Catch-Up Time

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! I’m Tennyson Ravelo, and I’m here to catch you up on what’s been going on with my family.

Ravelo Family

First off, you’re probably wondering who I am. Well, I’m a fourth generation Ravelo, the son of Anastacia and Ravi. You might remember my mom –

Ravelo Family

– she’s the blonde one on the left. And those are her sisters (my aunties) – Misty in the middle, and Kaela on the right. They all grew up in Rosebrook and went to college together, so they’re pretty close. “Peas in a pod,” my grandpa calls them.

Speaking of my grandpa, he’s the coolest! He’s a crazy nut. But in a good way. His name is Trent Ravelo, and he was the second generation heir to the Ravelo Legacy. He used to be a famous actor and movie director. But he retired long before I was born. Here’s a picture from the day he quit acting and directing forever:

Ravelo Family

Looks pretty happy, doesn’t he? “Best day of my life,” he always says, “Except for the day I met your grandma. And the day we had your mom. And the day we had Kaela. And…you get the idea. Let’s just say it was a darned good day!”

Anyway, Grandpa’s old now. Don’t tell him I said this, but I think he’s kind of losing it.

Ravelo Family

No, really! Sometimes he does weird things like talk to bricks.

Ravelo Family

Whenever I ask him what he’s doing, he gets real embarrassed and says, “oh, I was just reciting some Shakespeare…” Then he puts the brick away and goes to play “Pirates” in the bathtub.

My grandma’s old now, too. She used to be a professor at Academie La Tour, but now she’s a scientist. She basically knows everything.

I guess she looked different when she was young:

Ravelo Family

“It was the strangest thing,” she told me one time. “I felt this odd tingly sensation in my scalp, and then skin started tightening all over, and I spun around – and I became a completely different person!”

Ravelo Family

She looks pretty, though, so I don’t think she minds too much.

(NOTE: That was a weird glitch – when Tristen turned into an elder, her face template changed. And I don’t mean she just changed to an elderly version of her old face – she got a new face entirely! Not sure what happened there.)

Grandpa doesn’t seem to mind either. They do a lot of hugging and smoochy smoochy stuff. In front of guests.

Ravelo Family

And yes, that’s my mom, loving up a sack of flour. Grandma said that my mom wanted a baby so badly that she carried a flour sack around for days. She named it Reginald. I guess you could say he’s my big brother.

Ravelo Family

Wait a second — does that make him the heir to the legacy? I sure hope not, because…uh…I kinda wanted to be that.

Anyway, my mom was waiting for my dad to finish school so he could move in and marry her. He sent her lots of postcards from Outer Kankakingo where he was studying the life cycle of the pale-throated llama.

Ravelo Family

When he finally graduated, Mom invited him to our house to meet Grandma and Grandpa.

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  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*deepbreathinhale*eeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee!! Ravelos! Back from the brink! So cool! :D And yes I want to know what’s happened with Misty and Kaela too. And what’re Tennyson’s and Melly’s personality stats? And what about their dad?

  2. Ahhh, I LOVE the Ravelos! And they are all so pretty! Also, I have to ask, did you build that absolutely fabulous house? If so, will it be available for download? I must have it! That is the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen! Great job with the story! I can’t wait to hear about Misty and Kaela’s lives! :)

  3. Carmen Patch is a great gal! She’d make a pretty addition to the Ravelos… :D
    The new mansion is indeed fabulous (and huge)!
    All the pictures are beautiful. I don’t know how you do it but they’re the best simpics I’ve seen. (Maybe it’s just because the sims and the surroundings are all gorgeous? :D)

  4. Lovin the Ravelos! and I will love to see pics of Melly! can’t wait^^ lol he wants to be heir! would be nice if he married Carmen.

  5. yikes – can’t believe it – thank you thank you thank you!!! that’s great Jen :) – my training for flight attendant will be over in a little less than a week, then I’ll have my two introductory-flights (to Bangkok – Thailand and Madras – India) and then I’m done, flying to India and to Japan and to the States (having NYC, Chicago and Denver on my schedules then). Yes, and the time between flights, I betya, I’ll buy me the UniEP and see how to start doing this Sims-thing all over :) – thanks once more for a Ravelo update, you’re the best!

  6. Awesome, more Ravelo updates! This is one of my favorite families off all time, they seem really chill and down to earth! It seems like Blondes really do have more fun?!?!

  7. I love all your updates to death! You are so talented. I feel like I haven’t missed a beat even though we haven’t hear from them in so long. And I agree, that is a GORGEOUS house.

  8. Blah! I messed up on reregistering for SimScribes, Jen: I for some reason thought that I’d had things set up so that emails to ‘’ would send things to my real email (i.e the one I’ve put in here) but that was me hallucinating. Would it be possible for you to set my registration on there correctly/delete my current registration so I can reregister? Thank you, and sorry for the trouble!

  9. Omg, I am so excited to read another Revalo update!!! I love them to death and this is one of my fav stories. I just LOVE this family! I love reading about Legacy families period, haha.

    Can’t wait for more!!!

    PS: I love the Carmen Patch bit, that was hilarious. :D

  10. Yay! Thank you so much. :D Oh, and I finally updated my blog with the first chapter of Harvey’s story. The blog layout is clumsy right now (the buttons don’t lead anywhere, for example) but I’ll find a sleek look asap. There’s 37 pictures!

  11. Awesome! A Ravelo update! I LOVE the house..inside and out. It’s gorgeous! And Trent better start liking the idea of getting married if he’s gonna be the heir!

  12. Weatherby is beautiful!
    And, as Tennyson noted (he has to write a novel in his lifetime, by the way. Too bad you can’t direct Sims to write poetry…) it is sporking huge.

    Man. Did Trent have ten kids, or something? To be that afraid of a little llamabirthing…
    (I really can’t remember whether or not he did. ^^; Sorry.)

    XD After he became a bear? Hee.

    Heyy. Don’t be mean to Carmen. She looks just like Calista Despret, and I had a Sim get married to her just the other day, and–
    …oh. Wait a minute. That was for the uglacy.


    Don’t threaten children? My point is gone! Argh. *falls* *off of a cliff*

    Oh, he was kidding? Silly Tennyson. Is he a romance Sim or something? Not wanting to get married, and all.
    Or, he just fears the cooties. (I almost typed kiddies. Kitties? He fears cats. He does not look forward to the next EP.)

    Speaking of which, do you plan on getting it? I know it’s off-topic, but I’m just curious.
    Nice to see the Ravelos again, though. :D

  13. It’s about time another story of this family came out. That was a great update. I really like how you worked your way up to the boy’s current age. The pictures were b-e-a-utiful. I love that house, would you mind showing more pictures of it so I can see the whole thing?

  14. I think it would be so cool if you could add pets to the Ravelos! That would be so cute!

    Maybe do a story on them going to adopt a pet… how cute ^^

  15. Hey! its been a while since ive been to this site, I red the update Jen and didnt understand it (been so long) so I had to go back and reread all the Ravelos updates (whew!). So love the house its so beautiful and so are the pics, I still cant figure out how you do that pointy tower/roof you did it in ur royal kingdom challenge to, on the Dunnavent house, I am pleasently puzzled and I totaly agree with SimCity Story Critic you must…must show more pics of the inside of that house. Incredible!!! Kudos once again, Im out!

  16. Do you mean the pointy tower roofs like on the Ravelos’ new house, Abby? Those came with OFB! :D There’s also a dome shaped one and six-sided ones.

  17. Aww man! *kicks a rock* Jen, come back to my site! It’s all good now, the pictures are back up and I updated (tiny bit, more to come) and.. *facepalmed* XD

  18. Aww, you’re not dumb Abby! It’s easy to miss new building stuff like that.
    Jen, I’ve updated my site with the full first part of Harvey’s story. Thank you so much for leaving so many comments! :D Good response like that is what makes blogging and story making fun.

  19. Wow, it is great to read about the Ravelo’s again. Very nice pictures, nice story. I hope I’ll be reading more of you. I’m working on a new site with summaries of the the events in both my Prosperity and my Boomtown challenge neighborhoods. I have to dust off my real storytelling mode but I find it very inspiring already to have just one site where I share all the things I find interest in.

  20. Have I been under a rock???? How did I miss this for so long?? Ravelo’s! Wow! And I LOVE Tennyson telling the story, and I love his name, and Ravi is so handsome *swoon* The house is AWESOME, probably the coolest house I’ve seen since Shanley Manor, and I’m so excited about Ravi’s Llama farm. Really cool stuff. It was fun seeing everything retrospective – very useful storytelling device to cover a lot of time. Your sims are beautiful, your pictures are breathtaking and this is everything I love about Sim Writing. I even *almost* burned dinner to read this. It was absolutely worth it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back and read it again.

  21. I need my Jenba hit! *taps inside of elbow* I’m jonesing, man! :(
    *shifty eyed look followed by fleeing stage right*
    But seriously, we miss youuuu! Write more? Anything! Everything!

  22. Thanks for all of the comments! It was really fun to play and write about the Ravelos again – I’m glad you guys enjoyed hearing about them. I have been working on an update focused on Misty, so expect that soon.

    I would be happy to make the Ravelo house available for download – I just have to change a few things. I have windows and wallpapers in it that I can’t redistribute. (such the nice wide windows in the towers, which are Windkeeper’s from The Sim Resource.) But I can try to match with Maxis stuff and then upload it for you guys. Does that sound OK?

    I’m also planning on posting some pics and stats of the current Ravelos, for those of you who are interested in that kind of stuff. I had an insanely busy weekend, but now I’m ready to get back to my Simmies. :-D

    Oh – and I will definitely be buying Pets – I can’t wait for the Ravelos to have a cat and/or dog! That’ll be shweet. Also probably getting The Glamour Life. I am a sucker for anything Maxis puts out. They so own me. How about you guys?

  23. I will definitly be getting pets I have been waiting for that certain expansion pack. I dont no bout glamour life, I mean it looks cool but I think I will refrain from buying it, Im out!

  24. I’m definitely getting both Glamour Life and Pets. :D I love the stuff packs in general, but this one looks like it will have some *really* sweet looking stuff. Especially the new mirrors and fancy silk pjs and nightgowns!
    Pets.. Well, I mean, it’s *pets*. Resistance is futile, 99.9 percent of sim players will be assimilated! XD
    A Maxis-only version of the house sounds excellent to me, Jen! The only custom build stuff I have right now I’ve either made myself or was Maxis made and either transported in from Sims 1 or ‘hidden’ in Sims 2 and extracted by one or another crafty player.
    And yes please on stats! That’s always fun to know. :D

  25. Hey, Jen? Speaking of outfits, I was looking at The Heiress site and how there’s all those Llama Mama tees and stuff. So I thought I’d make some Ravelos themed ones. :D Tell me if you can download this (and of course if you approve of it!):
    I tried putting it up on my site, too, but I can’t figure out how to make it publically downloadable and all that. So this is easier for now.

  26. Ohmygosh, Kay! That is SO COOL! Hahahaheehee. Simon Ravelo would have been honored to have inspired such an outfit. Especially one so cool and hep. I love it!!! (And that’s not Harvey as the model, is it??) Man, that just totally made my day. Heehee!

  27. Yaaaaay! =D I’m so glad you like it! I’m the most pleased with the skirt, I just couldn’t get the front of the shirt to look good. I like the back of it, tho. Naw, it’s just a random Sim model I made to go with it, I had fun pretending she’s an obses– uh, *dedicated* Ravelos fangirl named Vera ‘Ravelia’ Jones. XD But Harvey’s definitely going to invest in some Ravelos merchandise!

  28. Haha, that would be really cool if you could get someone from the Ravelos family to wear it, lol.

  29. Hi :)

    You don’t know me. I’ve been lurking and reading your blog for over a year now and I very much enjoy your stories! I enjoy them so much that I was inspired to start my own Sims 2 blog. I hope to read more about the Ravelos and your ISBI challenge! Thank you for your wonderful stories!


  30. Heya Jadice! Unfortunately your blog apparently only allows comments from other blogger members, could you change that? :o I like your story! You have good writing fu, encore encore. :D
    I’m also a Jenba fangirl! I still go through her archives from time to time just to reread the Shanleys I and II and Maud’s Tales and and and. XD

  31. It will never cease to amaze me how you can handle those huge houses! They’re always so pretty, but I can never tolerate actually playing the game in them… I lose my sims. I won’t even get started on the ENORMOUS gardens of doom that some downloaded houses have… yikes. You’d have to have an army of gardeners to handle those…

    It’s nice to see the Ravelos again, they’re such a fun and quirky bunch.