Hackers Suck

Hi all, a few days ago my website was hacked. Hundreds of files were tampered with across all of my blogs and subdirectories. At first I thought just Greetings from Mt. Geneva had been affected, and I thought it had been a server hiccup, but some of my Simming friends notified me that they were receiving warning messages from other areas of my site, so I looked into it further and found the problem was much more extensive.

I have since replaced or deleted all of the bad files that I could find and have submitted my site to Google Diagnostic for review. If they find it to be clean, they will remove the warning message from my site. If not, I will might have to wipe everything and start from scratch (and back-ups). I apologize for the error messages and hope to get everything back to normal ASAP.

Thanks for your patience and help!

7 thoughts on “Hackers Suck

  1. Hey, this happened to me twice or three times, it’s so annoying. Don’t worry, you’ll get rid of it eventually! I’m crossing my fingers. :)

  2. Thanks, guys. I’m not sure how it happened — probably just a hacker bot was crawling the web, looking for vulnerabilities, and found some on my site. Google Webmaster Tools said it could find no malware on my site, and I’m using Google Chrome right now to access my site, and I received no warning. So I *think* it’s OK now!

  3. That’s terrible Jen, glad things seem to be sorted now though!
    I’d been avoiding sims and getting distracted from my exam study for the past few weeks, and I came on here the other day after I had finished up to catch up on your awesome posts (holidays, heck yes!! 2 guesses what I’ve got planned.) and got the scary warning. I was completely bummed cause I really really really wanted to read your posts, and I couldn’t!!!! :(
    So now I’m off to enjoy reading them for the next little while :)

  4. Glad things seem to have gotten sorted out, Jen! I was surprised when I came to check your blog yesterday and kept getting malicious site warnings. Darn hackers. :/

  5. Glad to see you are back up and running. They hacked the server my site was on, was a nightmare to sort out…..well, not that I was the one to sort it out. But I’m sure it was a nightmare for the one who did. Took him a week to get it done, and then it was hacked again a day later. Hackers do indeed, suck.