More Rosy and Riverview

OK, the in-game camera works MUCH better than Snag-It. Hooray for that! Some of my pics are still dark, but that’s mainly because they were taken at night. The daytime pictures are much improved.

I’m also enjoying the game more, although the combination of the new Sims and the recycled Sims 2 animations is jarring at times, as if I were watching a scene-by-scene re-creation of my favorite movie starring a completely different cast. (Hey, like Gus Van Sant did with Psycho.)

Here are some more pics if you’re interested!

Last we left Rosy Curran, she was hitting it off with fellow Coffee Courier Don Lothario at the community garden in Riverview.

Sims 3

They chatted about work and gardening and made silly faces at each other.

Sims 3

Careful, Rosy! Your face might freeze that way!

Sims 3

I have no idea what Rosy was doing here, but I love this look! It’s so…smug! Like she knows something momentous is happening.

Sims 3

Aw, her first real friend. That IS momentous!

Sims 3

Don was having such a good time, he ignored his gnawing hunger pangs so he could chat with Rosy a bit more. How sweet.

Sims 3

Eventually Rosy got tired and hailed a cab back home. (Which reminds me…is that costing her money every time? If so, then D’OH…no wonder the poor gal is broke all the time!)

Little quiz for you. In the picture below, Rosy is: a) witnessing a murder; b) seeing a ghost; or c) arriving at a nondescript office building for her first day on the job.

Sims 3

The answer is c, of course. Wow, I guess Excitable Sims really do get excited.

Sims 3

The building that made Rosy’s eyes bug out.

Sims 3

My favorite expression so far. She looks absolutely horrified! Frightened out of her wits! But no! She’s just really really REALLY psyched about going to work! YAY WORK!

Sims 3

Here she takes the carpool home after YAY WORK! I liked the view of the industrial sector (where the makers of Riverview crammed almost all of the career-related buildings). Also, curved roads are awesome.

Sims 3

After a hard day’s YAY WORK! Rosy needed to relax and raise her mood, so I clicked on her and selected “Visit Community Park”. It took her about two seconds to reach her destination, because it’s practically in her backyard. You can see the greenish siding of her house in the right half of the screenshot. So it kind of cracked me up that she was all, “Oh! Here I am! At the park! It was so worth the hike!”

Sims 3

Rosy wanted to do some more fishing, so I went into Map View and saw this lone park out in the country with a little “fishing” icon over it. Along the way, she passed pretty farmland. I do love the scenery in this game!

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16 thoughts on “More Rosy and Riverview

  1. Oooh, OOOH!!! But I’m trying to hate this game!!!!!!! LOL! :)

    But really, I suppose it does lend itself well to singular main-character storytelling, since it’s so legacy focused and all.

    I love Rosy! She’s adorable with her YAY WORK! And her flirty face is hilarious! :) And I can’t wait to see if she gets shot down or not!

    I love the driving pictures, the FARMLAND! You know, even the skins are growing on me a little, or maybe it’s the lighting on them that looks good (specifically the one where they’re standing in front of the window being lovey).

    The makeup is still bad though – terrible! As is the facial hair *cringe*!

    Anyway, I’m supposed to be hating this game, at least hating it until they fix some major issues. It’s just not usable for the way I play. But man, oh man, you’re making it look good!

    More please :)

  2. Isn’t the farmland gorgeous? I swear I’ve taken more pictures of scenery than of actual gameplay, haha! And if all the farm stuff in Riverview isn’t just /screaming/ farm-type expansion pack, I don’t know what is.

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game more! I enjoy it too, actually. You just have to sort of.. not compare it to Sims 2 (especially since we have so many expansions and all sorts of CC for Sims 2) and not try to expect huge leaps of technological greatness beyond Sims 2 and it’s an enjoyable game, for a base game. It’s a bit sad that we can’t really compare it to Sims 2/say that it’s a big step forward (like Sims 1 to Sims 2 was), but I guess that’s not surprising given how cheap EA seems to be. Give the players only the tiniest little bit for their money/for free, then charge them up the rear for anything extra!

    Anyway! Rosy is really cute. That blush on her, was it that shade in CAS, or is the game lighting messing with it at all? Maye it’s just my graphics card, but I’m finding I cannot put blush on my female sims because, even if they look beautiful in CAS, once I send them out into the world it looks like a drunk clown smeared charcoal on them or something. It’s worse in the outdoor lighting (usually they look decent indoors) and it’s driving me mad, but I don’t know if it’s me or the game.

    Anyway, looking good, Jen!

  3. *shakes head at Don* Don’cha know that repeatedly brushing your teeth does NOTHING for the waves of stank emanating off yo body, dude?

  4. Please, just tell me that I’m right now – the game is good, isn’t it? I just so wish for that. Everybody seems to be whining, but I think that we can’t have everything at once. It’s obvious that there will be expansion packs that will bring something cool and new. It’s just the base game for now… we can’t expect too much.

    Rosy is a real cutie pie. I like the expressions, but what does she do in her new YAY-WORK? I also love her house from the outside. Do you plan to make some inside pictures, too? :)

  5. Love it! Love reading your stories again and seeing you do it so beautifully with Sims 3. The game camera really is better which is so refreshing – and the scenery is gorgeous. Have you done any building yet? I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  6. Oh, I didn’t notice there was page 2, too. Lol. This was a good read! Maybe EAxis made up a storyline for Don in their heads – like he had a few babies in Pleasantview (with Dina, Cassandra, whoever…). His house is very strange, though. Riverview seems like a lot of fun and exploring!

  7. I just had the experience where I wanted to send a sim out fishing, but all the community lots seemed too far away. Then I realized that my sim is really only across the street from the river, and so I had him walk over to the river to start fishing.

    D’oh! It was sort of like a light bulb went off over my head.

    Your pics are too cute. Haha Rosie, she’s too awesome. Some of those expressions are actually cute, if weird.

  8. Looking forward to more from Rosy and Don! Woohoo!!! Congrats to her doing what many women have done in the past. *LOL* I’m wnodering … with him fearing commitment, if poor Rosy is going to get shot down. But … I do have to admit that I’m looking forward to see Don Jr. ;O))

  9. I love Rosy, she’s great with that Yay Work! LOL
    Their expressions crack me up! I almost bust a gut when Don wouldnt hold hands with her. The look on his face is priceless!
    Hmm. Will Don settle down once and for all? Good question.
    I look forward to hearing the answer!

  10. Cute update Jen! Your pictures look much better, and you’re right Riverview has some gorgeous scenery! And don’t you just love the seamless neighborhood. I never used to take my sims to community lots unless I absolutely had to because it took soooo long to load. Now my sims go all the time!

    Which reminds me, I finally got my game up and running. I have a new blog for my sims 3 adventures too. So come see my new sim and the fun we’ve been having!

  11. Given the look on Don’s face, I think I’d have to say that he won’t be too thrilled with the proposal, but I’m more than prepared to have that observation blow up in my face. And the pics do look better. Oh, and thanks for explaining things in my last comment, Jen.

  12. The scenery is definitely a step up. It’s like being a vibrant, living world. Just beware the zombies that are supposed to be actual sims. ;) The facial expressions bother me a lot because most sims seem to default to rolling their eyes halfway up their heads. Which is NUTS. It freaks me out for real, LOL!

    Have you gone to Sunset Valley yet? THE BEACH IS AMAZING. I’m playing Riverview now and I miss it so, so bad. The beach makes the game for me. Forget everything else, just gimme the beach, LOL!

    Some of the traits are disappointing. Commitment Issues doesn’t give you any penalty for commitment and dislike of children doesn’t do much but a negative moodlet when near children. If a female sim is pregnant with that trait, she’ll still be happy. Which is bizarre.

    • Ooh, yes, I love the beach, too. I just wish they’d given us swimmable oceans.. or at least the ability to sunbathe and build sand castles. But the scenery is faaaaantastic. Easily one of my favorite parts of the game.

      And I agree about some of the traits being disappointing. To add on to the ones you’ve listed, Hydrophobic seems to just give a negative moodlet while in the pool, but my sim never balked about getting in and never had a problem with showers/baths. Coward is interesting in some situations (fainting during a fire, for example), but other times (like getting an Afraid of the Dark moodlet) just gives a moodlet and the sim doesn’t even really /act/ like they’re afraid/upset.. the moodlet just drops their mood. Some like Daredevil and Evil have some interesting interactions, but others (Extreme Shower, Evil Slumber, etc) are pretty useless since they’re nothing more than a regular shower or regular sleeping just with the descriptor in the action name. It feels like they could have gone much further with the traits… but fell short in some areas. I hope they plan on adding more traits with expansions (unlike the aspirations in Sims 2, where we got one or two new ones after the base game and then that was it).