The Kahale House in Sunlit Tides

So this weekend while I was waiting for Twallan to update his mods for the new patch, I played Sunlit Tides a bit, since my save of that world is in a CC-free game (except for my default skin/eye replacements, a couple of store items, and a couple of must-have hacks like Hysterical Paroxysm’s camera fix and her tiny texture replacers — I can’t stand seeing sparklies when I build!).

Back when I first loaded ST, I picked the Kahale family, because I thought they’d be interesting. Kai Kahale is the governor of the island, while his wife Alana is a Super Villain. They have a daughter, Lealani, who just became a teen in my game.

Yesterday I decided to build them a new house. Their old one was absolutely huge, with amenities like a home gym, office, and THREE family rooms. However, it had very little character, and didn’t feel very island-y to me. I thought the Kahales deserved a sleek, modern, but still cozy tropical home, so that’s what I attempted.

Here’s what their house looked like before:

Sunlit Tides

Here it is after my re-build…

Sunlit Tides

Since the inspiration pic I used was for the back of the house, I had no earthly idea what to do for the front, so I winged it. ;-P I didn’t want to put too many big windows in front because I was mindful of the family’s privacy (yeah, I know Sims don’t care, but I wanted to be semi-realistic).

Sunlit Tides

Here’s the back of the house…

Sunlit Tides

Sunlit Tides

I’ll think I might have overdone the stonework a little bit…man, it’s tough working without CC. I was dying for more textures!!! I’m so spoiled!

The old house had a little spa cabin out back, so I thought the new house should have one, too:

Sunlit Tides

Alana enjoying a nice mud bath…

Sunlit Tides

Here’s the dining room…I wanted to give them a nice view.

Sunlit Tides

The kitchen…

Sunlit Tides

Kai washing dishes…

Sunlit Tides

More pics on page 2!

10 thoughts on “The Kahale House in Sunlit Tides

  1. Jen, your work has always amazed me. I have not played my Sims in over a year & then it was only for a bit. I miss them greatly, but my computer just isn’t up to par. Hope to fix that soon. Great job on building & decorating. Can’t wait for the next installment!

    • Amy!!! Great to see you! :D Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I hope you get your computer fixed soon so you can Sim again! It’s going to be a fun autumn with both Supernatural and Seasons coming out! ;-P

  2. *jaw dropping on the floor* WOW. Just WOW.
    That picture of the back house, with the sunset, the lovely liliponds already made me drool at your Simblr. It’s sublime!!!

    Their new house looks so tropical and chic now. I love how you kept their private on the front (that’s the kind of little details that make me swoon over and over!) I can’t believe it’s built CC-free!!! It’s amazing!!!
    And the inside of the house…. Only you can decorate a house like that, my darling. You have an insane talent! These dark woods and the orange of the sheet, or the cream of the sofa… Awwww. That’s just perfect. Totally the “That’s IT!” I was meaning the other day!

    As if we weren’t all already short of respiration by this breathtaking masterpiece, you achieve us by this magnificent shark tank!!!! (I love the idea for a Super Villain!! You always take your Sims personality in consideration! :D)


    • Awwww, thank you, Sandy-dear! :D You are too sweet to me! *hugs* I always admire how you decorate so wonderfully to your Sims’ personalities…it’s a big inspiration!

  3. /dies

    That house is AMAZING! I saw the preview pictures on Tumblr, but wow. Seeing it in more detail just reaffirms that it is gorrrgeeeeoooousss! I love all the little touches you put into your work, it always makes it just that much better. Attention to detail!

    As for the windows/privacy… you’d be surprised the houses like this I’ve seen in Maui and Key West with just WALLS of windows. Usually, though, there’s big shrub trees/lots of palms/etc blocking the front from view. The ocean-facing side is ALL windows, though. My husband assures me that you can’t see in them during the day (due to glare), but I would be SO NERVOUS living in a house like that! Yours is much more my style. ;)

    • Thank you, dear Mao! :D I would be totally nervous living in a house with big windows, too…yikes! LOL. Although I’d put up with it to be able to live in Maui…*drool* Hehe.

  4. Jen! I just love love you for this!
    I’m downloading right now and cannot wait to bulldoze the original.

    Now, about that Sunlit Tides lottery to see which lucky sim family gets this…