Starcross’d Lovers

Hi everyone. I’m Kaela Ravelo, also known as “the middle sis”, “the shy one”, and, as my big sis Anastacia so affectionately calls me, “the green-eyed monster”. She only calls me that because my eyes are green, not because I’m jealous or anything. Like I would be jealous of my sisters — shyah!

I’m just kidding. I love my sisters to death, and being in the middle, I’m like the “bridge” between the two. I get along with both of them better than they get along with each other. But we’ve all gotten to be pretty close since we came to Académie La Tour. We just finished our freshman year, in fact, and all three of us made the honor roll. Pretty cool, huh?

Meet Kaela

Looking back, it seems like it was an easy year, but really…it wasn’t. Aside from the loads of homework, exams, and term papers, we had to deal with annoying dormmates and clueless boys (one particular guy happened to be both). And I had to conquer a little thing known as ‘stage fright’.

But our first week was a breeze. And breezy! The weather here at ALT is just amazing. Warm and sunny all year long, with just enough wind to keep the skin cool. Look how happy and carefree I was at the beginning of first semester…

First semester Kaela

We moved into a dorm called Astorga Hall. It’s one of those old stone buildings that has been completely redone on the inside, so it’s actually very modern. I like how we get a little of the “old world” ambience but still have cool things like air conditioning, a computer lab, and a jukebox in the cafeteria.

The sisters dance

It’s funny, because even though my sisters Ana and Misty have similar personalities, they’re never in the same mood at the same time. When one is down, the other is up, that kind of thing. It’s like they have to balance each other out.

For example, Ana was always the more outgoing of the two, but Misty really came out of her shell when we got to ALT. My quiet little sis isn’t so quiet anymore!

Misty says go

Ana, on the other hand, became a little more withdrawn. I’m not sure why. Maybe it had to do with all of that “legacy” business my parents told her about. That’s some pretty heavy stuff. Or maybe she just wanted to be alone. She didn’t seem to be sad, exactly, just…solitary.

She was the first of us to declare her major — Literature — but she hated all of the books that were assigned to her and ended up reading fluffy romance novels instead.

Anastacia reads

And in tribute to our Grandpa, she downed a LOT of espresso. But always alone.

Anastacia drinks espresso

The thing is, how can you be alone all the time in a DORM? It’s crawling with people! I couldn’t even take a shower without someone barging in and “vo gerbit-ing” all over the place.

A cheerleader invades the shower

But Ana managed to find all the quiet spots, and for the first month or so, we barely ever saw her. Misty and I were left to wonder what was going on with her, until one day she finally hung out with us in the hallway and spilled the beans.

Hanging out in the hall

“It’s Dan,” she said.

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  1. …!!!
    *flails helplessly* THAT IS THE BEST UPDATE EVER!
    You did Shakespeare! In Sims 2! Shakespeare!
    We’re not worthy!

  2. Yay!!! Romeo and Juliet in the Sims 2! How did you set it up so that Larry was on his knee and she was looking down at him! :o I’m glad some of these sisters are dating. But, because Misty is dating a professor, does that mean that Misty’s the heir? I’d be happy if any one of these sisters became the heiress. So are you going to write from Kaela’s point of veiw again? Or are you at least going to let her do another sim play? I hope so because this one looked so cool!

  3. **BRAVO** **BRAVO**
    So cute this update, i really love it!!!

    *I LIke very much the Revelo´s family!!

    **Bye Bye and kisses**

  4. Oh wow!!! That was such a cool update! I loved the Romeo and Juliet scenes! I wondered for a moment whether the stage was in some expansion pack I hadn’t heard about, then I realised you must have built it yourself xD
    I love the Ravelos, they rock!
    I havn’t been simming much lately, as my pc is kind of broken, just playing on this darn Harvest Moon game which I am so stuck on!! I saw you all talking about it awhile ago and decided to get it. It is so confusing!! >.

  5. Wow! I loved Shakespeare done by Sims! :D I still love all three of the girls in this generation. I’d be happy with seeing any one of them being the heir. The stage for the play is awesome. :)

  6. “What a piece of work is man! how noble in reason! how infinite in faculty! in form and moving how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals! “(Hamlet) Only that can explain your cool, cool pictures.

    “Can one desire too much of a good thing?”(as you like it) Yes, yes I can, and it’s more updates of course.

    “This is the short and the long of it” (the merry wives of windsor) ;)

  7. DITO TO KAY!!!
    Jen, wooosh. That’s all. I’m startled. Gibt’s nicht *lol*!! Yes, you truly are a Shakespearean lover. And yes, Yorick WILL be my heir :). JEN! HOW ON EARTH! Wow *lol*.
    Ok, enough of that. Well – boys boys boys… that’s what the girls really are interested in, huh? So Ana’s aspiration is family? She is so sweet with her boyfriend, Alvin’s elder brother, so cool! Hope that they will stick together for much longer! And Kaela is a very talented narrator, she’d do good as an heiress to! Well, playing Juliet surely makes you a talented narrator anyhow. I’m totally obsessed with your site, Jen, you’re unbelieveable. And now, good night!!

  8. I really like the first picture– it looks kind of like she’s writing a letter, or something, more than homework, doesn’t it?
    The third one looks really silly. XD Kind of like they’re all doing a weird little dance that pains them to do, or something. Or it pains Kaela, at least.

    XD Oh, dear. Silly Vo Gerbit Spirited people. And I bet afterwards she was all jumping up and going “ee! NEKKID!”

    I don’t know why, I just am feeling a little dragged out right now. I’m thinking the Vo Gerbit Spirit got to me.
    vo gerbiiiits! >_>

    Oh, man. I mixed up Larry with the blonde guy he was talking to, at first. I was a little confused, there. ^^;

    XD Aha! Well, it’s not like Kaela didn’t TRY to extend a friendly gesture… *coughcough* XD

    I love that stage. It looks really nice. Silly Kaela, though… I really wonder about that kah raaazy possum of a Larry Sims.
    He’s suspicious. >_>
    Hope you had a merry christmas, or a happy otherholidays! :D

  9. Wooww, interesting update. WHAT am i talking about? I absolutely loved this update. Es mi amor…:lol: Shakespeare is great for The Sims 2, but how did you EVER get it to happen. I know you used a couple of cheats…or atleast i think. And Larry was serenading Kaela. But anyway, Kaela is a great narrator. I love when she tells the story, I LOVE her green eyes. She is beautiful. They all are. This update made me laugh and sit on the edge of my seat and laugh and gasp and go “WOOWW” and then be all, “CCCOOOL” and then be all…”Jen is the best” and then go “dude man, Jen reminds me of my friend”, then after that I laughed some more. Haha, but no, it’s wonderful. Great job. Ohh, i love the girl’s dorm.

  10. Great update. Uh, what’s the Prof.’s first name?

    Anyway, LARRY’S A JERK! TRENT ROCKS! But seriously, I always liked Trent, and Ethan.
    Man, Alvin Futa looks…strange, like totally straaange.

    By the way you guys, I got The Sims 2 working again, so my blog should be up and running again soon, it’s a new one by the way.

  11. Brava! *echoes Kay’s sentiment*
    I’m so glad you wrote from Kaela’s perspective; she was my favorite of the girls as they were growing up. :D Still is too.
    Beautiful set, Beautiful dorm, Fabulous pictures!
    more, more, more, more, more!
    Oh, and Happy Holidays! ^.^

  12. *Bounces* In other news, I really really love Nightlife! In one of my Prosperity Challenge families I had my female adult Pleasure Sim fall in love with and move in a townie, Blair Lindt. She was an Elite Forces in the army, he’s a Commander — and so now after she’d been to work I got a little note that said ‘Blair’s pulled some strings for you at work — you just got promoted!’.
    Cracks me up. XD

  13. Bravo! Love the Dorm, Love the Set, Love the Guys! I recognized Robi’s look a like even before I read it, who can forget that face? But I must admit I’ve got the hots for Ravi….. (going back to look at him again) LOL. Truly brilliant, and as always, you leave us wanting more, and wanting to sim…. Bravo!


  14. I’ve spent the last few days reading all the pages in your blog, and I have to say, YOU ROCK!

    And, oh my God, Romeo and Juliet! I wish I could build as well as you could, that stage is absolutely fabulous! I hope she stars in another production soon, you do it really well.

    I can’t wait until the next update! *hugs*

  15. Jen! Jen! I had TWINS! *does the dance of insane glee!* Twin boys!
    That is to say, Rose Button aka Mrs Diva had them. ;) I named the first David and the second Douglas. David’s got 34 points total (Libra), Douglas has 31 (Aries). A heir and a spare! They’re currently kids, and so far I think David’s got more of Rose’s face than his father, whereas Douglas is definitely gonna be a tiny copy of dad appearance wise. Both have the almost-darkest skin, black hair and dark blue eyes of Mr Diva, though.
    She and her husband did have one son before the twins, one ‘Clarence’, but he had awful stats! 25 points, 0 in Nice! So they, uh, gave him up for being unworthy of the Button name. ;)

  16. Hey guys, thanks for the comments! I’m glad you liked this update — I had a lot of fun creating it. I’ve wanted to do the balcony scene from R&J with the Sims 2 for a long time (that’s why I had Trent get the part of Romeo when he was in college), because I thought it would be easy to replicate in the game, and also because it’s such a familiar scene. It’d be fun to try some others — if you have any suggestions, I’ll take them into consideration. :-)

    A few of you asked how I did it. It’s actually quite easy if you use the boolprop cheats, but those also have the potential to glitch up your game, so I try to use them sparingly (and I don’t save the game after using them). You can find some great tutorials on the cheat codes and picture-taking in general here (link courtesy of Amanda at SimShots). I built the stage on an empty lot and only did part of the audience seats, since I knew I was only going to take pictures from certain angles. I used the Tombstone of L&D (from “boolprop testingcheatsenabled”) to add the Ravelo girls and Larry Sims to the lot, then made Larry friendly with Kaela and had him “Serenade” her. With “move_objects on” I was able to put Kaela up on the balcony and take the pics. I did it a few times so I could get shots from different angles and with different expressions. That’s about it!

    To answer some other questions –

    Nita – I haven’t decided who’s going to be the heir yet — I thought I would write updates from each of the girls, and then have you guys decide who should be the heir. So the next update will probably be from Misty, and then one more from Anastacia. The senior year update can be from the chosen heir. I can certainly do more plays for Kaela, though, even if she’s not the narrator of the updates. Ana’s ponytail hairstyle is from The Sims Connection, and the long hairstyle is modified from the Nightlife jewel hair. Unfortunately I can’t remember where I found it — I’ll get back to you on that!

    Eva M – You’re right, Ana’s aspiration is Family, and the other two girls are both Popularity. I see lots of boys and parties in their future!

    PRMami – Yup, I made the dorm, mostly because I wanted the girls to live in a dorm for at least a couple of years, and I don’t like the Maxis-made ones very much!

    Lyra – Hi there and welcome! :-)

    Kay – Congrats on the twins! I’m really enjoying your mini-updates on the Buttons. :-)

  17. rele kwl moooooooooorrrrrrrrrrr n howd u playromio n juli in sims 2 ? izit da college sims ? bie xmwahx

  18. Hey i was wondering where you got Misty’s light ponytail for college?

    xthanx a lot!x

    X kisses X

  19. eh.. hi I just wanted to say that y think you got ana’s hairstyle from lyran 2.0

    PS: sorry if my english is bad i speak dutch

  20. *jaw drops* I absoultely love it. You are the Sim Blogging Goddess, Jen! The creativity and thought that went into this update is unbelievable. I love the stage and the dorm, and the look of all the Sims, and Alvin! lol Words cannot describe how awesome this is, you have inspired me to new heights. ;) I can’t wait to read the updates from the other girls’ perspectives.