Misty’s Mistake

Hello again! Do you guys remember me? I’m the Ravelo kid that talked your ear off last time about what my family’s been up to.

Ravelo Family

My name is Tennyson, by the way, and I’m a 4th generation Ravelo. I’ll probably be the heir to the Ravelo legacy someday, but not until I graduate from college, and that’s far far faaaar away. Really far. Like, centuries from now. I’ll be an old man by then. And really, what’s the rush? I’m having a good time being a kid.

Anyway, I’m not going to talk about me today. Well, not as much as usual. I’m going to tell you all about my Aunt Misty.

Ravelo Family

She used to live with us here at Grunewald Estate (that’s the name of the huge honkin’ house we live in). I guess when she was in college she was kind of a punk. She played guitar in a band called The Pyromaniacs…

Ravelo Family

…but they broke up just before graduation. Misty felt a bit lost after that. She had this rockin’ band, she was throwing killer parties, and all of a sudden…she was just another grown-up trying to make her way in the world. (By the way, I am NOT looking forward to that.)

Ravelo Family

Misty got a job in the military, I guess because she majored in Political Science. But she didn’t seem very excited about it. She hardly ever laughed or smiled. Not even the sight of my dad playing “Pirates” in a leaky bathtub could amuse her.

Ravelo Family

She was even sadder after my Aunt Kaela moved to Simmywood to start her movie career. My mom was busy having babies and didn’t have as much time to hang out with her. So Misty started chatting with people online (people who, for some strange reason, all hated social workers).

Ravelo Family

That seemed to lift her spirits somewhat until one day, she was typing away to her internet friends when she heard a WHIRRR and a POP! and her screen went black. Misty didn’t have all that much experience fixing computers, but she didn’t want to wait for the repairman.

Ravelo Family

Big mistake.

Ravelo Family

My mom and dad rushed up to her, but there was nothing they could do.

Thankfully, Misty survived the shock and scrambled away from the machine just before the whole desk burst into flames. My grandpa saved the day!

Ravelo Family

But Misty was traumatized by the whole event (my grandpa taught me that word, “traumatized” – he said that’s how he felt after watching those llamas-giving-birth videos). Misty had seen her past flash before her eyes like lightning bolts in the sky, and she didn’t want to wait around anymore for the rest of her life to happen.

Ravelo Family

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24 thoughts on “Misty’s Mistake

  1. yay 1st comment
    wow it’s gr8 2 here about misty and how good the kids get along though i’m not racist or nething but i don’t like blonde haired sims with the darkest skin tone but it doesn’t put me off lovin’ this family is the next update gonna b about keala in hollywood? cos i’d really luv 2 see it

  2. I like how you’re giving us insight into the other Ravelos without disconnecting from the “main estate”. It gives a feel of a truly interwoven neighborhood and whatnot. It’s really cute to have Tennyson narrating, too. He’s quite a character.

    I’m assuming you built the DaVinci house? Geeze, I’ll never get how you folks can cook up those great houses. All I can manage is semi-decent interiors! Lovely as always, Jen. :)

  3. I love this family! They are ALL so cute! This legacy is so wonderfully written as well, and the narration is adorable but efficient. I loved everything about it! The houses and the clothing and the families and the storyline are all so put together. Great job!

  4. Um, yes waiter, I’ll have the, um, Char-Broiled Misty please! Roman did look a bit funny in pink n purple, didn’t he? Great update, though.

  5. Great update!! I just loved all the pictures of the kids in their swimsuits! It looked like a really fun pool party. All the Ravelo kids are so cute, I just love all the blond hair! I hardly ever get blond kids in my game. Mostly I get black hair people! I can’t wait till your next update!

  6. I was worried that Misty wasn’t going to make, but phew! Hee hee, now watch Tennyson become a family sim, and I love he looks with his little snorkel! So cute!

  7. Marsha the stalker! XD I love it. And wow, Tennyson is very very cute! He’s going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up, me thinks. The pool pictures are stunning, ma’am, simply stunning. Where on earth did you get the bushes and dolphin hedges that look like roses? *covets badly* And as usual you’re an inspiration. :D I’ve been distracted by Glamour and playing around, now it’s back to the Whittinghams!

  8. Oh, poor Marsha – she probably has a little crush on Tennyson. ;)

    But who wouldn’t – he’s a sweetheart, isn’t he? I also like his big grey eyes. But you gotta love Ronan’s fetching pink swimsuit. :-)

  9. Wow, this really is a good update, once again. Tennyson is a wonderful storyteller. Are we going to hear more from him? I have really grown to like the Ravelo’s.

  10. Kitty – After I do one more update at the main house, I plan on doing one about Kaela’s life and career in Simmywood (and elsewhere). So stay tuned!

    Mao – Hey Mao! Thanks, that’s exactly what I’m going for, the feel of an interwoven neighborhood. I’m so glad it’s working. And yes, I built the DaVinci house. I’m glad you like it. By the way, I think your houses rock, and your interiors are way more than semi-decent! I love the black and white décor in your Lex house.

    Jadice – Haha, I went a little overboard with the Family Fun Stuff. Thanks for your comments!

    Katie – Thank you so much! That means a lot coming from a great writer like yourself.

    lorna – Hi there, it’s so great to see you around again! Thanks for your nice comment.

    cpowell – Thank you! Your site is awesome.

    Scally – LOL! Thanks!

    Mandie – Haha, all of Gen 2 was black-haired, now all of Gen 4 is blonde! It doesn’t take long to switch things around, does it? Heh. Now I have to try for red or brown…

    Vivi – Thanks, Vivi. Your comments make me happy. As does your blog!

    Marcie – Thanks a ton! Yeah, I had a little too much fun with the snorkel outfit!

    Kay – Hey bud! I got the rosy hedges from Windkeeper at TSR. They’re fake so you don’t have to trim them. Yayyy. More Whittinghams coming up? *does happy dance*

    amalinaball – Yes, poor Marsha. She stalks everyone, doesn’t she? Thanks for stopping by! And I hope you figure out the nextpage thingie!

    Channe – LMAO! Good one!

    Karin – Thanks, Karin! Yes, we’ll definitely hear more from Tennyson. My how that boy likes to gab…

  11. Aw, the update is so cute! I was waiting for one :) I loved the Pool party pictures, made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because it reminded me of my family with my cousins and everything, it’s so cute! I love the family pictures.

    I also enjoyed the part with Marsha, especially at the end, that was hilarious! Great job and I’m happy Misty has a good life! :D

  12. More Whittinghams coming up! :D I’m going to sort through my pictures tomorrow, expect an update either then or the next day! … Harvey is *insanely* wealthy. God, those straight cash business perks pile up along with her Artist career income and bonuses. I’ve never had any Sim make this kind of money not to mention a Legacy Challenge one. @.o I’m also now fully starting to appreciate just what kind of effort 5 top level businesses will take. Holy cracker spaniels, Batman!

  13. !!!!! Jenba! Have you checked out the legacy challenge site itself? Pinstar’s updated, and the new rules are *new*. There’s handicaps! Like:
    ‘“Noble Composure”
    Category: Handicap
    Points: 1

    Your founder is very concerned about the composure of the family. The founder would never want to see anything happen to bring embarrassment to the household.


    You must go the entire 10 generations without a single member of the household having a bladder failure or passing out from lack of energy.
    The actions of infants, toddlers and guests do not impact this restriction.
    Sims who fall asleap in their food do not break this handicap.
    The founder and each heir must have a 10 interest in “Culture” before they reach elder.

    Notes: Infants and Toddlers can fill their diapers and pass out on the floor without making you lose this bonus.
    Passing out due to a thinking cap malfunction will break this restriction.’

    Go check it out. I’m intrigued. o.o

  14. ….I can’t even remember if my Sims had accidents….I know the Nanny did…and I think atleast one or two passed out coming home from somewhere….O_o Guess I’ll just apply this to the generation I’m on ^_^;;

  15. I think I’m going to keep on with the old rules for my Legacy family, but the next one I do I’ll try the new variation. :D

  16. Holy shnikeys! It’s like Christmas over there! Why do I suddenly feel like starting a new Legacy family and trying ALL of the handicaps simultaneously?? Mwahahahaha…oh wait. Can’t be done. Hehe, oh well. Hey, the Apocalypse Challenge sounds pretty cool, too. I might try one of these for fun. Like I need to start YET another challenge…sigh. Thanks for the linky, Kay!

  17. Tennyson is adorable! And a great narrator! I was afraid for a minute that you were going to kill Misty off. I do approve of Ajax DaVinci – and of DaVinci house. Wow – 3 kids already. Love the FFS pool stuff – very cute! And Marsha, probably the most infamous sim, next to Goopy. Classic. Ravi is one handsome sim. Will we get to catch up with Kaela soon? It’s always a pleasure to visit with the Ravelos – and I’m intrigued – as always about your new legacy challenge – Pinstar’s new rules are very tempting! Can’t wait to see what you do.

  18. Amy! Where you been, girl? I miss ya! Thanks so much for your comment – I always look forward to your feedback. And yes, we’ll catch up with Kaela soon — I’ve been working on a few “Simmywood” lots. So how about you? Any updates in the works? (Please say yes, please say yes)