Jingle Burrs (Part II)

Ariel and Dinglehopper had a friendly sniffing session or two and seemed to get along well. Their relationship score was in the 30s when I directed them to make puppies.

Burr Family
“Oh great, here we go…”

The lullaby chimed, so I knew that puppies were on the way. But while Ariel was pregnant, Dinglehopper engaged in some very bad behavior. He’s not an aggressive dog — he’s “normal” on that scale — but for some reason he loves to pick on Ariel. They got into it one night up in the kids’ bedroom, and the fur was flying.

Burr Family

Can you guess who won?

Burr Family
“Ha! You never mess with Dinglehopper Burr!”

What a bully. At least little Daisy slept right through the fight.

The next day I wanted to get the kids into private school, so I invited the headmaster over for din-din.

Burr Family
“Hello, Mr. Headmaster, sir! Wanna see our cowplant?”

The visit went superbly, and the kids were accepted into private school. It’s still hard to keep their Fun scores up, however, so I’m really looking forward to the Golden Age of Television.

Camellia cheered up eventually and dove headlong into more man-wooing. She was in danger of falling out of love with some of her old college flames, so I invited them over for some good-natured cuddling.

Burr Family
“Oh, my llama love, how I missed your sullen expression and snorty laughter.”

Burr Family
“Gee, Miss Camellia, usually the girl sits on my lap!”

Meanwhile poor Farley’s just trying to get in a good nap or two.

Burr Family

Gads, that looks uncomfortable. I get a crick in my neck just looking at him.

That’s it for Camellia’s family. I actually have a bunch more pictures ready to share with you, so another update will follow in a few days or so. I had planned on posting this one earlier in the week, but work has been a bear, and I’m just plain pooped at night. If this post is a bit disjointed, it’s because I wrote it over the course of a few days, just adding bits here and there before I started dozing off. Once again, I need a re-energizer!

Before I leave you for the day, here’s a bonus picture:

Burr Family

That’s Camellia’s brother Coriander with his wife Clytemnestra (say that five times real fast), and his twin girls, Delfina and Dionna. I don’t know if I’ll play them again, though it might be fun to send the girls to college with Daisy and Delano. We shall see. I still haven’t done anything with Cousin Calhoun! Sigh. Need. More. Hours. In. The Day.

I’ve been working on Shady Bluff a bit, so I might share some tidbits/spoilers with you soon, but in the meantime, I’m on a bit of a roll with the Burrs, and will probably be updating almost exclusively on them for awhile. I’m determined to finish their challenge, and I know if I get deep into the Shady Bluff stuff (which will include the Ravelos now), I might lose track of the Burrs altogether. As I mentioned before, I am bad at multi-tasking. I hope that’s OK with you guys.

By the way, it’s so great to see some old friends dropping by again! A hearty hello to Devin and DylanTK! You have been missed! :-D

Next up, Daisy and Delano Burr become teens, and Ariel has her puppies! Happy Simming, all!

23 thoughts on “Jingle Burrs (Part II)

  1. WOOO! Burr update! I waited NINE days for this! It was excellent as usual. Isn’t it creepy that for three generations now you’ve had a female child then a male child? Anyway, Wow, the Burr lot is huge! I’m sad to say that I recently lost my legacy family after a memory glitch, and I was upset for a few days, but I’m starting a new legacy with OFB! Good luck! And Daisy is very pretty.

  2. This was an awsome update! I just discovered your website about a month ago and have constantly read your stories. I love them! You keep on streamlining with the Burrs and I will wait intently for a new update!

  3. Hi! This is my first time commenting so I just put my nickname Aya (don’t ask it’s just a nickname, it’s Japanese and it means Iris it’s actually short for Ayame.) Oh well I love your updates and the Burrs are my one of my favorite families too! It was fantastic too, I can’t wait to read the next Ravelo update either!
    P.S. please update soon!

  4. Okay. So. I have to say, the Burr’s are like my all time favorite family. Ever. Well, I acctually love the Ravelos… and the Shanleys… and the others… but they are way up there.

    I still can’t get over the home. It’s absolutely beautiful. I would trade my house in a second for that house, lol. Not because I don’t like my house, just because their house is so pretty.

    I am very excited to see the puppies Ariel and Dinglehopper, genetics are just too much fun. Plus I’m sure the puppies will be ah-dorable. =]

    Poor Horatio… he was a good paper delivery boy for a while… too bad.

    Great job again!

  5. Lovely update, Jen! Some of the pictures you have are fantastic (off the top of my memory.. the first peek at the cowplant and Dinglehopper’s victory over Ariel). Also LOVE the name Dinglehopper, ha! And Coriander’s twins are cute!

    Anyway, better get on back to playing my own Sims so I can try and get an update out soon. Geez, starting this new legacy has been much more challenging with a pet (especially combined with the eXtreme start)!

  6. “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt! His name is my name tooooo. When ever we go out, the people always shout, they say JOHN JACOB JINGLEHEIMER SCHMIDT! Da da da da da da da!”

    Wow… that really did bring back memories. Hehe! That song will be stuck in my head all day. Great update Jen! Daisy looks great! I didnt realise you were doing a matriarch legacy. I could never do that for 10 generations. I would get bored with it too quickly. But it sure makes interesting reading. :P

  7. Boy, both Camellia and Daisy are beautiful! Camellia is more striking, she really fits her Romance personality. Flawless femme fatale. Daisy on the other hand just looks so sweet. She was an adorable toddler turned into an adorable girl. Looks to me like she’s got her father’s face with her mother’s lips? *Where* did you get the record player behind Grandpa Farley, and is it functional? =) Thank you for such a great update, Jen!

  8. The Burrs look like they’re doing very well! I absolutely love the way you have the lot set up. What’s in the little building in the back, left corner – next to where you’re hiding the cow plant? Speaking of death by cow plant, I wonder if that’s really such a bad way to go. It looks pretty quick and painless, but then I’ve never even seen a Sim be eaten by a cow plant on one of my lots, so I guess I shouldn’t talk.

    I can’t wait for puppies! And the G4 kids are super cute. As usual, I loved your pictures. I’m looking forward to the next update. :-)

  9. It looks like the Burrs are doing great!

    Thanks for answering my question, I actually didn’t know that Christmas trees could light up ( never really used one)

    I can’t wait for the pups, both dogs are cool and at the same time so different so I can’t wait to see their offspring. I didn’t know a large breed coulc breed with a small breed? Interesting? Does that mean that the puppies can be small and large breeds?

    I really like the layout of your lot, having the shop seperate from the house, yet it all still looks great together…it’s probably like a 6X5 lot though, right?

    I also really like the picture of Coriander and his family. Talk about Red Head Haven!

  10. Ooh boy! I loved the first shot of the cow plant there, it was so ominous! I typically have a hard time getting attached to the “related by marriage” sims, but regardless, I would find it really difficult to purposefully kill them! Delano is a fantastic name (I have a story character by that name, so maybe I’m just biased), shame that sweet looking little boy is just a spare. That little Daisy is just adorable! I love the sleepy eye effect too. Ah well, I have to get ready for class now, but I’ll be checking back often (still in the process of catching up)! Keep up the excellent work!

  11. Warning: I am going to kidnap Delano Burr. That boy is ADORABLE! I can only dream that Atlas Legalos will grow up to look like that. Daisy is gorgeous too, but you need her for Heiress, but Delano is going to be lured away by an evil internet stalker woman. LOL. Some sims just stick out. I just want to pinch his cheeks and make him nervous! Dinglehopper probably is a very fitting name. Never seen dogs fight, so I’m glad to know that they can – otherwise it wouldn’t be realistic, would it? I can’t wait to see what the puppies grow up to look like. Poor Horatio! However I am also impatient with lazy sims, and we do want Camellia to have the life she’s always wanted. I wonder what her children will think of their mother ‘entertaining gentleman callers’ while their father is barely digested by the cow plant. The house is beautiful, and the shop, and well, I’m completely drooling. I’m glad the Burrs have a proper Jenba house. Who needs that silly old point when you can have walls and windows! Truly a delight Jen. Glad to hear there’s more Shady Bluff on the way!

  12. I loveeeeeee the Burrrrss.

    Hi, my name is sara and I’m new to this blog. So far I’ve only read what’s on the first page, but I am going back to read everything else.

    I am very very in love with your stories, tho. They are too funny. Keep up the good work!

  13. The Burrs are so much fun. I enjoyed getting caught up with them again (bye, bye Horatio…we hardly knew ye). And it’s so great to see a fully built and decorated Victorian lot! I have absolutely no idea how you lasted with the “Middle of Nowhere” handicap as long as you did. That’s dedication…or craziness! ;)

    Okay, I’ve got to ask (since I have yet to install my copy of Pets): did the Corgi come with the game or did you download her from somewhere? Corgis are one of my favorite dogs ever and I’ve got to have one in my game since I can’t have one in RL (yet).

  14. Wow, I just realized that in the family portrait shot Camelia’s man eating hat is enveloping Horatio. I Knew he’d get eaten by something!

  15. YES!!!! JINGLE BURRS PART 2!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I especially love Daisy, she’s so pretty! Her hair is really cool, too!! She reminds me of a girl who I used to go to camp with, except HER name was Julia and she was really mean. (Popular girls think they own everything). Anyway, UPDATE SOON!!!!!

  16. Great update, Daisy is looking so pretty! Too bad my legacy heir Daisy has disappeared (check my blog for the info). All your sims look so cool and the house is looking great. Nut tree is a handsome boy too! The shots of The man-eating plant was great, it was worth the wait!

  17. Yay! More Burrs soon! I love it when you change generatoins and the time period changes. It’s too bad you started your legacy after the Regency Era I’m in, but I can’t wait to see the flappers…

  18. I had been anxiously awaiting this update! The house is absolutely gorgeous in every aspect, wonderful job, and perfect for the time period, too! Poor Horatio…I knew you wouldn’t be the kind of simmer to do a separate lot business, it would take too long. I didn’t know they could have one on their lot, though. Your sims are GORGEOUS. Every single one is just beautiful. No fair! And Delano is a CUTIE. I love his name. (Save Dogwood for a sim you love to hate.) I love all the pets you have going on, you’re brave to attempt it. Well, keep coming with the Burrs, they’re my favorite!

  19. Great update Jen! I just love those Burrs! And now that they can buy as many things a day as they can afford, the house is finally up to Jen-the-amazing-builder standards! You’ve been gone so long that I’ve updated twice already!! I know what you mean about work. It took me awhile in between the pageant and my updates b/c of that very same thing. But I seem to be in a rhythm now! Just the way I like it! I can’t wait to see what kind of puppies Ariel has! I hope they’re short and fat! Too cute. And how do you get so lucky with such beautiful sims with all different hair colors?! I always end up with all black hair sims! And they are very seldom pretty! Well, not as pretty as yours! Anyhoo, can’t wait for the next update!

  20. Love the Burrs, as always.

    I’m looking forward to reading about the puppies! I haven’t managed any pet births in my game yet. I have enough trouble just keeping them washed often enough that they don’t complain, arrrgh!

  21. Oooh, Jen! I am in such a holiday mood now. That was wonderful. I loved the cowplant pictures, and the pets ones, too! They were really well-shot! I can’t wait for Christmas now. :)

  22. I love the Burr updates! I think that those were some of the best genes ever put into a sim! That girl is soooooooooo cute! I tried to do a legacy but it didn’t exactly work right… anyway, on the rules doesn’t it say if you have an impossible lifetime want you can change it or something like that? Or do you use your own rules?

  23. Oooh I can’t wait for the puppies to be born. I haven’t managed to play any of my new pets families enough to get them yet… so it will be exciting to see yours. I bet they will be super cute. And thanks for another fantastic update… I really like the Burr’s new house… it is so cute.