Running Out of Time

OK, I started a legacy-style family, and I’m actually having fun. Part of that is because I’m alpha-testing the Indie Stone Story Progression Rewrite Mod, which is an attempt to rewrite the Sims 3 story progression from the ground up. It’s a core mod, so I had to take out AwesomeMod (*huggles AwesomeMod*), but I like how it makes the town feel more alive.

I’m still not sure how I feel about Sims I’ve created having lives without my input, but it works wonderfully with the pre-mades. They’re falling in love, marrying each other, moving in together (sometimes; the mod has some kinks which need to be ironed out, but hey, it’s in the alpha phase), having babies, and progressing in their careers. And you can filter which updates you want to hear about. I like this because I don’t have to remember to read the paper every day just to get a feel for what’s going on in the town.

Lloyd Family

It’s also nice to have the town evolve without me having to play every single family. And if you want a Sims 3 town to feel alive, you need a LOT of families. I tried putting a bunch of singles in my empty town and put progression on “silly fast” to see if they would pair up quickly and begin populating the town. Well, even on “silly fast”, it would have taken me forever to fill up the town with Sims. So that’s why I switched back to original recipe Sunset Valley, just to test this mod and do some more exploration of the game.

Another twist I’ve thrown in is that I’m playing this family on “Short” lifespan. So they only have 25 days (maybe a few more than that) of life. I really have to decide what is important for every minute of their lives so no time is wasted. It’s hard to find the right balance. I was focusing on my founder’s career at first so she could get more money and get closer to achieving her LTW, but it suddenly became much more important for her to find a spouse and have a kid, so her family wouldn’t die out. Anyway, if you’d like to read more…there’s more!

Lloyd Family

This is Zoey Lloyd. Her traits are: Ambitious, Computer Whiz, Genius, Neat, and Workaholic. So she’s basically an overachieving nerd. And if she looks a tad familiar, it’s because her face template is the same as Hildy’s (with a few very slight modifications). Her lifetime wish is to become a Dynamic DNA Profiler in the Law Enforcement career track. Her favorite food is Waffles, her favorite music is Pop, and her favorite color is Lime Green.

Lloyd Family

Zoey started out with 4 days left as a young adult. She also started out with nothing but a mailbox, a trashcan, and a Beautiful Vista. Thank goodness this is TS3 and Sims can live without toilets, showers, or fridges for quite some time.

Lloyd Family

The first thing she wanted to do was get a job in Law Enforcement. Since she didn’t start work until the next day, I figured she should work on building up her logic so she could get a promotion right off the bat. And hey, she wanted to work on her logic, too. She’s a genius after all.

Lloyd Family

She played chess for a spell, then looked longingly over at the usual group of yayhoos over at the picnic tables. Was she yearning for companionship?

Lloyd Family

No, she just wanted to clean up their messy picnic basket mess. Neatness first!

Lloyd Family

A young Kaylynn Langerak looks on as Zoey continues to tidy up the town square. Kaylynn thinks, “Wow, cleaning up after other people looks like fun! I think I’ll do it for the rest of my life!” No, Kaylynn, noooo!

Lloyd Family

Zoey is such an overachiever that she wanted to work from home. Well, you can’t exactly work from home if you don’t have a home to speak of. And I didn’t want her to waste money on a computer just yet. So it was off the library to “work from home” for a couple of hours.

Lloyd Family

I love how Genius Sims do this calculating thing when they idle sometimes, like they’re doing long division in the air.

Lloyd Family

Zoey started wanting appliances all of a sudden. First a fridge, then a stove. And since dirty dishes are the devil, she needed a sink, too. But she also wanted a chess table…and a computer…and…and she had no money. Time to go collecting!

She found a couple of butterflies, one piece of iron ore, and a ton of harvestable fruits and vegetables. She sold the butterflies to the science lab and the fruits and veggies to the grocery store. The ore just went into that little Simoleon icon in her backpack and netted her §13. I know it’s worth more if you get it smelted, but that costs $40, and she couldn’t afford to spend that much just to have her ore be worth §10 more or something.

Lloyd Family

Oh, she also collected a handsome military man…but couldn’t sell him anywhere, so she kept him for herself.

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10 thoughts on “Running Out of Time

  1. That was the best!!! Too funny! I like how she “collected” a man, ha ha! And all of your funny lines. Christopher Lloyd, ha ha ha ha! And the town trying to run them over, basically all of your witty captions! I think you’ve finally found the family you should be playing with! :-)

  2. LOL I’m glad she kept the military man. he’s cute!
    woot grats on the promotion but erm… no kiss? really? *pokes Christopher*
    omg no! Christopher Lloyd?! *laughs hysterically*
    welcome to the family Christopher! now go make pretty babies!

  3. I can’t stop singing that song now, Jen! The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy From Company B. Unfortunately for our neighbours, I’m a lousy singer. My ma used to have the Bette Midler record with that song on it when I was a little kid! Great update, though, it certainly made me laugh.

    I am having a lot of fun with the game myself, though, a lot more fun than I ever head with the other two, strangely enough, and I’m not sure why yet ;)

    Also, I’m more inclined to think Uncle Fester rather than Doc.

  4. “Kaylynn thinks, “Wow, cleaning up after other people looks like fun! I think I’ll do it for the rest of my life!””

    I laughed so much at that!

    This was excellent and I’m contemplating trying that mod now. I haven’t patched yet, so I’d need to do that first. That’s the only thing holding me back!

  5. HAHAHA, so good! I loved the Kaylynn caption, that cracked me up! TS3 looks like so much fun, I can’t wait to get it. Keep playing this family, it’s really good!!

  6. Honestly, is that little black-and-white-dressed girl really Kaylynn??? Haha ;) – that was too great! And I also collected a man sometime and kept him for myself.
    Jen, one of the funniest entries you’ve ever posted, really! Thumbs up!

  7. *rolls on the floor laughing her a$$ off about the “Christopher Lloyd – “Run for it, Marty!” bit*
    *cackles like a mad scientist*
    *wipes away tears of mirth*

    Good stuff, jenba! I’m glad you’re having fun with this “super fast” legacy of yours. I’m curious to see how you manage to keep the family going when adult to elder = 6 days. O__o It’s one thing if the heir is male … but women have a finite childbearing lifetime. :O))

    *thumbs up*

  8. Oh wow I’ve never tried the shortest lifespan but seems like her life is flying by at lightning speed! Haha, this entry was awesome, can’t wait to read the next one!

  9. I’ll have to take a peek at this mod, see what it’s all about. Are you enjoying it more than AwesomeMod so far? But I can’t believe you’re doing this on the shortest life span possible! *faints*

    She started with only 4 days as a YA? *boggles*

    You’ve got Zoey throwing out perfectly good, uncooked hot dogs? *tsks* Neat freaks are fun though. *giggles* Poor Kaylynn, she’ll be the town maid for ever and a day now. *shakes her head* The young are so impressionable!

    Glad working from the library counted as working from home. *grins* But goodness, she really is an overachiever!

    Collecting is so neat! And woot! Now THAT is quite a collection find! Especially with those blue eyes. *fans herself* Ah, that’s why he looked so familiary! (I never saw him in a military uniform in my game.) Christopher is such a sweetie. *melts*

    *tsks* They really should get out of the middle of the street. That’s too dangerous! Ooo, rejected kisses really hurt a blossoming relationship. :-(

    I hope they earn work-status faster in the shorter life-spans than they do in the longer ones, but yeah, I’ll be shocked if she becomes a DNA profiler in her life. Especially since she’ll HAVE to take time off for maternity leave. (I tried making Shiarra Diobhell go to work after one of her babies was born, but no dice. I don’t like that you can’t choose who stays home, either.)

    SIX DAYS until Elder, right after her birthday? YIKES! Okay, yeah, I am never ever EVER going to play on the shortest lifespan!

    Hehe, congrats on your first kiss, Zoey! *cheers* Wow, and congrats on getting engaged so fast! Talk about a whirlwind romance. *grins* But congrats on getting a husband and working on making babies. ;-)