The Charles

Hey all. I’m still having a blast building and decorating in TS3. Although I really wish there were more options for wall hangings…and deco items…and windows… (I was sooo spoiled by all of the awesome custom content for TS2! Weren’t we all?) Anyhoo, this was a house I built for a happily single Sim who was going to be the narrator for my attempt at a story. Unfortunately her family got messed up and I’ll have to re-create them. In the meantime, I decided to just finish her house and make it available for upload.

Download The Charles from Mod the Sims

Sims 3

It was inspired by a real-life house in my hometown, so it’s a bit on the small side. There’s not even room for a double bed upstairs! So it’s perfect for a lifelong bachelor or bachelorette. Or you could put another single bed in the “office” area and have roomies. You could also expand the area by the easel and make a master bedroom. The possibilities are endless.

The house reminds me of those old craftsman-style cottages, so I decorated it in that style, too. More pics after the jump!

Sims 3
Back view and deck

Sims 3
Living Room

Sims 3
Kitchen & Dining Room

Sims 3
Hallway Nook

Sims 3

Also, for those of you who may have missed it, The Perfidia (from my post “Building Is Fun“) is also available on Mod the Sims. Hope you enjoy!

16 thoughts on “The Charles

  1. Another astonishing house from you, I love it! You’re so making me drool for the game, but I have to be patient till next week, it should arrive probably on Monday. :)

    Oh and I’ve just noticed that the table and chairs are actually from The Sims 2, but with different textures. I hate using them in TS2 but they look delicious with new colors.

    • Thanks, Hannah! I really admire your patience! I can’t wait for you to get the game and give us your impressions. :-)

  2. BEAUTIFUL house!! :D I may have to download this for my Landon Doe for when he grows up, loner that he is. *grins*

  3. It’s … So … CUTE!!! I wish I could afford to live in a house like that all by myself. :O)) I’ll definitely have to download it later. :O)) I’m loving the picture with the easel, the way the sun is shining on the floor. :O)

  4. Beautiful as always Jen! Your buildings are so unique and inspiring. Pretty much all of my buildings are the same style ultimately, that is very cottage-y. But you really tempt me to think out of my comfortable and cosy little box and try different kinds of styles. I love this house so very much!

  5. Aww! That house is awesome. A nice, cozy house fit for an outdoorsy loner… I could totally live there, LOL.

    I am so with you on wall hangings. They’re just doesn’t seem to be enough variety! At least we can recolor frames, though. Now if only they’d implement CAST to allow us to put our own, custom pictures in the actual picture part. That would be very cool.

  6. I’ve downloaded your fine house from mts2 and feel that since i’ve been lurking again lately i should at least pop up once in a while to greet you haha. Anyway, i love this house! It look cosy as always your house building skill always amazed me!

  7. Eeee it’s so cute and adorable! The front garden is so cute and cottage-y, I can see it being full of wildflowers. I love the warm living room too, I can just imagine how much my sims would love sitting there with a big, roaring fire.

    • Thank you, Linda! I’ve been inspired by your wonderful landscaping, so I’m trying to make mine a little more interesting. :)