Building Is Fun

UPDATE: This house is available for download (now with a green door!) from Mod the Sims. However, some people are having issues with it being usable in game. I have a feeling it’s a lot placement issue (like we get in TS2 sometimes when the terrain isn’t uniform), but I don’t know for sure. Let me know if it works for you or not!

UPDATE #2: I think I’ve fixed the problem! The lot has been repackaged and re-uploaded to MTS, so if you were having issues and still want to use the house (heh), please re-download! And again, let me know if it’s still being stupid or you have any other issues.

So I took a break from gameplay to mess around with CAS and attempt to build a house. This time I used the “motherlode” cheat so that I could do whatever I wanted, and man, it was a blast.

Sims 3

I worked on this house for about 6 hours, and I’m still not done with it! You’d think it wouldn’t take that long with just the base game items and no CC, but I’m still learning TS3, plus Create-A-Style is amazing and full of endless options. I’m sure I’ll get sick of the patterns at some point, but they’re still new right now. It’s overwhelming, really.

More pics and rambling after the jump…

Sims 3

This house was inspired by those idyllic suburban homes you see all the time in the movies. For some reason I was imagining a 1980s John Hughes movie taking place here, like Sims 3 meets Sixteen Candles. Heh. I loved being able to make all of the windows the same shade and texture. And I could make the roof of the bay windows match the roof of the house. I did the same with the shutters. EA did something right with CAST, I tell ya.

Sims 3

I took the easy way out and found one woodgrain pattern I liked. Then I used it over and over and over again. Woot! I really like that we can use corner counters in TS3. And you don’t need OMSPs to put multiple things on most surfaces.

Sims 3

Very happy about ceilings being in TS3. It’s too bad we can’t recolor them (at least, I couldn’t figure out a way), but that’s something we didn’t get in TS2 until the very last expansion pack (!), so I’m not complaining.

Sims 3

I did have some frustrations while I was building and decorating, but of course now I can’t remember what they were. I’ll have to take notes next time!

Sims 3

I still have to finish the upstairs and the backyard for this house, but after that I’m thinking of putting it up for download (here, not at the Exchange). I have a family in there already, so I’m going to playtest a little and see how it goes.

Sims 3

So yeah, having a great time with the building and decorating aspect of TS3. I think I actually prefer it to TS2 in that regard, for two big reasons: 1) CAST is awesome and makes it so much easier to match things; and 2) the landscaping and the scenery are just beautiful. I love the trees and shrubs and textures and shiny pond water. It’s awesome to be able to take a picture of a house and see pretty stuff all around, not just monotone green hills with no definition to them, or blurry trees floating in midair.

Still not sure about the storytelling side of things. And neighborhood/world creation is pretty much non-existent at this point. Hopefully that will change in the near future!

19 thoughts on “Building Is Fun

  1. Oh my. *holds her breath* This is so beautiful! I’m fascinated with how you designed the interior, it’s really stunning. Good work! The big boogshelf in the study room (?) looks very nice, too.

  2. *swoons at the awesomeness*

    And we all know you are the kween of building neat houses/homes. :O) Looking gorgeous … though, not a fan of the rose wallpaper. ;O)) I want more EXTERIOR shots!

  3. Whoa. It reminds me of my friend’s house!! I can’t wait to buy the game now!!!

  4. I’ve always been amazed at your talent in houses and decorating… this time I think you’ve completely out done yourself. Fabulous! Simply stunning.
    I’m with Ang on the wallpaper.. only because I don’t care for roses! heh

  5. I haven’t built a house from scratch, but even I have been having fun with the decorating aspect because of CAST. It’s nice to be able to find an item you want, and then even if you hate the colors/the pattern.. you can change it! And it’s nice for coordinating a room when they don’t put enough similar-colored objects to make a ‘set’.

    Nice to see you’re enjoying it, too. You’ve done a gorgeous job on that house!

  6. Wow. It’s gorgeous. I still haven’t bought the Sims 3 and Im debating on it heavily but this is just wow. Then anything you do is wow.

    Does this mean your giving up the Sims 2 for good and we won’t know what happens to Joe and his family?

    • That remains to be seen. :-) I’m having fun with TS3 right now, but if I get bored with it, I might end up back with TS2. I’m sorry about Joe!

  7. Great job! I’m in awe!

    I haven’t tried building yet but you might have inspired me to at least have a look at it. ;)

  8. Thanks, everyone! I’m glad you guys like it. I’ve finished it up and submitted it to Mod the Sims. *crosses fingers* We’ll see how it goes. If it gets approved, I’ll post a link here so you guys can download it if you want.

    • I just grabbed it from MTS. I’ll actually have to quit the game out to install it. I can’t wait to get someone into it. It looks fabulous! i just keep it running and tab out occasionally to eat, maybe sleep. I find the gameplay totally addictive.

  9. I just downloaded it Jen! I was so happy when I saw a house up by you on MTS2, very exciting. Love the surburban feel, I can’t wait to pop it ingame and give it a whirl, great job!

  10. It sounds like some people are having trouble using the house — after placement, a slope appears in the front, making the home inaccessible. Also, my game said the lot was 40 x 30; someone else’s game said it was 40 x 40. Very curious. Has anyone here gotten it to work properly?

  11. Lot placement in TS3 is going to make downloading awesome houses a pain in the butt. You have to find the right size and then start rotating, hoping it works. x_x

    The house looks great, Jen. I can totally see an 80s movie taking place there! Perfect yard for standing with a boombox over one’s head. ;) The outside is especially gorgeous. I’m not so good with the landscaping, myself… but CAST is my dream. Everything matching precisely? Hooray.

    How is the pathing? That’s the one thing I’ve found that drives me bonkers in TS3. I like smaller, more cozy rooms but having multiple sims in them or trying to pass through them = stupid foot tapping sameness while they all wait for nothing. Sigh.

    • I have ended up quite annoyed at the pathing issues. It is absolute TORTURE when I try to have my Rock Star sim hold an autograph session. So many sims will show up, and (aside from there being a delay when I tell him to go sign another autograph) if anyone walks in front of him everyone stops and hands-on-hips-foot-taps and it wastes precious time that could be used signing autographs and making money. And yes, in smaller rooms/smaller houses it’s dreadful. Ugh. D:

  12. Yes, TS3 lot placement is a PAIN IN MY KEESTER. One issue with this house is that I built it on a corner lot, and probably should have put the front of the house on the short side rather than the long side. This makes for gaps when placing on a 40 x 40 lot. I think I may have figured out the weird sloping issue, though — I plan on doing some more testing and maybe repackaging and reuploading the lot when I get home from work tonight.

    As for pathing, I have a family of 6 in that house, and for the most part, pathing seems all right…except for in the kitchen. If they all manage to eat at the same time, they can stand around looking stupid waiting for family members to move so they can grab food/wash up plates. ANNOYING! As I play more and witness that kind of thing I’ll hopefully be able to build houses with better pathing. :-p

  13. Very pretty house Jen! Although I’m not surprised. Your houses are always beautiful. This house actually reminds me of the house in the old Alvin & the Chipmunks cartoon. Did you ever see that one? Well, I think it’s super cute just like that house!