A Very Ravelo Christmas

Hi everyone! It’s me, Anastacia Ravelo. Yes, I’m back to update you on the latest happenings in the Ravelo family. Eventually you’ll get to hear from my sisters, too, but for now, it’s just me, and I have so much to tell you!

After my grandparents died, we moped around the house forever, but then Dad’s movie came out and was such a smash that it lifted our spirits a bit. Plus I got to meet Johnny Depp at the premiere! Did you know he has an alien baby? Anyway, Dad also got a huge pay bonus, so we were able to totally deck the halls with Christmas decorations. Our once barren house is now cheerful and cozy.

Some weird things have been happening, though. First, Mom tried to fix me up with a friend of hers from work, Joe Carr. Well, not really fix me up, since I’m way too young to get married, but she was hoping we’d become good friends, and then I could marry him after I graduated from college. My response to that was, “Um…ew.”

Mom looks on

Don’t get me wrong — Joe’s a nice-looking guy and all, but he’s 10 years older than me! That might not matter so much if I were in my 20s (or if he were Johnny Depp), but I’m 16. It’s just not right. Plus he’s kind of a nutcase. He was telling me about aliens and how they’re going to invade Earth or something, and I was like, “Um, Joe…they’re already here. Haven’t you watched The Real World: Strangetown? There’s an alien guy on there, and the only thing he’s invaded is the girls’ shower stall.”

Joe is weird

At first, Mom denied that she was trying to fix me up with Joe, but then she relented and told me the truth. I guess she and Dad have decided that I’m going to be the “heir” of Villa Ravelo, which means that after college, I have to come back here and live for the rest of my life. I’m also expected to marry someone “worthy” and have at least one child who can carry on the family name. I believe my response to that was, “WHA…?”

But then I remembered my favorite TV show, The Heiress, and how Caliopie Legalos had to carry on her family’s legacy, and what a big deal that was. I don’t think my family is anywhere near as important as the Legalos family, but Mom and Dad want us to be. I guess they’re pretty proud of the fact that Grandpa started out with almost nothing and ended up with this huge family, a beautiful house, and a successful career in politics. They don’t want to see all of that hard work, all of the memories and family traditions, just fade away with time; they want to make sure it’ll live on and grow even stronger.

I guess that’s where I come in. And for awhile, I went along with it, because I didn’t want to let them down. Plus they gave me my own bedroom, which I’ve wanted forever. How could I say “no” to that?

Anastacia's room

I insisted on finding my own…er…guy, though. (I feel weird saying “husband”.) No more Joe Carrs. I thought about my friend Ricky Cormier, but he’s just that — a friend — and I don’t want to marry just a friend. I want to marry the love of my life, like Grandpa and Dad both did. I’ve always wanted that. And it’s more important now than ever.

So I took some of the money I inherited from my grandparents and hired a matchmaker. She wanted §4000 for a “perfect” match, which I thought was a little steep, plus I only had §2000 to spend. So I pleaded with her, and told her how vital it was that I meet someone “worthy” of my family, and she said she would do her best, but that she couldn’t make any guarantees.

Make me a match

The matchmaker did her hocus-pocus over her crystal ball, and out of the sky dropped Alvin Futa. Alvin Futa! He’s in my geometry class. I remember one time I dropped my pencil case on the floor, and he kicked it across the room. On purpose. This was the best the matchmaker could do for my two grand?

Alvin looked just as surprised to see me. “What was THAT?” he exclaimed, his head wobbling around. “I was just playing kicky bag with my brother, and then I went WHOOSH! and now I’m in YOUR yard! What gives, Ravelo?”

“I have something for you,” I said, and then I whipped out the fluffy down pillow I always keep in my back pocket for times such as these. (My grandma taught me that trick.) With all my might, I swung the pillow and whapped him across the shoulder.

Alvin looked even more surprised after that, which made me feel bad, but only momentarily. Unfortunately he had his OWN pillow with him, and within seconds I was inhaling goose feathers. We went back and forth like that for a good half hour. The matchmaker just watched us from afar, shaking her head.

Pillow fight with Alvin

Even though I’m not a violent or angry person by nature, taking out my aggression on Alvin felt pretty good. Especially since he’s always been such a jerk to me. And there was no harm done (although my pillow is pretty much featherless now). As a matter of fact, we parted on good terms, laughing and agreeing to hang out the next day.

Imagine my surprise when he showed up the next day with…his mother.

Alvin's scary mom

“I thought I’d see who my dear Alvin is hanging out with these days,” she said, smoothing her hair. “I’m very particular, you see.” She gazed into the mirror that seemed to be permanently attached to her hand and polished a tooth with her tongue while I gave Alvin a look that said, “We are so over.”

I was a little depressed after that. I had blown a good chunk of my savings on stupid Alvin Futa and worried that I was going to have to put up with a parade of Joe Carrs. That didn’t sound remotely appealing, so I just forgot about the guy thing for awhile and pretended I didn’t want one. If Mom brought someone home from work, I excused myself to go study. The funny thing is, I actually did study. I studied like crazy and ended up winning a few scholarships and grants. Now I only had to wait until Misty became a teen, and we could all go to college together.

My sister Kaela studied like mad, too, and even ran for Class President. She’s a little shy when she first meets people, but she warms up to them quickly and ends up making them laugh. Because of the shyness, though, she had to spend weeks on her campaign speech, saying it over and over again until it flowed naturally.

Grandpa’s Teleprompter came in pretty handy for that. She’s come a long way — I remember when we both thought that belching grossly into the microphone was about the funniest thing ever.

Kaela practices her speech

Kaela says her dream is to go into politics like Grandpa did and become the Mayor of Rosebrook! How cool would that be?

My other sister, Misty, finally became a teenager, and there was much rejoicing. She and I have very similar personalities, but she and Kaela have more in common activity-wise. They both like making friends and throwing parties, whereas I’m just obsessed with boys. Well, not obsessed. Just…preoccupied. But don’t tell my parents! I’m pretending that school is the most important thing in my life so they won’t keep shoving weird guys into my path and going on about the importance of the “legacy”. I’m not ready for that yet!

Oh, here’s Misty. When our grandparents passed away, it hit her the hardest, so she’s a little mellower than the rest of us. (But still very cool!)

Misty is a teen

I was really proud of her when she came home with her first A+ report card. She was a C-student when she was a kid, but Mom said she couldn’t go to college with us unless she brought her grades up, so she did just that. She even won the Scholar’s Grant! A good education is really important to our mom, so she was thrilled, and Misty looked pretty happy about it, too.

Misty gets her A+ report card

It was finally time for the three of us to head off to college. I’d been waiting forever, it seemed, but I’d have to wait a little longer — we had to have our family Christmas celebration first! Mom and Dad had been hinting for weeks that they had something special planned for Christmas, but we had no idea what was going to happen.

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23 thoughts on “A Very Ravelo Christmas

  1. Even though you said it’s expensive, you’re making me want the Holiday Party Pack with the beatiful scenery at Villa Ravelo! Oh, well. For once I’m not going to ramble.

  2. Oooooh! Trent and Kaylynn! I hope no one gets hurt. I love the girls clothes, especially that top Anastacia’s wearing. I hope they all have a good time in college – I’m glad they’re all so chummy. And I know I’m rather early, but Merry Christmas!

  3. Hhaha Johnny Depp? Alien kid? THat would explain his sexyness. And i love Kaela’s hair, where did you get it? I love the glitchy Santa beard haha. I was going to download the mistletoe, but I’m way to lazy…even though i think i did. Haha oh well, i forget. Johnny took my brain…being alien and all. But what in the heck is going on with that Kaylynn woman? AND TRENT! She’s ETHAN’s woman. Or was. Sexy Ethan, i feel sorry for him..even though he’s with him..family somewhere. I dont know, I can’t remember…too much eggnog..haha actually i hate eggnog, crazy me. But yes, I hope you have a great Christmas!

  4. Oooh dear, an affair you say? Oh yikes, I would’ve never expected that of Trent, really not!! I hope it will work out some way. I love the santa-beard *lol*! And I also like how you still keep it interesting on who’s gping to be the heir! So – wish you a good night, its half past three in the middle of the night already (thank godness holiday!!) – bed’s calling :)

  5. Oh, man, I love that little portrait of the “little red o_O Bunny” (as I like to call him) in a scarf in Anastacia’s room. Is it from Maxis, or in an EP or something? (That little red o_O bunny’s shirt is one of my favorites.)

    And, just a note, I wrote this comment while reading the entry, like I usually do. It’s fun! Funtimes, all ’round!

    Eeek, a parade of Joe Carrs. That… sounds kind of funny, actually.
    The guy with his big ol’ brown pompadour, all pointing and “freeeee-za!”‘ing at everybody– except there are, like, 24 of him!
    And then some people who don’t like him (*looks pointedly at Anastacia*) will throw tomatoes.
    And people who do like him (like her-mom-whose-name-I-forget-but-will-probably-remember-soon-enough) will… clap, or something?
    At Joe, not at the tomatoed Joes.

    Teehee. I like the parent’s conversation. It’s just so… sweet.
    And nogtastic.

    Holiday pack, eh? I guess it’s about time I head back to the official website… I don’t do that, often. >_>;
    I don’t know, but I think that rainbow glowing beard makes him more festive.

    Oh, silly Anastacia. She doesn’t understand that the hugging is jnust the Christmas Ravelo/Santa cheer, spreading with arms.
    …or something.

    Hrm. Maybe Simon, like Anastacia, does not understand the CR/S Cheer. (Abbreviations rock!)

    Professor of everything! Man, that phrase is so familiar! Whoa, deja vu. (With the appropriate accent marks.)

    Ohh nooo! Oh, man. T–
    See, I was trying to find a nonspoilery way to put it but I have to go really fast so no punctuation boooo I like punctuation bye!

  6. This update is so different from your Shanley Christmas update of one year ago. Does the mistletoe force Sims in the same room to kiss? Oh dear. I loved the decorations and the clothes, and I laughed at Santa saying about how he thought he looked delicious. That was just too funny. It was still funny and sweet but there’s definitely a feeling that something bad is coming. Or, maybe it’s just the stress of becoming an heiress? Great update, and I can’t wait to read more on the Ravelos. Happy Christmas!

  7. Oooh, the drama! And how very brave of Trent, considering that he lives with four women. Any man who lives with four women really ought to have a healthy dose of fear in him, haha.

    I must side with Anastacia on the Joe Carr issue. He kind of squicks me out. He’s so mean in my neighborhood, always picking fights and kicking trash cans.

    Great update!

  8. Gah! Trent, you bad bad boy! :(
    But Kaylynn just seems to have a permanent case of Love Potion 8.5 going on. *sets all her male Legacy Sims into having Turn Off: Black Hair*
    Fantastic update as always, ma’m.

  9. The mistletoe made them kiss — I was actually upstairs directing someone else in the family and heard the “falling in love” sound, so I flipped down to the first floor, and there I saw Trent and Kaylynn with hearts above them. So I didn’t actually see the kiss, but I’m pretty sure Trent stood under the mistletoe autonomously, and his relationship with Kaylynn was high enough that when she went up to kiss him, he didn’t turn her away. I didn’t realize that mistletoe was so dangerous! But I thought it would add an interesting wrinkle to the Ravelo story, so I worked it in. Trent’s not really a cad!

    Nita – Before you run out and buy the Holiday Party Pack, I thought I should mention that roughly 2/3rds of the Christmassy stuff you see in my pics is custom content downloaded from various non-Maxis sites. I’m a downloading fiend. :-) So if there’s anything in particular you like, let me know, and I’ll tell you where I got it from.

    Nina – Welcome, and thank you!

    Eva – Heehee, my sister made Johnny Depp in the game and then got him abducted, so he had an alien baby. He’s not actually an alien himself, although that would be hilarious! Oh, and Kaela’s hair is from Mod the Sims 2 — you can find it here.

    Blu – The little red bunny portrait came with the Maxis Holiday Party Pack. And ‘nogtastic’ is my new favorite word!

    Bitsy – Yeah, the Shanley Christmas was more of an interlude, a little storytelling break, whereas with the Ravelos it’s part of the ongoing story. It’s cool that you remembered the Shanley one.

    Kay – Heh, Kaylynn is attracted to almost all of the Ravelo boys (especially the ones with Family aspirations). She must be turned on by black hair or something! I should just have her marry Ron and get her out of the picture. ;-) Your NL legacy sounds really fun, by the way! I wish we could see pictures! But it’s cool just hear about it, too.

  10. Oh!! I love the Christmas story. I’m pretty sure I want to go live with those people in their house. I wouldn’t kiss Trent or anything. I wish the real santa had a multicolored flashing beard. Imagine how “The Night Before Christmas” would have been written then:
    His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
    And the beard of his chin was as colorful and flashing like the good ole’ days at studio 54.

  11. lil, that was awesome. I think you should write my next update!

    And Mieko, I’m very sorry to have distressed you. I’ll make the bad lady go away!

  12. I always come to your website and wait for new stories to be posted.and yhis is my first time ever leaving a comment at your website. Thanks for welcoming me too.

  13. Santa’s color changing beard is awesome! I love all three of the girls in this generation. I don’t know which I’d rather see as the heir. I have a question about a couple of items in your photos–the Christmas rugs and the snowman in the next to last picture. Are those from the Holiday pack or a non-Maxis site?

  14. I think I’ll upload some pics to Photobucket and slap the addy up here. I have one funny glitch in particular that I managed to catch in action. And yes, have Kaylynn marry Ron! *G* Silly Trent, side flings are for Romance Sims.
    I’ve gotten my little Nightlife Legacy Sim into a fairly cozy spot. When she went out prowlin’ she stumbled over this cute dark skinned, baby faced fellow with green eyes and long brown hair. In one night they went from strangers to engagement! But I don’t think I’ll ever have her marry or even move him in, so far I’m getting a steady income between her actual job and him giving her gifts after going for ‘outings’. It’s amazing what a bit of Woohoo can do for group fun. ;)
    She’s had one girl with him already, but I’m not too keen on the resulting offspring. She’s cute-ish, but she’s got awful stats. 25 points, the majority of which has gone into outgoing and active with 1 in neat. I’ll try breeding them one more time, and if that kid’s got bad stats too I’m kicking this guy to the curb as well. Pretty faces don’t mean a thing! It’s all about the stats, baby.

  15. A few photos from my legacy challenge. Here’s Agnes McKay meeting Justus Reeves:

    Cute moment from the hot tub where it looks like he’s daring her to touch his heart:

    The fruit of their union turns into a toddler and Agnes turns into a body contortionist:

    Close up of the same fruit, who by the way I named Bridget:

    Bridget going ‘Wow, these special effects seem really real!’

    And yes, the whole house is in shades of green and yellow. XD

  16. Oh WOW! What an update. I’m so touched that Anastacia is an “Heiress” fan!!! I hope things work out for her as well as they seem to have for Caliopie… Beautiful Christmas decorations, as well. Your stories feel so authentic and your characters completely believable. Bravo Ravelos! (and long live Llama Mama!)


  17. Great update as always Jen! The Ravelos have such pretty girls! All of my teenagers in the game turn out looking kinda ugly! LOL, but you always get pretty girls!

  18. Nina – You’re welcome! Stop by again! :-)

    Shana – I got some Christmas rugs from Simplan-X; there’s an advent calendar there with a free download every day. Great stuff! (Einfach-Simlisch and Parsimonious are doing something similar, and also have some nice stuff). As for my other rugs (which are recolors of Echo’s rug mesh), I think I got them at The Sims Resource. The dancing musical snowman is from the Maxis Holiday Party Pack.

    Kay – Love the pics! The one where she’s holding the toddler is scary! Glitches like that freak me out. ;-) Agnes and Justus make a lovely couple, and I like Bridget’s freckles. I bet she’s going to be a good-looking teen. By the way, Justus looks exactly like Renaud from my Ravelo Legacy, the guy who Marlee dated and Cady married. He’s definitely cute!

    Mieko – :-D

    Scally – Merry Christmas to you, too!

    Amy – Thanks! You know I love “The Heiress” so much I just had to put it in my story. Llama Mama forever!

    Paige – I’ve been very lucky so far; I think Lauren had good genes!! We’ll see what happens in the future — there are only so many decent-looking townies and NPCs, eh?