The Gladstone

For the next house in my 1926 Sears Roebuck series, I give you “The Gladstone”. This style of home, best known as an American Foursquare, can be found in almost any town or city across the U.S. My version isn’t quite right – I couldn’t do the low dormer on the roof, and the pitch of the porch roof is too high. Supposedly there is a tool in Pets which allows you to vary the roof pitches on your homes – instead of having all roofs be the same pitch – but I couldn’t get it to work. Apparently even if you can get it to work, the change doesn’t “stick – it just goes back to the default pitch after you quit out of the lot. Boo.

At any rate, this is a relatively cheap home, well-suited to a small family or retired couple. The exterior can be customized in countless different ways to recreate the look of the foursquares you see all over America. I’ve included one example of an alternate exterior towards the end of this post (using completely free custom content, as always!).

The Gladstone

  • Lot Size: 2 x 2
  • Unfurnished
  • Hack & custom content-free
  • EPs required: University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets (NOTE: I also have all of the Stuff Packs installed, but you shouldn’t need them to play this lot. Let me know if you have any problems with it!)
  • Download The Gladstone (ZIP file)

First floor:
The Gladstone

Second floor:
The Gladstone

Here’s an example of an alternate exterior for “The Gladstone” which uses custom content from completely free sites. I have listed the credits below the picture.

The Gladstone
Colonial Revival Gladstone

White siding by JillyannLSRE (Rock Wall Set Add-on)
Foundation wall by AvenidaSims
Magnolia tree by Maxis/Numenor
Front door and windows by phoenix_phaerie (part of the “Modern Georgian Manor Set”)
Exterior light by AvenidaSims
House numbers sign by Komasutra
Foxglove, Redwort, & Mandrake plants by Kate @ Parsimonious
Potted plant by Nengi @ Nengi’s Builds and Things
Pansies recolor by deele4952
Jeep Cherokee by Fresh-Prince
White woven fence by Frillen
Invisible Driveway by roddyaleixo
Driveway flooring by jendea @ The Sims Zone (Concretes set)

Happy Simming!

17 thoughts on “The Gladstone

  1. Yay, another house! It’s funny because I’ve seen one of these before, and now I can have them in my game. Can’t say I’ve ever been in one, though. I really like the Colonial Revival version. It’s a shame about the squirrelly roof options, but what can you do? Hopefully they address/fix that eventually. As always Jen, great work, and thanks for sharing!

  2. Ohhh, thanx Jen. I think this would be perfect for my legacy story im writing, i’ll move them in in a couple of episodes. Now im excited as i’ve been looking for the perfect place but been unable to find one. The only thing is that does the yard have enough space for a small pool? Well i suppose it doesn’t really matter, i can just build a public pool for them to go to when season’s comes out. Thanx, it looks awsome.

  3. jen.. could you let us know what lot size you when you post one of your splendid houses, please? wonderful house, hun! you are doing an awesome job!

  4. Who knew you could get such great houses at Sears?? They really ought to give you some kind of comission for promoting their houses so nicely – remember the miniature models they used to have of homes? This is the virtual equivalent. I love the style and the look of these houses. Several of these are going up on various corners of Legacy Land (which is undergoing various zoning improvements.) Awesome Jen

  5. Hi. I love the way your houses look so real. I’m from England so I don’t know much about Amercian houses but I might be going to New York some time this year so I’ll keep a look out if I go.

    It makes me want to get rid of the red wall bug on my game even more!.

    I’m glad to see you’re enjoying building these lovely houses.
    Oh I just remembered you know the last house you showed to us “The Avalon” well did you know there’s a song called Avalon by a band called Roxy Music?.

    Keep up the good work on the houses.

    See ya later

  6. Mao – You know, come to think of it, I haven’t been in many foursquares myself. Nowadays they’re usually somewhat decrepit and have the porches walled in. But they’re nice little homes and were very economical back in the day.

    Taryn – Unfortunately there’s no room for a pool — the house takes up most of the lot. I’ve been building most of my Sears homes on smaller lots so my ‘hood won’t sprawl all over the place. But I hope you find a good use for it!

    Jade – Oops! I knew I had forgotten something. I updated the post to show the lot size. (I updated The Avalon post, too.) And it’s great to see you! *hugs*

    Amy – Ooh, zoning improvements in LegacyLand? Sounds exciting! I’m thrilled that you’re liking my houses.

    Pandora Moon – Hi Pandora, I’m sorry that you’re still having the flashing red wall problem. Have you checked out this link yet? –>
    And I love the song “Avalon”! I have it on my computer. Hope you enjoy your trip to New York! It’s an amazing city.

    Blue – Thanks for stopping by! I love your site!

  7. So so so pretty! I love this style of house, I’m so putting this (and the other Sears houses you made! :D) into Callais Bay. Thank you so much for all your hard work, Jen! ‘s very appreciated.
    I’ve been yanked away by RL from the Sims 2, but I hope to officially end my contest this week — I have an entry I want to put in as well, see, before pulling the plug. XD

  8. i’m obsessed with a lot that i personally made & having so much fun decorating… but i’m putting your lots in my neighborhood for that really homely feel. if you’re starting to get short on bandwidth, please upload them to MTS2. :)

  9. Kay – Does that mean I still have time to submit my family? I got busy and didn’t get around to finishing them…(also, the dog ate my homework.)

    daysies – I don’t have any bandwidth problems just yet, but it’s nice to be reminded of that option. Thanks for the suggestion!

  10. YAYYYY!!! I like this house the most, since it has two floors (I have a thing for more than one floored houses…it gives me more choices)!! I think I’m going to download it…anyways, I hope that you’re having fun with Bluffy Bluff!!!

  11. This is lovely too! I’m downloading it right now. Thanks so much for making and sharing it. :D

    ps: Do you have a button I can use to place on my sites? I have your link added to 2 of my blogspot blogs, but I’d also like to add your button-link to my LJ download site…

  12. This is a lovely home! I love the 1920’s era homes. Where do you get all of these floor plans. I’m doing a prosperity challenge and I am currently building lots of houses for the upcoming families. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while!

    Happy Simming!

  13. Love the houses! Frustrating, because we’re in the process of moving stateside, and my sims computer is already packed and shipped. So no downloading for me for a while!! I’m going crazy!!! On another note, kudos on the free download sites. Can’t wait to see what you’ve built next…!!

  14. It’s beautiful! I’m thinking with how practical, efficient, beautiful, and morally-commendable your houses are, I might put them into my neighborhood. That is, only if I run out of steam first. And, of course, with your consent and credits to you. They’re absolutely great! The floor plans are great, too. Really you do an amazing job of replicating these designs!