Everybody Jump Now

Wishful Living Challenge

Last we left the Shanleys, my Wishful Living Challenge family, they were living it up in the Garage Apartment in Riverview. Third generation heiress/torch-holder Violet had married Benedict Driscoll and given birth to two babies, Gibson and Georgia. Everyone was skilling away like the good little Sims they are, when I just up and decided to move them all to Twinbrook, the new Ambitions town.

Before they escaped Riverview, Benny spent a couple of days at the local library reading the Vol. 3 Charisma book in order to achieve his Lifetime Wish of Golden Fingers, Golden Tongue. When he completed his LTW, he stood up from his chair with absolutely no expression on his face and put the book away. Sigh. They really need to add some animations to that! I know if I achieved my LTW of marrying Hugh Jackman and becoming the next J.K. Rowling, I’d be snoopy-dancing on a cloud of cotton candy, with rainbows and unicorns all around. But for a Sim, realizing their dreams is about as exciting as making a cup of coffee. Sure, they get a sweet moodlet and all of those happy points, but they act as if nothing happened.

Wishful Living Challenge
“What, you can’t tell that I’m happy? I’m totally ecstatic! My face is just numb from reading for so long…”

OK, enough ranting. On to Twinbrook!

The Shanleys packed all their belongings and bought a home that I can’t recall the name of, unfortunately – again, my notes suck – but it was something like the Low Country Rambler, and it looked like this:

Wishful Living Challenge

Not too shabby, I must say. I didn’t do too much remodeling inside – I changed the layout of the living area and added a bathroom – and on the outside I just spruced it up a bit.

Wishful Living Challenge

Yay, now it looks like a library! Or maybe a nursing home. Anyway, a few Twinbrookians popped over and welcomed the Shanleys to the neighborhood. They seemed like nice, normal folk. No chainsaw-wielding maniacs or anything.

Wishful Living Challenge

Then Georgia set out her baking stand, and the riff-raff started showing up.

Wishful Living Challenge

One man actually bought a vanilla muffin, but when Georgia collected the money from the jar later on, she got ZERO Simoleons. I smell a bug. Either that or the guy was a sleight of hand expert.

Wishful Living Challenge

I bought the family a trampoline just to see what it was all about, and it was like I had built the Field of Dreams: everyone was flocking to it. They’d pull up in their taxis and literally RUN over to the trampoline.

Wishful Living Challenge
“Ooh, me first, ME FIRST!!!!!”

Wishful Living Challenge
If you buy it, they will jump.

I thought I might need to sell the trampoline in order to halt the endless stream of visitors, but then I put the baking table away, and that seemed to stop the insanity. I guess if you want townies to descend upon your house in droves, put out a muffin stand!

It wasn’t all bad, though. One of the visitors turned out to be Benny’s new boss in the Music career, DeAndre Wolf. Benny sucked up to him big time (I actually used an Irresistible Greet on him before I realized it was a flirt – woops!) and did the Worship social, which I hadn’t seen yet.

Wishful Living Challenge
“You’re going to be my boss? YOU? DeAndre Wolf?? I have all your albums, man! I’m not worthy!” *pees pants*

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14 thoughts on “Everybody Jump Now

  1. I absolutely loved your makeover of Benni! Your sims always exude so much personality. The pictures and captions, as always, are perfect!

  2. That young lady with high-opacity makeup and crazy clothes is a stylist. I forgot her name, as I always do, but I’ve already changed her makeup and clothes and she looks far better now. I tried to keep her crazy style though.

    I forgot to take a picture of her before the makeover, though. Would you mind if I used yours on my blog later? With credit, of course. :)

  3. Page 1:
    Someday, I’m going to have to start doing “Title Images” like you do, jenba. Coming to your blogs, I always get ideas to do stuffs. *high five* And the fact that you are a pro at building/remodeling sim homes and stuffs is a bonus! :O))

    *blinks* Baking stand?? What is this baking stand of which you speak?? And for some reason, I feel like I’ve missed an episode(?). I will have to go back and check. :O)

    “If you buy it, they will jump” – *ROFLMAO*

    Page 2:
    I find it funny that Benny made that face while getting his tattoo. When my sim-self got one, she behaved just like I did when I got my first tattoo – watched with fascination. She got booed though after it was all done. *blinks* No clue as to why. :O) That tattoo artist’s back tattoo is PRETTY!!

    “You caught me red-handed” – *ROTFLMAO*

    While his neck down makeover is pretty cool, I LOVE what you did from the neck up! He TOTALLY looks the part now! :O) And he’s handsome, too.

    Wow … a lone sim lives in that great big house?! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!! O__o *blinks* How the hell did they get a window on the side of the pool?!?!?! But wow … DeAndre drinks … a LOT! o__O

    Loving Benny’s face in that last shot. *LOL*

    Page 3:
    Why is it that when sims paint using the large, medium, large option (as opposed to paint still life or paint portrait), the paintings ROCK! As soon as they try still life … meh. Although, I guess my sim-self painted a good one. But the PORTRAITS!! Ugh … =__=

    Maybe furniture can’t be consigned? I dunno. I haven’t explored the sculpting side of things yet.

    That ice sculpture … *ROTFLMAO*

    Georgia is GORGEOUS!

    Aside from the uni-brow, I don’t think Juan is all that bad. His face has character! Hell, that could be Don Lothario in his golden years, right? *LOL*

    Heh. I’ve seen that over-makeup’d woman before as well. I was like “WTFBBQ!!” *LOL*

    Page 4:
    I really love Gibby’s (heh … Gibby) nose – it’s so aquiline! :O)

    Wow … Chase is … uhh … yeah. But I’m sure if you gave he a nice makeover, it would “soften” things up a bit … especially around the eyes, right? :O)

    Aww … when Gibby became a YA, he lost that hair I like so much. Love that shot of him blowing shit up though. *LOL* I love how you describe him though – sounds like a great personal ad. *LOL*

    You are such a task-mistress, jenba. :O))

    Page 5:
    Nice save trying to get the spare her LTW before the 3 days is up by sending them to France. *LOL* Brilliant! Love that look on her face though when she’s looking into the camera while sitting at the chess table. The caption is 100% accurate. :O)

    *LOL* at Vi singing outdoors … Julie Andrews moment … *snicker*

    *blinks* They REALLY had him running around finding dates??? *blinks* Interesting! I love that one shot of him where he’s talking to the brunette, an the sun is setting. I love his expression. He’s one handsome sim, jenba.

    Llamas and feather dusters? KINKY!!

    Congrats to Georgia on getting that one last logic skill point! Way to go!

    Your score sheet is shaping up quite nicely!! Great update as usual!

    • Woot, long comment! Enjoyable as always, thanks, Ange! Re: the baking stand, you’re right, it was kind of random — I didn’t do a proper lead-in to that. It’s just a new object in Ambitions that I wanted to try out for fun. Georgia’s actually a terrible cook and would have much rather been jumping on the trampoline. ;) Re: tattoos, I forgot to mention Vi got one, too (she rolled up a wish for it), but it’s on her lower back, so it’s not noticeable. Anyway, she reacted just like your sim-self did — she just watched the tattoo artist at work. Heh. I like that Sims react differently based on their personalities.

      I agree that still lifes and portraits don’t turn out very well. It’s too bad. And Juan’s face DOES have a lot of character, but…yikes! How can you compare him to the Don?? Don’s so much cuter! Heh.

  4. most excellent make over, most excellent heir, most excellent job well done and ya that last one was lame.
    Really though you did a fab job getting everything accomplished. I look forward to seeing what lil Giddy Gibby will be up to next!

  5. Glad to see you’re messing with Twinbrook. It’s a bit of a weird neighborhood, but that swamp makes for some beautiful pictures.

    Once again I’m tempted to start making my way through the lifetime wishes like you’re doing. I started it right before Ambitions came out but only made it about halfway through. Plus, things would keep getting buggy, so I would have to start a new neighborhood and a new family every time. Oh, and then there’s the fact that the adventures don’t reset, so attempting to have someone do the Seasoned Traveler wish after a few Sims before him have gone on random vacations – it makes it difficult to get all those visa points when all you can do is run back and forth giving messages to people instead of getting the big points from completing tombs.

    I’ve been having issues with the consignment store as well. Have you tried putting the objects in the family inventory from the buy/build screen? I haven’t tried that yet, but I don’t think that works either. I salvaged a few items from the junkyard, which then popped into my family inventory, and those wouldn’t show up on my “Consign” screen, so I imagine sculpted objects are the same. Apparently only things that can be moved to the backpack can be consigned. I find it silly that furniture can’t be moved into there, anyway, but now that there’s this whole salvage aspect to the game, it makes even less sense that those items can’t be sold there. NOTE: If you see the globe sculpture in the junkyard, don’t salvage it. It will just get stuck in your backpack with no way to ditch it (unless you do like I did and use the SuperComputer to transfer it to some poor unsuspecting sim in the neighborhood).

    Something else that you probably have or will notice – selling paintings or inventions through the consignment store…doesn’t advance your self-employed career. Dumb.

  6. Penny Pincher was giving him money for his services. That is seriously messed up.

    And seriously hilarious. I about died laughing. XD

    And Gwayne looks.. at first, I couldn’t tell if it was a male or female sim (the ice scuplture was fantastic, though, lol!).

    Georgia is adorable as both a kid and a teen. My sim kids always look like hideous piles of mushy playdoh. :|

    Juan Darer definitely wins awards for fugly. Holy cow. D:

    And is that FOG in that last picture? It looks awesome!

  7. I’ve always been a bit of a lurker.. love your stories by the way, I’ve been following them since Maude =] .. but that picture of Chase Bayless had me laughing SO hard I just had to comment, you had me rotfl!!

  8. Okay… Juan Darer is more horrifying than I anticipated, OMG! How did I miss him?? My eyes!!

    And how crazy is that muffin stand? I found it on Monday, my child sim rolled up a wish and I was like, ‘what is that?’ So strange and so completely useless. I haven’t found a purpose for it yet aside from making some cheap money off child labor, LOL! It’s a “cute idea”, though, I guess. ;)

  9. Ha, that Juan looks a bit like a caricature I saw once of the MAD artist Sergio Aragones! And what’s with Chase? Did Someone Up There give her an extra twist before popping her out into the world? Erky! Great update!

  10. Love the ice sculpture of Gwayne! Sorta looks like a WoW toon. Did anyone else think of “Wayne’s World” in the shot with her posing?

  11. Is this site broken? Everytime I try to get on I get a warning that this is an attack website. I am using firefox newest version.