Stay Warm

Hey guys, a few things:

My Avalon house is now available from Mod the Sims 2 as well as here. My first MTS2 upload! Eventually I’ll upload more from my 1926 series, along with some other lots I’ve had sitting around forever. I also plan on building a slightly smaller version of the Ravelo house (the current one is buggy and too laggy, plus it uses a bunch of pay content).

Speaking of the Ravelos, I’m still working on their update. Because of the aforementioned bugginess and lagginess, it’s taking awhile to get all the pictures I need. And my machine keeps crashing when I play them. Sigh. It’s coming along, though.

As for Shady Bluff, I’m ready to take a break from building homes and start on the community lots and businesses. I’m also in the process of “growing” the population of the ‘hood, but I’m in the experimental stage at the moment. If it turns out well, I’ll likely write up a post on it. Sorry if that sounds vague, but I didn’t want to blab about it until I’ve seen if it’ll work or not. I have a bad habit of jumping the gun. Shame on me.

Let’s see, what else? Ah yes, the Burrs. I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with them. I had all of the pics taken for their next update, but that was before I decided to boycott pay sites, and there’s some pay content in those shots. So I’d have to re-do it, and I’m not sure I have the mental energy to work on them AND the Ravelos AND Shady Bluff. I’m really bad at multi-tasking, you know. It’s that Sims 2-related ADD Kay always talks about!

Have I mentioned I really need more hours in my day?

By the way, Devilfish wrote a great essay on The Problem with Pay Sites — definitely worth a read. Her Swinging On a Star stories are awesome, too. They have a science fiction feel and are a refreshing change of pace.

Happy Simming! And STAY WARM! (if you live in a freezing cold place, like I do…brrrrr)

31 thoughts on “Stay Warm

  1. I no what u mean about the multitasking, I hate it. especially when I’m doing writing work for different things. Good luck on the burrs! (and Ravelos and shady bluff)

  2. You know, I think you shouldn’t have to retake the pictures because they have pay content in them. If worst came to worst, you could scribble over them in MS paint with something that looks vaguely like what the stuff is supposed to be!

    Before! Note the hairstyle! Grody and pay-requiring! Blech!

    After! Lovely and not from a paysite!
    Heck, it’s not from ANY site! That makes it more unique. *nod*

    It stinks that your game is crashing a lot. I’ve been there, too. Does it crash at specific points? I found that my game crashes less when I turn off the sound (usually just music and ambience– but even then, I leave music on when I’m in the mood) in the options, and disable reflections and smoothed pixels– which also contribute to the lag a great deal. (I only turn those two on when I’m taking pictures.)
    Well, maybe that can help you out.
    Anyway, I’ve suffered death from parenthesis. I’m off!

  3. liz – Thanks, I’m glad I’m not alone!

    Blu – Bwahahah!! That is hysterical. I’m almost tempted to do that with the Burrs…

    And as for the crashing, right now it only happens in the Ravelo lot, and only when I’m either loading their lot or leaving it (and saving it). I got my pics, so I’m OK, but when it comes time to move them to SB, I’ll use clones. Buggy lots are skeeery!

  4. Does that mean that the Ravelos wont REALLY be the Ravelos? I love those guys! And what about Simon, Lauren, Treant and Tristen’s graves? Oh, poor, poor Ravelos! (It’s freezing here in NY too- the temp was at 4 Degrees Fahrenheit!!!)

  5. Josh – Simon and Lauren’s graves were lost when the first lot got buggified, so I’d only lose Tristen’s and Trent’s. But maybe they can be replicated somehow. And if I fix up the clones in SimPE to have the same relationships, personalities, etc, as the real Ravelos, there won’t be much difference. They just won’t have the proper memories and stuff. It’s not an ideal situation, but I hate to move such a buggy lot to my new ‘hood. I’m glad you like the Ravelos, though!

  6. Hey Jen… yeah I wish I had more hours in my day too… never enough time for simming. And it’s absolutely freezing here in Stockholm… -6 degrees celcius with a -12 windchill… don’t want to go outside because I think my snot will freeze =) actually I don’t know if it is true… my boyf keeps telling me it is but it hasn’t happened yet…. brrr… definitely a day to be at home simming instead of at work =(.

  7. Hi. sorry about the Ravelos lot being buggy I know the feeling I can only have the base game and the University,Nightlife and business packs as if I put the pets one in say it makes all the walls flash bright red.

    I can think of a good way to vent out the frustration though why don’t you go to it’s a game where you can beat up a virtial computer at least you won’t have to throw the real one out of the window!

    As for the weather I’m in England and it is cold outside but it actually looks sunny for a change.

    Hope you’ll stay warm and sort out the computer problems.

    Keep simming

    See ya later

  8. What Blu said. I don’t want the family update to go away because of a few pay objects from the past.

    BTW, I really like how you’re committed to using on free objects.

  9. Burrs! Hahaa not Blurrs. See? It’s been so long I forgot how to spell their name correctly? Tee-hee. The bugging problem really bites. Before I started my projects, my game was bugging hard. And I had to start all over with everything. Unfortunately it still bugs every now and then, so I’m an avid saver, but even still- I can feel your pain. I hope you can get around the troubles without any more added to your plate.

    As for the pay sites, I’ve read the essays, I’ve thought it over, and I’m torn in the middle. On the one hand, I understand why it’s wrong to charge people money for such creations as custom skins and objects, and on the other- I don’t mind donating to help spread the love. But no matter how I feel, I can be patient and wait for updates since your decision is against the money hungry peeps. (and there ARE some out there, I’ve seen ’em) AND LOL @ Blu’s idea! I say do THAT, because I’m pining over here for my favorite Legacy! ^.^

    But, as the Great King Haggard did once say: ‘I can wait.’

  10. Jen even of the clones are the same as the origanal Ravelo’s it still wont seem the same and you will probably feel guilty about and it would make me cry!Also my game crashes about 2 times every 2 days but then its fine for a week or 2.It’s cold in Cornwall 2(thats in the south west of england) though i bet none of your pet cats got colds!Honestly cat snot on face is YUCK!And i think that free downloads are usually better than pay ones.

  11. Verity – Wow, cold in Stockholm, too! I’m not sure I’ve ever had my snot freeze, but it sure feels like it sometimes…;-)

    Pandora Moon – Heh, I’ll have to check out that link when I get home. Sounds like fun! I’ve wanted to give my computer the smackdown soooo many times…

    Lisa – Thanks, I’m thinking there might be a way I can still post the update…I’ll just have to use a few alternate snapshots. (Or Blu’s wondrous “cover-up” method…hee)

    jmw – It’s great that you’ve read the essays and given the paysite issue some thought, whatever you decide to do in the end. And I’m so glad you like the Burrs.

    Kitty – Aww, you wouldn’t even know the Ravelos were clones if I didn’t tell you. But hopefully I won’t have to resort to that. We’ll see. And cat snot on the face does sound awful. Hope your felines get better soon!

  12. First time comment!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a long time Jen. And I have to agree with the pay sites thing. But that’s not the point.

    I just want to say that I can wait for a long time before an update. I might start freaking out a bit, but hey! I survived the no-Jen drought early in 2006! I can live through this one!

    And I’m also a chronic sufferer of Sims 2 ADD. We should have a support group or something!

    And about the weather. Here in NE Oklahoma, it’s…uh… *checks* 68 F! Holy cow! Didn’t realize that it was that warm. But the last time that happened, it turned real cold and that big ice storm hit.

    One last thing, I have the (mis)fortune of being that cousin that Aya mentioned.

  13. Im confused. Which was the first one? (I rememer Camp Simon, Villa Ravelo and Grimmauld palace) Was it palace? I’m so sorry about that, I thought you had just rebuilt the house! (smiling nervously)

  14. Gotta love living in Florida….hah, I’m actually really hot right now, I better pull down the shades. Sorry you’re so cold! I can’t wait to see whatever you put out next!

  15. It’s been a whole 1 degree with a -10 wind chill everytime I go to classes in the morning–YES! Not. Holy CRAP that’s cold. I shiver like a sad little chihuahua… and I’m no stranger to cold. This is crazy. I want some snow! /pouts

    I also want some Jen update action, but I can wait patiently and twiddle my thumbs until you decide what is going to work best for you. Good luck!

  16. Hi. Hope you have fun with the link it should work since I checked after posting.

    It still looks sunny outside here in Manchester but I can see frost on the roof and grass outside so I bet it’s really freezing.

    My Sims game has a habit of crashing too but I can’t usually tell till it’s too late and it’s really annoying because it takes soooo long to start and I can’t even have all the expantion and stuff packs on the computer because they make the walls on the game flash red.

    I know I’ve mentioned it before but I’m desparte!

    I just might go on that link now.

    Anyway I’m really looking forward to your next story update especially the Burrs *hint hint* but you just take your time it’s your story after all.

    Keep simming!

    See ya later

  17. Hi I’ve just checked to see if my last comment came though and it says it’s awaiting moderation. What does that mean? I know I’ve put the anti spam word in!.

    So I’ll submit this on to see it’s to do with them star things that was in there.

    See ya later

  18. Vaeyin – Welcome, Aya’s cousin! And thanks for your comment. 68 degrees in OK? Holy cats. And to think I was rejoicing yesterday because it went above zero degrees here. That’s it, I’m packing up and moving southward!

    Josh – Hey Josh, sorry if I confused you. The very first lot, the one that started as Camp Simon and grew into Villa Ravelo, became buggy, so I had to move the Ravelos to the Grunewald Estate lot. Now they’re bugging out again, and I’m not sure why (they’ve probably been buggy from the start because of the move), so we’ll see.

    Katie – I hope you have room in your house, because I’m moving in! ;-)

    Pandora Moon – I know how frustrating it is when your game won’t work properly. I’m sorry you’re having that problem! Have you checked out this link yet? –> It might be able to help you with your flashing red walls problem. If you’ve already checked that link and it didn’t help, you could try going to MTS2 and searching on “red walls”. Good luck!

    Mao – Wow, that IS cold. We’ve been having temps in the minus zone for the past week, and it’s not fun. The other morning it was -35 with windchill! And we got a ton of snow yesterday — I’ll ship you some!

  19. Thanks Jen! So it’s Grimmauld Estate… Didn;t you have a family named the Grimmaulds back in the Shanley days?

  20. Thanks Jen! I have a general question for all who can answer. You know when you download houses and there are certain objects that are kind’ve at an angle? I’ve been wondering, what’s the cheat for that? I don’t mean the boolprop cheat where you don’t have to stay in the grid, I know that one, but i don’t know how to put stuff on an angle. Anyway, keep up the good work Jen!:)

  21. Hi. thanks for the link I’ve checked it out and the first two said something about getting a new graphics card but I have no idea how much they cost or which ones the best. So I’m just going to play the sims 2 base game and the first 3 expansion packs as I know they don’t have the red wall thing.

    I hope the seasons expantion doesn’t have the same problem!.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work on re-building Shady Bluff can’t wait to see which sims will be living in the houses.

    See ya

  22. The cheat Mao is talking about only works if you have an EP (any expansion at all) installed. Also, you use < and > (or . and .) to rotate, but it looks like the < and > got cut out of Mao’s post.
    Mod The Sims 2 has a great list of all of the cheats from each expansion. That should help you out a bit, too. :D

  23. Hello there, Master Builder! Hehe, I just love all the houses you have been building for Shady Bluff. They all look so great! Congrats on getting published at MTS2…I also just got my first house approved there! Remember the Southern Belle? Well it got approved!! Yippee! Congrats, and I can’t wait to see the next lot!

  24. I NEED AN UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! since Mao only updates weekly, i need another blog to read!!!!!! I AM SO BORED!!!!
    ps. I like that website PandoraMoon

  25. *does the sign against evil* Sims Online was awful. Sims 2 Multiplayer would just be more of the same: attract people who can’t stick to the necessary T for Teen rating. Bleah!