Upgrade to Self-Cleaning

Hey all, I’ve upgraded to the new WordPress 3.0 and switched to the Twenty Ten default theme, which is completely awesome because I no longer need plug-ins for my “Recent Comments” and “Recent Posts” sections (which is meaningless to non-Wordpress users, but trust me when I say it’s pretty cool!). And check out the shiny new drop-down menu for my Archives! Woot. Also, since this theme has the sidebar on the right, those of you with smaller monitors should be able to see my pictures without them getting chopped off. As always, let me know if anything looks weird/wonky/wacky.

I hope to do a Shanley update soon, if I can tear myself away from playing long enough. ;) Until then, here’s a preview pic:

Wishful Living Challenge

Happy Simming!

9 thoughts on “Upgrade to Self-Cleaning

  1. It looks good! Very clean layout. I love the header!

    That preview pic really sets a beautiful atmosphere. It almost looks post apocalyptic, though I’d assume that’s just because there’s a robot in the foreground.

  2. Very snazzy, Jen :)

    And no more Spamwords! Excited to see how the Shanleys are doing! Same with me – since I read about your Wishful Living Challenge and started to play again, I can’t get myself to stop playing Sims3 – much more than before! My Gen4 heirs (finally twin girls, too!) are just about to grow into teens, and its much too much fun… Although I should rather concentrate on my B.A.-exams and stuff.

    I like the new font, too!
    Shanleys rooooock!

    • Hey Eva! Congrats on getting to Gen 4…and twins, too! I rather like twins myself. :) So glad you’re enjoying the WLC. It really holds my attention and interest more than the Legacy Challenge, I guess because we move locales every generation, and it’s fun to go for all of the different LTWs. Good luck with your exams!

  3. Yay for upgrades and new layouts. Lovin’ the archives dropdown menu! :O) And the previous poster is right. The teaser picture does looking kinda post apocalyptic! :O))

    • Thanks, Ange! :) As for the spam words, I will either have to wait until the creator of that feature upgrades his plug-in or find another anti-spam program. Until then, I’ll just keep moderating comments (it was always doing that for first-time posters, although it overdid it sometimes and put return-posters into moderation, too…and still does).

  4. Hey Jen! I love the new layout. And that banner is really pretty. I’ve been dying for another Shanley update, so yay! Hope everything got worked out for you and your hacker issue.

    • Glad you like it, Mandie! I haven’t had any other hacker problems, so hopefully everythings good for now…*knocks on wood*