Pimento Room

I decided to take a break from building and do some decorating instead. Inspired by the “Favorite Room” thread over at the Sims 2 Community, I put together a room for one of my Sims (in fact, I think I’ll post it over there, too). I tried to keep the room cozy and semi-realistic, which is why there’s so much stuff in the pic. I’ve sort of fallen in love with clutter — it gives a room that lived-in look. (I only love it in the Sims, though — I need to get rid of the clutter in my house!)

As with my Sears homes, I’ve listed credits below the pic, and I’m using custom content from completely free sites only. I’ve been finding some great stuff in my search for non-pay sites. My sidebar of links is updated pretty regularly, so check it out if you’re on the hunt for some new (and totally free) creations.

Room #1
Pimento Room

I’m calling this the “Pimento Room” because the colors and the curtains remind me of pimentos. I couldn’t think of anything else. Believe me, I tried.

Bed – Delphine @ Sims in Paris
Elephant pic & books, basket (by bookshelf) – Steffor @ Avalon
Acoustic guitar – atavera @ MTS2
Chocolate linen wallpaper, bulletin board – decorgal @ MTS2
Window shade (“Inosign” curtain), small rug – Sims 2 Play
Beige plush carpet – Ennaedwyn @ MTS2
Slippers – Kjote @ MTS2
One More Slot Package for coffee table – ariffrazalin @ MTS2
Outlet with cord – KevinsHope @ MTS2
“God’s Eye” hanging decor, hanging macrame holder w/plant – CTNutmegger @ N99
Cushions on floor, long curtains, books & picture on table, large rug, bamboo plant, bookshelf – MangoSims
CD shelf (on floor by bookcase) – Sunair Sims

Happy Simming!

16 thoughts on “Pimento Room

  1. It’s a beautiful room!

    Lately I’ve been getting more and more into Sims 2 decorating myself. I’m in the process of remaking my sim’s clothing shop, the Grapes Boutique. And I’m about a generation ahead of my updates because I’ve only just started blogging, so there’s also a lovely house makeover others have yet to see…

  2. That really is a beautiful room… I’d love to live in it… well I guess more than one room would be good (I live in one 18 square metres room with my boyf now so I would looove more than one room). But I wish our room was as nicely decorated as that room… there will be some very happy sim folk out there in Shady Bluff (is the new neighbourhood still going to be called that? =).

  3. Oooh, I love it! It’s got a very retro feel to it, ver’ nice. :D
    Heh. I downloaded about 75 .zips from ‘the site that must not be named’ last night. I’m going to try and go through them all today. XD

  4. Wow, that matches the colors of my bedroom! The overall theme is black with a mixture of reds of varying colors. (It’s sort of eastern themed…) I really love how realistic you made the room look. Very awesome, Jen.

  5. Hi. I like the look of the room you have a real talent for decorating Sim houses and I like the fact you only use free content nice one.

    Keep Simming!

    See ya later

  6. Yay! This is a really nice room!!! I still need to download that house, but I’ll get to it. As Liz said, it would be so awesome to get a Ravelo update as soon as you’re done making Shady Bluff and have the chance!!!

  7. Wow Jen, this room is so cool. It reminds me of Pimentos too. :)I also like the mellow feel, with the red undertones. I also noticed that you put my blog up on the site links. I was shocked! My blog only mentions Sims 2 stuff (I recommended your blog in a post)! Thanks Jen!

  8. this is so cool!boy oh boy do i love this room.Could you put the house up for download with this in it!

  9. Wow, nice room Jen! I wish I had that kind of skill. I never even manage to build a house that doesn’t comprise of two stacked rectangles, let alone a whole neighbourhood! And that room is gorgeous. Keep it up!

  10. This room is stuffy, craped, and messy. HOW REAL COULD YOU GET. This is one of the most life-like rooms I have ever seen. I wonder what the reat of the house looks like. 11/10