May and Sharla

Hi, all! I have some more pseudo-story pics for you. And an update on my progress in the Mt. Geneva Friends project, which is painfully slow, as I hit a few snags on house #4. I was going to preview that one along with #3, but it keeps either freezing on save or crashing in play mode. Argh! I spent a whole week trying to finish that lot (and it’s not even that big), but after redoing it three times, shedding a few tears, and growing a few more gray hairs, I said to heck with it and moved on.

I thought maybe I had too much CC, so I pared it back and merged a bunch of package files, but that didn’t solve the problem, and I kept running out of space on my hard drive. When I tried to defrag, it told me I didn’t have enough space to do that, either. So the upshot of this all is: I have ordered a new computer! It has oodles of space, so at least I won’t have to worry about that anymore. And since the game will have to be reinstalled, maybe that will clear up my other issues. Here’s hoping!

Until then, I’m focusing on community lots (since I have no crashing issues when I’m in Edit Town). I’ve built a laundromat/café which you will see at the end of this post, but first off, here’s house #3 in my friends project (this will be a bit of déjà vu for those of you who read my thread on Living Sims – but the pics are all new, at least!):

Mt. Geneva Friends

It’s a bit of an oddball, but it’s based on a real house in my hometown. I was totally enchanted by its art deco-ish lines and green awnings, so I built it for my game and put friend #3 in there…with her grandmother. Originally I was going to have all of the friends live alone, but that’s a bit boring to play, so some of them will have roommates.

Mt. Geneva Friends

That’s the grandmother, Sharla Palmberg, strolling towards her house, llama-headed cane in hand. Sharla used to be a glamorous film star back in the golden age of Simmywood, but now she’s bitter, temperamental, and slightly loony, and doesn’t exactly relish the idea of being “looked after” by her granddaughter.

Mt. Geneva Friends

The aforementioned granddaughter is May Muldrow, a sweet and sensitive soul who loves old movies, romance novels, baking pies and cookies, holding dinner parties, and decorating (though she’s not very good at it).

It’s a quiet Sunday afternoon at the Palmberg residence, and Sharla is watching the Kidz Zone channel, of all things. Her granddaughter keeps trying to engage her in conversation, but she’ d much rather watch a giant dancing bunny.

Mt. Geneva Friends

“Granny? Granny. Granny. Please…you won’t even look at me.”

May is a very patient young woman, but after the fifth or sixth time of saying “Granny” in her calmest voice and receiving no response, she decides to take a different approach. She gets up to turn off the TV, but before she can even reach the power button, Sharla yells, “Hey, I’m watching that!”

Sharla makes her way across the room towards May with surprising speed, considering that she has a slight limp and walks with a cane.

Mt. Geneva Friends

“Don’t you dare touch my TV! I’m not a child, you know!” she hollers. “I’m not senile, either, whatever your mother might think. I was getting along just fine without you.”

May sighs, trying to keep her tone placid. “Granny, I know you don’t really want
me here, but Mom is worried about you.”

Sharla clucks her tongue and looks away.

Mt. Geneva Friends

“I’m serious, Gran…you know she’d be here herself if she could. But she has all those little ones to take care of, so I’m it. I’m the lucky one who gets to spend time with you.”

Now comes the eyeroll. Sharla’s good at it.

Mt. Geneva Friends

“Don’t be that way, Gran,” May continues. “I really mean it. I never got to see much of you when I was growing up, so this is my chance to get to know you better. Try not to think of me as a…a caregiver or whatever, but as…a friend. A friend who’s just…living in your guest room for awhile.”

Mt. Geneva Friends

“Awhile? AWHILE? You’ll be here till I die, and don’t pretend I don’t know it! I wasn’t hatched yesterday, dearie. I know the REAL reason your parents sent you here –- to get YOU out of their hair!”

Mt. Geneva Friends

“Now Gran, that’s not fair. It has nothing to do with me. You know you’ve been forgetting things lately, and it’s been harder for you to get around…”

“Oh why, because I’m old? So terribly old and frail? Well, I’ll have you know, sweetums – I don’t walk with a cane because I’m old! I did all my own stunts, you know! Fractured my hip during a shoot. It hurt like hell! But I’m still on my feet. They didn’t throw this cane at me because I’m an elder — I earned it! I earned this cane and the right to wield it!”

Mt. Geneva Friends

“Geez, Granny, calm down! It’s not a weapon, for crying out loud. I’ve had enough arguing for now — I’m going upstairs until you chill out.”

Mt. Geneva Friends

May might be sweet and sensitive, but she does have a spine, and she won’t tolerate much too much abuse. Plus she’s a bit afraid of that cane, the way her Granny whirls it around like a lasso. She ventures upstairs to use the toilet and read a book for awhile. When she comes back down, Sharla seems to be in a much better mood.

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23 thoughts on “May and Sharla

  1. Sorry to hear about your computer, Jen! I just had to get a new one in June myself.

    Is the Palm Cafe a custom lot, one you made or did it come with one of the expansions? It looks lovely, whatever the case may be!

    • Hey Audrey! :) The Palm Cafe is a lot I built — it’s where the diner is in Sunset Valley. And thanks, glad you like it! Hope you’re enjoying your new computer!

  2. Aww, yeees! They have been at your beautiful dinner! That\’s such a perfect place for Sharla to recover few memories. It\’s really such a beautiful place. A shame they didn\’t share the same table! *lol*
    I love reading about May and Sharla! (though I might end up by crying in the bathroom myself, as I\’ve been raised by my grand-parents and took care of my grand-ma, after my grand-pa\’s death, so… anything related to grand-parents moves me a lot. :))

    • Aw, I don’t want to make you cry, Sandy! It sounds like your grandparents were very special people. And thanks for your compliments on the diner — it means a lot!

  3. hey jen, lol that grandma is freaking cool, i love her and her cane :P also I’m happy for you and your new pc :D i need a new one too, too many online games + sims3 is making mine glitchy, but i can’t do anything till december XD

    • Bummer, computers are such a pain sometimes, aren’t they? Ugh. If you can’t get a new one until December, I hope the time goes by quickly for you! ;) Thanks for the comment — I’m glad you like Sharla despite her crabbiness!

  4. Sorry to hear about your pc troubles Jen but a new computer sounds exciting! I hope it sorts out your TS3 problems too.

    I love this little family. When I read May’s bio it described me so I am quite fond of her already *blushes*

    • LemonJelly, you are just too sweet. :) I can relate to May a bit myself (though I’m not so good at baking, and dinner parties make me nervous!).

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about your computer. Been there, done that. But yay for getting a new one! Been there and done that too just recently. It’s good to have an excuse for a purchase like this ;-) Hope it’ll solve all your problems when you get it!

    I love these two and I can’t wait to see what’s next for them. And your “that thing you do” bar looks fabulous in these pictures!

    • Thank you, Dee! :) And yeah, it’s not like my computer is on its last legs (it’s only four years old) but if it can’t run Sims 3 decently, then it’s just gotta go!

  6. Love the refractory nature of Sharla – she’s very true to life! I think May well and truly has her hands full with her grandmother, which’ll certainly keep it interesting – unless of course, you run true to form and something pretty flits by and drags your attention elsewhere ;0)

    Shots of the cafe/laundromat are never gonna get old – more please!

    I would say “I’m so sorry about your pc troubles” – but I reckon you’re probably quite happy they’ve occurred because you get a brand spanking new toy to play with. I know I had to pretend to be very sad about the loss of my last desktop, when secretly I was piddlin’ my pants with joy.

    • Ooh, “refractory” is such a cool word — thanks, Lily! And LOL, you just never know when I’m going to get distracted by something new…I’m horribly predictable in my fickleness, as you’ve so aptly pointed out! ;-p

      And yeah, piddlin’ my pants with joy sounds about right. ;) If only they weren’t so expensive! (er, computers — not my pants!)

  7. Wow, May really must have the patience of a saint, because Sharla is one MEAN CROTCHITY OLD LADY! *shudders* I feel really sorry for May, having to live in such a hostile environment.

    I’m glad to see she does reach a point and says “enough” to that mean grandmother.

    Whew, I’d get whiplash, trying to keep up with Sharla’s moods, I think. But I’m glad that she’s not always such a shrew to May.

    The Palm Cafe looks awesome!

    Aww, really? She went and cried in the bathroom? *hugs May* I wish Sharla knew what her cruelty was doing to her granddaughter. :(

    I hope your new computer takes are of all your problems. :)

    • Aer, your comments are always so entertaining. :D Yeah, Sharla is pretty awful, though she has her nice moments — maybe we’ll get to see more of those in the future. I’m trying to put some more conflict in my stories, so Sharla is a bit of an experiment in that regard. Hopefully she won’t be so horrid that people don’t even want to read about her! Heh.

  8. Ooo I love what I’ve seen of this house and would love to see move of it :) it’s beautifully decorated (as usual) and the cafe looks great too, both looking awesome.
    And you have to feel for May for putting up with Sharla, but I bet deep down inside Sharla is a kind person too (when they were talking about where to go) it’s just her old age and forgetfulness that’s getting the better or her.

    • Aww, thank you, Callum! Glad you like the house and cafe. :) I think your observation about Sharla is spot-on!

  9. Well, someone’s nasty old battle-axe of a grandmother is exactly like mine. Poor May, the only thing I can suggest to chill Granny Grump is a shotgun. Can you tell who has just had a blow-out with her grandmother, Jen? And over a ship-in-a-bottle of all things. Sigh. Good update, it certainly cheered me up!

    • Oh my, Scally, I’m sorry to hear about your blow-out with your grandmother — that does not sound fun. :-/

  10. This grandmum is so funny, and your style of writing is so catchy…love it as usual.
    Sorry to hear about your computer problems…have some myself so can relate, hope your new computer arrives soon, as mine not due til late September :)
    Looking forward to your next update.

    • Thank you, Speechless! :) And it stinks that you’re having computer problems as well — it’s so darned frustrating. I hope you can survive until September!

  11. While I, too, am sorry to hear about your computer … you’re getting a NEW COMPUTER!!! To me, that’s like the best thing EVER! *cheers* What’d you get? How much space does it have? What kinda video card does it have? SPILL!

    Oh dear … I feel sorry for May. :O((

    I had to laugh out loud (literally) at that last picture. *snicker*

  12. Congrats about the new computer. The only downside in this is having to re-install, I did it once after messing up my game and my God was it boring.

    May is very pretty, and the café looks great. Hope you share it one day.