Season’s Greetings

Before the Ravelo girls left for college, I had the family pose for a Christmas card. I used the camera reward, so I don’t have any funny outtakes, but I do have some close-ups and an alternate indoor picture, if you want to take a look. But the main thing I want to say is: I hope all of you have a very happy holiday!

Merry Christmas from the Ravelos

Trent Ravelo

Tristen Ravelo

Anastacia Ravelo

Kaela Ravelo

Misty Ravelo

Indoor picture
Christmas cheer

Stay safe, have fun, and Happy Simming,


26 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings

  1. Have an absolutely great Christmas, all! I’m getting Nightlife as a present so the Garvies (sadly abandoned for a few motnhs!) are going to get a car!
    Misty’s gorgeous, by the way! LOVE her hair!

  2. Merry Christmas..or Happy Holidays..whichever suits you:lol: I love the photos and the closeups and I can’t help but wonder where the girl’s dresses came from. If you don’t know…it’s ok. Thanks for directing me to the link for Kaela’s hair too! Have a great holiday!

  3. *sprinkles everyone with candy canes and chocolates*

    Eva – I can tell you exactly where the dresses came from — All About Style. When I saw them I knew immediately I had to use them for the Christmas portrait! Heh.

  4. Merry Christmas too all!!!!!
    I hope you have a great christmas~~~

    Merry Christmas Jen!!!!!

    Luv from

  5. You should give all the generations code names.
    Like, the first generation would be “CRAZY BABY PRODUCTION UNIT 1”
    And the second one would be “THE THREE PRETTY GIRLS.”
    I love yor portraits, as always.

  6. Yippee, and a very happy holiday to you too! Hope you’ll have looots of snow, but I don’t fear you won’t ;) – wish me luck, it’s always a bit uncertain whether Frankfurt’s gonna have a white christmas!! As always, just gorgeous pictures (you inspired me to do one myself, though without the camera reward it’ll get abit difficult ;) – still, finally two elders have died, more room and baby no. 4 finally on the way *g*). I especially love Anastacia’s pic, she poses so sweetly… she was a romance, wasn’t she? Or family? Anyway, I hope you won’t let us wait too long for an update, until then – FRÖHLICHE WEIHNACHTEN!!

  7. Such pretty girls. *sigh* But Misty looks awfully thin. Look at her waist! Lucky girl.

    Anyway, to finish on a festive note – We (my sims and I) wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  8. Yo guys….

    Alex’s Sims 2 Antics is no more. Okay, I lied, but I can’t log in I’ve lost my password. Our computer has been redone and all my families are gone. *cry*

    Anyhoo, I tried to make a new blog, but I can’t log in to that one either!? I’ve got the right password, but it keeps telling me it’s the wrong one. What gives?

    Any ideas people?

  9. Alex – I don’t know what site you’re trying to use so I can’t really answer. However, it could be that a) the password you actually put in is different than the one you thought you wrote, or b) there’s something wrong with the site you’re trying to use. Perhaps try to make another blog on another site?

  10. Yay chocolate and candy canes! Haha, thanks for the link to the downloads. The dresses are even more beautiful in game. Thanks alot. And happy holidays!

  11. I’m giving my Sim families presents! I got tired of Santa always giving the same two objects, so I decided to enter the fray myself. The way I do it is that I roll a six sided dice three times. The first time decides the category of the item (i.e tables, seating, decor etc), the second the category within the category (table, nightside table, desk etc), and the third decides on the actual item. Note that it only chooses between the first six: I didn’t want to give anything too expensive!
    Also, I’m bouncy because I’ve been playing the Prosperity Challenge, and my single Sim (Rose Buttons) has managed to hook the male Diva! 70k! And that was after just two days of play *and* they at first hating each other — thank goodness I found out they shared so many interests. Chatting and the ol’ Love Potion 8.5 got Rose from furious to friends, and the next day saw them go into crush, then best friends, then love. Woo!
    Thing is, Rose is a Romance Sim with the lifetime want of Woohooing 20 Sims. ;) I’m not entirely sure what to do about that, I might just ignore it. Or I might her play it lose and free on the weekends when Mr Diva goes off to be a Professional Party Guest.
    Also, I’ve been reading through your old Shanley family stories. The game’s sure gotten different with University and Nightlife and all the patches!

  12. The result for christmas presents:

    Button – Category 1 -> category 4 -> object #2. = Satinistics loveseat. Worth: 150.
    Cranestone – Category 6 -> category 2 -> object #1. = Trottco 27″ tv. Worth: 500.
    White – Category 4 -> category 1 -> object #1. = Cheapest toilet. Worth: 300.

    Miss Button rejected the loveseat on account of it not being befitting to her new ‘Mrs Diva’ lifestyle. ;)

  13. Awesome, Kay, I love the idea of rolling randomly to give your Sims presents. I guess Miss Button is too good for that Satinistics sofa! I wouldn’t mind it, though… Congrats on getting Mr. Diva. :-D

  14. Wow, what beautiful familt portraits! I hope you had a very happy christmas. I just have to know though, how did you get the amazing lighting in you pics? Lighting seems to fight with me when it comes to taking pictures, it ruins otherwise great pics. How do your pics end up so well lit? Even outside at night?

  15. Hi Bitsy, sorry for the delay in answering your question…my lighting secret is the umbrella light that comes with the base game but was somehow “hidden”. I downloaded it from Mod the Sims 2 (follow this link). It shows up in Floor Lamps and is much brighter than the brightest of the regular lamps. I use it all the time, and it makes a huge difference with my pics. Have fun!

  16. I love Alle About Style and have Tristen’s dress! Just out of curiosity, where did you get the log? I want it!

    AND WHY ON EARTH does Misty look so ungodly-ly-ly-ly…ly…lylyly… THIN!? Sorry, but she’s like a stick