The Avalon

Here’s another Sears bungalow for you guys – “The Avalon”. I’ve included examples of alternate exteriors once again (using completely free custom content!). Here ya go:

The Avalon

  • Lot Size: 2 x 3
  • Unfurnished
  • Hack & custom content-free
  • EPs required: University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets (NOTE: I also have all of the Stuff Packs installed, but you shouldn’t need them to play this lot. Let me know if you have any problems with it!)

The floorplan:
The Avalon

Download The Avalon (ZIP file)

A picture of the original house and floorplan

As before…since I’m going to be recycling this home myself, I thought I’d display some examples of how it could be altered, using free custom content to do so. These are just suggestions and are not available for download. However, I have listed credits below each picture if you want to go and snag some of the great stuff on display.

The first one is sort of cottage-y:
The Avalon
Avalon Cottage

Exterior and foundation walls by AvenidaSims
Granite pathway by kittyispretty69
Old Mystery Wall Sconce by simfantastic2 (part of the Halloween Pack)
Smaller Mediterranean Cypress tree by xrax
1 Tile Window by macarossi (part of the “Eclectic Expressions” set)
Eucalyptus tree by darylmarkloc (part of the “Australian Federation Collection”)
Small & medium ivy from Pimp My Sims

And this one is more Victorian:
The Avalon
Victorian Avalon

Palm tree by alex_stanton1983
Outdoor lantern by Numenor
Plumeria tree by Maxis/Numenor
Pathway floor by Jope @ Simply Styling (part of the “Gardenset”, I believe)
Exterior walls by SimGoddessByline
Upwardly Mobile Fence in White by sunnisims
Upper window (“closed pane window”) by Helena @ PixelSims
Classic short window by Marina
House numbers by sup@tramp
Front door by phoenix_phaerie (part of the “Modern Georgian Manor Set”)

Happy Simming!

16 thoughts on “The Avalon

  1. Eeeeee! I *really* like this one! The floorplan is particularly superb, I love elongated houses like that. :D Lovely work, Jen! Thank you!

  2. I love it Jen! I also recognize it! Believe it or not, I worked contstruction for a stint in college and I hung drywall in this exact house. The floor plan was pretty much identical. I’m stunned! It was an older house, being repaired after some kind of damage – but yeah! I’ve been IN this house! Way to go Jen! Love it!

  3. Hi I love the way your houses look I am a hopeless builder I usually end up making the living room too big and the rest too small!.

    I am looking forward to your next story update especially the Burrs but any of your stories will be great.

    Keep Simming!

    See ya later

  4. I’m loving your houses! And I’m totally behind you on your current project to showcase free to download custom content as well as Maxis content. It’s inspiring, I tell you! :D

  5. The Avalon is a cool house!! :) It’s makin me feel better (ive got the worst cold, you wouldn’t believe, and the one symptom I DONT have is a runny nose. Good greif) already! keep posting!!!

  6. those houses are awsome! I like that you shouldn’t need the glamour packs because I have a mac and if I decide I want a good house to move a family into i’ll probably come here.

  7. Oooh, very nice, Jen! It looks all small and cozy from the front and then you see that it really expands towards the back. My sims will enjoy this. Thanks for sharing! :D