Lloyds Are Us

When last we left the Lloyds, Christopher and Zoey had just gotten hitched and hopped into the sack for some good old-fashioned wooing and hooing. You may have noticed that they were outside for most of the night, then suddenly in a house when it came time to do le woohoo. That’s because I paused right after Christopher moved in and…built them a house. All Zoey had was an outhouse and some furniture out on the lawn; newlyweds need a proper home in which to cavort and make babies and such.

Lloyd Family

Of course, as soon as you build a house in TS3, it becomes a burglar magnet. I don’t know why these guys don’t show up when everything is out on the lawn, easily accessible. Nope, they wait until you have WALLS and DOORS. I clicked frantically on Zoey to wake her up so she could beat the robber to a pulp, but I was clicking on the bed instead of Zoey, and she didn’t wake up fast enough.

Lloyd Family

So…the burglar grabbed some loot (I forget what it was…probably a cheese grater or something stupid) and made off in her crappy getaway car before Zoey could even get out of her bedroom. LAAAAME. What’s the use of being a cop who can kick the tar out of burglars if you snooze right through the burglaration? *shakes head sadly*

Lloyd Family

Come to think of it, I don’t even think Zoey woke up at all. But Christopher did. Just so he could make a big racket and wish himself a happy birthday. He was all mature now! (Riiiiight.)

Lloyd Family

Zoey woke up eventually and just stood by the bed, ogling her wedding ring. Wait a second…she isn’t WEARING A RING! Do TS3 Sims not wear wedding bands? *looks through more pics* Gack! Apparently not. Somehow I missed that memo completely. OK. Moving on.

Lloyd Family

Christopher’s Lifetime Wish was Presenting the Perfect Aquarium (collect 13 species of Perfect fish), plus he’s an Angler and Loves the Outdoors, so I sent him across the street to fish. It’s nice having that pond right across the street. Goodness knows everything else in town is a bazillion miles away.

Lloyd Family

Zoey got her baby bump, which really sneaks up on you in Sims 3 — none of this whirling around and flailing and whatnot. It just…appears. I like that. Anyway, I had her buy a pregnancy book and read up. I figured the kid would need all the help it could get.

When Zoey went into labor, she and Christopher rushed to the hospital. I felt like the anxious grandparent waiting outside, wondering how everyone was doing. That’s when I decided I don’t really like the hospital, because you can’t see what’s going on. I appreciate that they tried to add a bit more realism with the water breaking and the contractions beforehand and whatnot, but the actual hospital birth is just…meh. I kind of miss the plumbob splitting and all that nonsense.

Anyway, they had a bouncing baby boy! Oddly enough, both Christopher and Zoey had rolled up wishes to have a boy, and I promised them they would. So they got a lot of happy points for that.

(I had no way of urging Zoey to have a boy, however, since I have the No Apple/Watermelon Gender Disposition mod installed. So it was completely random, and I just got lucky.)

Lloyd Family

Everyone arrived home safe and sound. By the way, I named the kid Marty, because at the time I was still very much amused by the whole “Christopher Lloyd” thing. I was allowed to choose his first two traits. I decided to roll randomly, then replace one trait with the “family trait”. I can’t remember what I rolled initially, but he ended up with Light Sleeper and Genius (the family trait).

Lloyd Family

I have no idea why I took this picture, or to whom Christopher was talking. But he looks cute, eh? I gave him the buzzcut permanently so he wouldn’t suddenly grow hair, Chia Pet-like, every time he changed out of his uniform. Ch-ch-chia!

Lloyd Family

Aw, it gives me warm fuzzies when my Sim couples want to be sweet to one another. (I know, *gag*). Christopher had a wish to give Zoey a massage. She was on the verge of elderhood so maybe he had an inkling that their time was running short. Or maybe he’s just a really nice guy.

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31 thoughts on “Lloyds Are Us

  1. HILARIOUS! I love the look of the old guy’s face after his wife died in town, he almost looked sneaky or something..

  2. Oh wow, the Kaylynn Langerak in my town turned out kind of ugly. She looks so much prettier in your game!

    • I wonder why she looks so different in peoples’ various games? I’ve heard some say she’s pretty, others say she’s ugly. But it has to be the same Kaylynn. Must just be the haircut and clothing. :-D

  3. Poor Zoey looks like her nose got much more prominent as an elder. Maybe that’s why she’s making icky face?

    Very funny, Jenba! Thanks for making my day brighter.

  4. *chuckles* – hahahaaa, bunch-fultz bunch – that’s such a good one ;)

    thanks so much Jen!

  5. OMG, that was hysterical–I actually LOLed in my office at the end, well, snickered as quietly as possible actually so the lady in the office next to me doesn’t think (or know ha ha) that I’m insane. I absolutely LOVE how much fun you are having with this family and this is so frickin’ funny!!! As I said before, you definitely seem inspired now! Moar plz!!!

    • Oh, and I meant to mention that you have to replan the Sims’ clothing to put on wedding rings, which kind of sucks.

      • That does kind of suck. In fact, the whole wedding thing kind of sucks. But I’m sure they’ll broaden it (heh, my anti-spam word is “broad”) in an EP down the road…:-P Glad you are enjoying my posts! :)

  6. You’re so good at building houses and golly how much money did he bring in that you even have paint, windows and landscaping?! o.O wow and ya no kidding! Although Jayden was there on his first day, the only thing he owned was the bed he was sleepign in so she just crept to the mailbox and hopped in her car. He never even got a memory.
    golly is she a heavy sleeper? LOL How do you sleep through that racket. Happy Transition day Christopher!
    Nope, lame sauce right? You can add it to her clothes for her though. I hate that.
    Ah you’re in sunset valley, yes that house is wicked far from the rest of town! But that mini-park in the middle of the lots is convenient, it not only has the pond, it has harvestable plants! yay
    LOL Marty?! Thats awesome *giggles*
    LOL Jenba you crack me up! Although yes, the Ch-ch-chia pet thing is kinda odd!
    aw Marty is cute! wow 1 day as an infant? o.O how long is he a toddler? can you get him taught all his toddler skills in time? *boggles*
    aw, that is heartbreaking. *pokes Christopher* stop that!
    *shuddrs* Wow, that is not a good look for Zoey! Did her nose get bigger? I dont remember it being that large.
    I hear you. The worse part is you cant just go to work like you can with TS2, you are forced to stay out of work for that long! I hate that
    *giggles* Aw, but I’m enjoying all the Back to the Future references!
    ack! You’re attached! *giggles* nah that is not a bad thing.. just bad that you’ve shortened everyone’s lives..
    “Fredeshay, shoo flee, escorbitay…Mortimer Goth! Ahahahahahaa!”
    That is hilarious!
    *binks* Christopher is watching her die and is thinking of his kid’s xylephone? LOL
    Kaylynn grew up pretty.. much prettier than her TS2 counter part.
    Cycl0n3 Ansari what is with his weird name any way… I dont get it
    LOL about Holly & Malcolm! In my game the Altos and the Landgraabs dont get along. Heck they’re enemies and do you get those pop ups often? o.O
    OMG the the Bunch-Fultz Bunch! You slay me! *laughs*

    • Wow, a Ruby novella! *dances* Haha. Christopher brought in something like 5K, I think? I don’t remember. It was enough to build the house but nothing left over for furniture. And the landscaping can be really cheap in TS3 if you just buy hydrangea bushes. :D (1 Simoleon each!)I did not get Marty taught all his toddler skills. I only had 2 days, so there wasn’t any time. Hooray for randomly assigned traits! :-P Cycl0n3 is just a weird hacker d00d so that’s why he has a funny name. And yeah, with the Indie Stone mod installed (I’m alpha-testing it) you get pop-ups about all the goings-on in town. I like that I don’t have to read the paper to follow the news!

  7. Ha ha, I remember the Rubber Ducky Song! Aahh, good old childhood memories, watching Sesame Street and Thomas the Tank Engine, climbing trees, playing war with my cousins…
    Oops, sorry, Jen, I didn’t intend to ramble off down memory lane there ;) What I wanted to say is simply that this was an excellent update, very funny, and the best thing about my morning (except my coffee). I love it when the other Sims sometimes drop dead in the middle of the street, it’s hilarious, and Zoey’s ‘Angry Elder’ face resembles the one my Nana usually wears!

    • Feel free to ramble down memory lane all you want! I like to do that myself. :) And I hope I didn’t inadvertently insult your nana when I complained about Zoey’s ‘angry elder’ face!

      • No, you didn’t insult her, although I’m sure she’d disagree. Nan’s one of those old ladies that, if you happened to comment that it was a nice day, she’d tell you it was cold and raining.

  8. Wow, the short lifespan really does move fast, doesn’t it?

    I’ve never seen the Sims play with the rubber ducky – I’m going to have to watch mine closer. That’s really cute!

    I hope Zoey and Christopher can make it to Marty’s teen birthday. I wonder what will happen to him if they die before. TS3 kids can be home alone but surely not if their parents are dead.

    I’m so jealous of anyone who can use the Indie Stone mod. It looks awesome but my game crashes to the desktop when the patch is installed. :\

    • Aw crap, what is up with that? :-( So the patch installs fine, it’s just that your game won’t run afterwards? Bleh. I doubt EA will be much help but have you tried searching/posting at the tech help forums? MTS usually has some good tech help, too, but it looks like they’re still working on their Sims 3 page. You could try posting a thread in the tech help forum there, too, though.

  9. Oh my, you crack me up. I was in the middle of doing my assignment for a really hard subject and saw your update notice in my email. I literally laugh out loud, my boyfriend thought i was going crazy from all the stress! Thank you jen, you really helped me to reduce stress, hugs and kisses for ya!

    • Aw, I’m glad my post gave you a bit of relief from your stress! Best of luck on that assignment!

  10. *ROTFLMAO*
    *dies laughing*

    jenba, that last bit about “The Bunch-Fultz Bunch” … HILARIOUS!!!! Not to mention all of the other “I’ve-played-too-long” situations that cropped up. Hilarity was abundant! :O))

    You really do make gorgeous homes though. *is jealous* Babies TOTALLY look like pillbugs!!! Yeesh! Kid totally does NOT have a chin. I know how he feels. ;O))

    Glad you could finally find a sim in the sims 3 that you could become attached to.

  11. Hey Jen! The Lloyds are very fun to read about, I keep LOLing everytime you say “Christopher Lloyd”. I really think he should always be referred to by his first and last name. That’s just too funny. I’m really glad to see you’re still exploring and having fun with TS3. I am too, but I’m having a really hard time getting updates out. I seem to be at that stage in life where all of your friends are getting married and having babies. I had 2 weddings in 2 weeks to attend, and now I have 2 baby showers this weekend to go to! Whew.

    Anyhoo, I have a question for you. I was perusing your old Shanley posts (yes, I’m such a nerd), and I saw the one where you put the Shanley legacy house up for download. I tried to download it and I guess the link is just way to old. Soooo, I was wondering if you still had that house by any chance. I know it’s a long shot, but I’d really love to have it! If not, I’ll just re-create it from your wonderful pictures. Thanks Jen!

    • I do miss your Patty updates, Mandie, but I totally understand how it goes! Sounds like you’re having a busy busy summer. Enjoy it :)

      As for Shanley Manor, you won’t believe this, but I actually found a packaged version of it on an old back-up CD from January ’05 (ancient history in the Sims world! haha). I was still in the midst of playing the legacy at that point, so I’m not sure how finished the house is, and I didn’t boot up TS2 to look at it. I just repackaged it without any CC. For all I know it may crash when you try to load it. But it’s just the base game, so it should be OK, I think?? Anyway, if you’re willing to try it out, I’ve uploaded it:


      Let me know how it goes! haha. You know, I think this has inspired me to try to build Shanley Manor for TS3. I think it would be fun.

      • Oh yay Jen! Thank you so much! I’ve been re-reading all your Shanley posts. I truly forgot how much I loved them! I’m going to try the house and I’ll let you know how it works. I’m so excited! Thanks again!

  12. “OK, I’ve been playing a wee bit too long” indeed you have! made me LOL in IT. He!

  13. Congratulations on getting a house! Too bad the new construction attracted the burglar. :-( Haha, too bad you didn’t click right. That burglar looks far too smug with herself driving away there. *cackles*

    Zoey must have been the laugh of the police locker room the next day, eh? *grins*

    Who care if he’s all mature or not. He looks quite tasty in his underwear and tshirt! *beams*

    No, they don’t get wedding rings or engagement rings anymore. You have to manually add them to all of their outfits in the Accessories tab when you Plan Outfit. *grumbles and rolls her eyes* Seriously lame. But given what EAxis did with the whole pregnancy morphing screw-up, I’m not surprised they neglected this little detail too.

    What a shock, that you named their son Marty. *snickers* Saw that one coming a mile away! ;-)

    Congrats on getting to pick both traits! *cheers*

    I was wondering why he had a buzz cut in his birthday picture! I thought it was ’cause your Christopher was in the military and mine had been in something else. (I don’t remember what, though.)

    Pretty formalwear picture there.

    Yeah, most toddlers are pretty fugly in TS3. :-( There are some cuties, but they’re few and far between.

    *snickers* I guess Christopher missed his hot young wife, instead of the super-skinny, so-fragile-she’ll-break-if-you-blow-on-her old wife? OMG, what a face she’s making there! *cackles* Reminds me of the old guy from Up. *giggles*

    I suspect he couldn’t achieve a career-oriented LTW if he’d started as a TEEN, never mind as a full Adult! *grins*

    *blinks at their lives speeding by in a big blur* Yeah, I’m definitely never playing on the shortest option.

    Poor Marty. He really is pretty darn cute there. *huggles* I hope he becomes a teen before his parents shuffle off the mortal coil, so he doesn’t get snatched by the Social Worker. He looks SO SAD in that table shot. :-(

    Wow, your Kaylynn is kinda pretty! (I need to have someone in the Diobhell clan try to track down my Kaylynn before she gets old (if it’s not too late, which it probably is) and see if she turned out pretty in this game. In my other Sunset Valley game, she’s FUGLY and an adult!!)

    Maybe Holly and Malcolm wanted to be richer than the Goths? *grins*

    *snickers at you at the end* You’re having far too much fun at your simmies expense, I think. *giggles*

    (My security word was Ikea… I think the system is trying to tell you to decorate their home!)