I’m going to have to do something similar. I wonder if Twallan’s Story Progression has any option for controlling inventories…I’ll have to look into that. How cool that you made your own mod to deal with the constant instrument-playing! That really drives me bonkers. I would love to use it if you ever feel like sharing it!

      • You know you want to go have a drink at The Tragic Clown. ;) The bartender cries into your beer for that certain je ne sais quis. And yes, beer!
        (It’s because of Late Night that I’m back to Simming. The vampires seem actually cool this time around! But I still miss the aliens. :( )

  13. Oh I do like the Sothers! Will the lazy boy, Shane the stalwart brother, the love bird parents – they’re perfect for Elys Corner. But then again Jenba, your complete cast of characters seem to fit just right.

    And the pub! You have the pub finished – Yaaay! I have to say it looks lovely. A nice little town pub for a nice little town. Your shots of this picturesque burg is amazing and just make me all “awww” inside. :)

    Okay, for my two cents, I vote for “Shimrock Tavern” it has that little flavor to it.

    So *swings arms* what’s next? LOL

    • Aw, thank you, Velvet! I’m so glad you like my town so far. I have an Ely Corners post in the works for the next day or so…so I guess that’s what’s next! :D

  14. Darn uni distractions, they made me almost miss this awesome update! The pup looks fantastic Jen. Actually strangely enough it reallly reminds me of this dinky little pub/resturant/live music place I went to in Memphis of all places (minus the Elvis pictures of course :D) which is very cool. Definitely can’t wait to see what you decided to create next!

    • *shakes a fist at Beatdoc’s university* Sounds like that place in Memphis was pretty cool…live music is the best!