Marty Lloyd Grows Up

In the last update on the Lloyds, Zoey and Christopher had a son, Marty, who grew very rapidly to the child stage. Around the same time, Zoey and Christopher both became elders. So Marty ended up an only child, with his parents just days from death. The Short lifespan really is short. Painfully so.

Lloyd Family

Marty was a child for just two days. The upside is that it was over the weekend, so he didn’t have to go to school. He could ride around town on his bike (well, it wasn’t really his, as I didn’t buy him one, but there must be one of those community share-a-bike program for Sim kids)…

Lloyd Family

…play a ton of chess (he’s a Genius after all)…

Lloyd Family

…and play catch with his mom. (Sheesh, the baseball is HUGE — almost as big as his head!)

Of course, the downside of being a kid over the weekend is that he didn’t get a chance to go to school and improve his homework score. So when he transitioned to teen, I didn’t get to choose his new trait. Instead, he was given Absent-Minded. D’oh.

For some reason I didn’t take a picture of his transition. Probably because it happened so fast. Ha.

Lloyd Family

Not long after Marty became a teen, his mom had a little accident in the kitchen. She was starving, so I had her make some waffles, her favorite meal. Why I didn’t have her just grab some juice, I have no idea.

Well, with only a few days of cooking experience under her belt, she was a little confused about just how long to cook the waffles, and they went up in flames.

I thought, “Great, the lady has only 25 days of life and I’m going to get her killed on Day 24! NICE!”

Lloyd Family

Thank goodness for Christopher. He’s a Daredevil, so he had no problem dealing with the fire. In fact, he found it kind of exciting, as you can see from his thought bubble.

But his facial expression has no trace of happiness in it. He’s gazing with intense worry — not at the fire, but at his loved ones.

Lloyd Family

They were both freaking out, of course. But Christopher extinguished the fire and saved his family. Yay Christopher Lloyd!

Lloyd Family

The stove was another matter altogether. The fire had destroyed it. I like how you can click on it and replace it right then and there, though. Don’t even have to hunt through the catalog!

Also, Christopher reminds me of a monk, with that bald head and the green robe. If he had lived longer, I might have had him start the Order of the Green Lotus or something.

Lloyd Family

Marty looked quite relieved and somewhat bemused after his dad’s heroic efforts. Welcome to teenhood, buddy. It’s going to be a (short) bumpy ride.

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10 thoughts on “Marty Lloyd Grows Up

  1. Oh my goodness, so many deaths in this update! You know, for being a game full of cartoon people, we sure do get attached to them don’t we?! That consoling hug ripped my heart out too Jen. And reaching for Christopher Lloyd as he was ghostifying was equally heart-wrenching. Great update as always!

    Oh, by the way…the Shanley house works GREAT! I snapped some pictures of it that I’m going to post I’m blog later today when I get home. There were some funny things that I found as I explored the house. You’ve got to see it, so stop by my blog in a few hours! You’ll just die!

  2. How very very sad and very very funny at the same time! How do you do it??? LOL at the “spate of reapings.” And the consoling is SOOOOO sad!!! Oh and ghosts (playable ones at least) can drive cars. :-) Fabulous pics as alwys, and great storytelling!

    (BTW, my verification word was “Ikea,” ha!)

  3. A kid for just TWO days?! DANG! I don’t think I could play on supershort mode! That’s just too darn fast!! O__o I’d be reeling just like your sims are realing! o__O

    Christopher is not a Daredevil … he’s a PYRO! That’s what that thought bubble is about. HAHAHA!! Marty really is a cute teen. :O)

    The bus driver looks like she should be in high school her own damn self! *LOL* She’s pretty though. Sometimes I wish they would allow those drivers time to talk with their passengers so relationships could be built up.

    *mourns for Zoey*
    *mourns for jenba’s heart fragments*

    Why would Christopher’s death have freaked you out? The social worker doesn’t come for teens, right? Unless something has changed in that arena from TS2 to TS3. I hope that hasn’t changed. That would make certain challenges difficult.

    *LOL* at the Grim Reaper conversation with Zoey.
    *LOL* at the other humorous bits. :O))

  4. golly Jenba, i dont think i could play on such a fast speed. whew! 2 days of childhood. its not surprising you couldnt pick his traits. holy boop. he was a toddler when we started this update and now he is an adult. The insanity is contagious!!!

  5. Jeez, that face Marty’s pulling at the end there makes him look like he holds a grudge against my old friend Grim for just doing his job. Great update, though, and make sure you don’t vacuum up those fragments of heart, now ;)

  6. hehe, insaaanity :)
    i’m really excited to see what marty’s up to with all these traits, especially since i’ve never seen an insane sim before :)

  7. Uh-oh, I hope Marty will become a teen before Zoey and Christopher both die! Otherwise, that’ll be a very short-lived family. (Pun not intended.)

    *blinks* Two days?!? Wow, talk about a fleeting childhood! But I guess you don’t have to worry about the Social Worker taking him, eh?

    Maybe it’s a medicine ball decorated to look like a baseball? *grins* But, while fleeting, at least he had a totally and completely carefree childhood there. :D

    Uh-oh, those flames licking out of the oven are NOT a good sign!

    Glad Christopher was able to handle the fire, uh, handily! And I don’t blame him for the conflicted emotions of finding fighting the fire exhilarating AND being worried about his loved ones. Especially when life is so short for them! Yay Christopher! *cheers*

    And freaking out or not, Marty looks pretty cute there. :)

    I have no clue how you’re keeping your sanity, playing them through such short lives. It would drive me absolutely BONKERS! You can’t connect with any of ’em and you sure can’t do much more than try to keep them vaguely happy and not kill ’em. ;)

    Aww, farewell Zoey! *waves goodbye*

    Especially in such a fast ‘hood, he really can’t afford to hang around and watch TV or play chess, like he does in other people’s games! *giggles*

    Psst, Mr. Cop, don’t pester the Reaper or he’ll come for you before your time!

    I can imagine the 2 days of mourning in the shortest lifespan can be a MAJOR headache, can’t it! Or does the mourning period last less than 2 days with that lifespan?

    Heh, yeah, the Console action was done -really- well. I felt that way when Christopher and Madison consoled each other after Brynn’s death.

    Happy birthday, Marty Lloyd! *cheers* What the heck sort of outfit is Marty wearing there? *boggles* Red shirt with black and purple striped pants?! D’oh! *snickers* Oh well.

    Aww, poor kid. His mom dies, he has his birthday and then his dad dies. *comforts Marty* Hopefully he can find a girl to help ease his heartache soon. I love the way Marty and Christopher seem to be staring at each other though.

  8. Sorry I was gone for a while. I didn’t read your blog because I knew you’d be writing about the sims 3 and I was mad at it because it’s so hard to start with big familes and all of the houses have like one or two bedrooms and I don’t like buliding stuff, so I avoided your wonderful blog.

    But after reading the Lloyd’s saga made me want to play again with a single sim, something I never done before(Future housewife? Me? You have got to be joking!)

    Marty is going to be a bachelor for a long time. Might wanna consider raising the lifespan unless a mental hospital pops up next to his house and he might be able to find a wife.

    Did you make a TS3 sim off yourself yet? Because that’s my plan to see how long I’ll last in TS3 world.