The Whitehall

A new house for you guys — this one’s called “The Whitehall”. It’s similar to “The Gladstone” in size and shape, but just different enough to give you some variation in your neighborhoods.

The Whitehall is furnished in the modern style, and…here’s some good news: you only need Nightlife to play it! I tried out Numenor’s BaseGameStarter Pro (thank you to daysies for the suggestion and the link!), which allowed me to boot up the base game plus Nightlife (and ONLY Nightlife). I tested the house in my full game (all EPs), and it works fine, but let me know if you guys have any trouble with it, especially those of you who only have just the base game + NL.

The Whitehall

I couldn’t find the original Sears pics and floor plan on the web, but here is one picture of an original Whitehall home.

The Whitehall’s wider lot size makes it look nice and non-crowded between a couple of Gladstones:

The Whitehall

Some more pics of the house:

The Whitehall
The back of the house

The Whitehall
The living room

The Whitehall
View of the dining room from the living room

The Whitehall
The kitchen

The Whitehall
First floor

The Whitehall
Second floor

I didn’t do an alternate exteriors this time, but I’ll be sure to do some as I continue with Shady Bluff.


27 thoughts on “The Whitehall

  1. Love this house! I was just wondering how long you will leave all of these houses up for download?

  2. Hi. great house it makes me wonder which sims are going to live there.

    keep up the good work of re-building Shady bluff and I’ll be looking forward to any story updates.

    keep simming!

    See ya later

  3. The house looks beautiful. I really like the layout, with the small porch outlet on the side. I love the Sears Roebuck Series, but I miss the Burr’s :( Anyway, keep up the good work! ;)

  4. Beautiful house! when will you update the Burrs, the Ravelos? I would like to know. You are really making a lot of houses, any idea when you’ll post the next story of Shady Bluff?

  5. I just downloaded the Gladstone for my legacy, well I did the other day anyway. And I’ve already moved him in, now I’m thinking this house is the one, but he’d have to make some cash first. Great job Jen, awsome houses. Now why can’t I build like that, hmmmmm!

  6. Awesome house, Jen! I think I’ve actually been in a house like this before. They’re really cozy and nice. I can’t wait to have my sims in it. I love houses that are homey and not overly spacious.

  7. WOW! I like that house its so nice and classy! it kind of makes me want to live there! how long does it normally take you to do that? by that i mean making a wonderful house because it usually takes me days. I am actually working on a house right now. it has a big tower that you can only enter by taking a secret pasage that is connetcted to the house. once, i tried to do 3 houses at once, that didnt exactly work. I run fairly low on patience usually. yet I can sit for an hour with my grandma and untangle a BIG mess of yarn.

  8. Ooh, the spam filter word I got was “natural”. As in “I am naturally a human, and in no way an artificial robot”.

    This is a lovely house, Jen! I think my favorite part is that little balcony on the edge. What a nice little balcony. *heart*
    And, hey! I have Nightlife! I can test it! I have more EPs than just NL, but still!
    I love the decorating in that room with the fireplace, and what you’ve done with the carpets. You seem to have a way with carpet patterns. I hereby dub you: the carpet whisperer. (Carpet: “What’s that? Of course I’ll look beautiful. For you, Jen. *heart heart heart*” I don’t mean to harsh anyone’s mellow, but I think that Carpet has a crush on you. Gasp? Gasp!)
    I’ll be sure to download the house. :D But not at the moment, for I am not on my own Windows user name.

    Ooh, how are things going with Shady Bluff, anyway? Mostly just houses done, or do you have any families who are bursting at the seams, begging for playing– but then it’s like “no! I cannot! the WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD must be finished first!”
    And then, I suppose that family’s seams just burst. Then the family leaks all over the floor.
    But it can– and will– be fixed!

    Speaking of robots and expansion packs (…well, I wasn’t just then, but I was earlier), I installed OfB! Let’s not talk about where I got it, though, okay? Okay. >_> *kicks aside the large blinking neon sign that reads “BLU IS A CHEAPSKATE PIRATE! BOO, HER”*
    So far, I think I really, really like it. I had this one family who I had quit doing a challenge with, and now I have them running a business. They’re going to sell robots, and they use those giant “Dude” floats as their roof. There are dueling ninjas atop their robot store.
    Well, they don’t sell robots yet. So far, they just sell malfunctioning toy robots.

    And bricks.

    But, man, I can’t wait to try out all of the new animations that came with that EP. And the furniture is so cool! I wonder why no one mentioned how cool open for business was? Always going on about Nightlife, but OfB is left alone in the dust. Fwoosh, dust.
    I typed that, and didn’t know what exactly it meant. That means I had better go back to bed!
    Thanks for sharing these lovely houses, Jen! :D Sorry if my off-topic rambling bothers you at all.

  9. Hey, Jen!!!

    Love this house…and all the other ones you’ve been making. I’m so glad my internet’s at least allowing me to go to your site, lately it’s been down and driving me mad…I can’t even get into my EMAIL!!! But oh well…hope you’re having fun with the house-building, and I can’t wait for the Ravelo update!!

  10. So pretty! Hee, I called my husband over to take a look and he went ‘oooh’. First time in a while he’s had his Sims 2 interest pop up. Very nice job, miss Jenba ma’am! :D Heck, I wouldn’t mind living there. Purty.
    Since it’s Sunday now, February 4th, I’m putting up my own family in the make a house contest, then closing it so people can vote. No Jenba family? :o

  11. Oh wow Jen. I am really enjoying your new houses but this one is just fabulous! I love love the carpet “rug” you did in your living room. Very creative and it looks great too! I’ll be stealing it forthwith :).

  12. What an awesome house! I really love how these are looking in my neighborhoods and they are so well designed for sims as well. You’re really on to something Jen! It’s going to be fun meeting the Shady Bluff families and recognizing some of their homes. I’m so glad you are doing it this way!

  13. Oh how I wish I had your house making skills. Every house you’ve showcased here has been fantastic. You’ve got a talent for it, that’s for sure. Maxis should have hired you for their house content- I swear some of those houses they’ve made make no sense whatsoever!

    Any idea when the Blurrs will be returning? ::bats eyelashes::

  14. Thanks for the feedback, you guys. Please do let me know if this lot works in your game or not — if it works fine for those without all of the EPs, then I know I can use the BaseGameStarter Pro to build more lots. And that would be COOL!

    kerisma, I’ll probably keep the lots up for as long as my blog remains in existence. And since I’ve started uploading them to MTS2 as well, they should be available for awhile!

    Blu – Your off-topic rambling is most welcome here. You always make me laugh! I’m a Blu-fanatic, yes I am.

    jmw – I miss the Burrs, too…unfortunately I’m not sure when they’ll be returning.

  15. I stumbled on to your site and I was looking at some of the houses. They are really beautiful and some of them I wouldn’t mind living in myself. Ah, well, at least my simmies get to enjoy it.

  16. Jen thank you so much ! I’m am one of those who had to uninstall Pets from my laptop due to many bugs and now with the Pets patch problem about genetics I’ve decided to keep it uninstalled until EA make the Pets patch stable enough without it messing up my Opulent Bay neighborhood – and I am missing out on some many wonderful downloads because of it.
    Thank You sooo much!!!!!!

  17. yay another house! i’ve been plopping your lots here and there in my neighborhood. it makes it very homey. thanks for sharing your lot on MTS2, too… i uploaded my first lot there the other day!

  18. This is a little note to let you know that it worked fine in my game. I was in love with it so much I moved my Legacy family into it, because my house making skills stink. And as a note, I have all the expansion packs excluding Holiday, including Family Fun and Glamour. Only problem I saw was that the upstairs bathroom was missing the arched doorway. The frame was there, but the wall was solid. I just removed the arch and put a door there. I didn’t try to redo the frame however- so I’m not sure if it was the frame or something was fishy.
    Just a heads up! The HOUSE is great!! ^.^ Thanks again!!

  19. oh i luv dat ouse it like totally rocks! but un fortunetly i dont av night life only pets and university

  20. Hey jen just 2 let u no i put the vallonia the avalon the galdstone eg in the same kinda street and i added 2 there address Jen’s street